Chapter 11 The "astral overlappings". The werewolves: a fiction or a truth?

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The "astral overlappings". The werewolves: a fiction or a truth?




In the previous chapters, the main features of a Werewolves ProgramТs mechanism (i.e., mechanism of astral instillations and astral overlappings) were envisaged from a magic personification point of view. LetТs now do the same from a point of view of a program A.

It is only our four-dimensional consciousness that perceives our physical body as something unchanged. Do you remember the example? If atoms in metal have had a size of a tennis ball, the distance between them would be about one kilometer. In this incomprehensible emptiness, electronic connections exist; and, our physical bodies are more emptiness rather than matter.

To create a physical body, astra-mental matrix is necessary. If a physical body matrix is changed, the body will transform itself accordingly to this new matrix: corresponding experiments have been successfully carried out by the System through Уachievements of contemporary medicineФ. For instance, surgical operations under the unaesthetic are splendid method of tearing astra-mental matrix out of a physical body. After such operation, the man may become absolutely another person (obtain another individuality). And the wise and resourceful System changed matrixes step-by-step, to make earthens not frightened off, ahead of time.

So the earthens did not noticed the System to methodically incrementing a critical mass of its programs through the traditional medicine. This allowed the programs to be multiplied in a Field of Events, entering corresponding genetic changes into far Future and Past. Synchronously, toys have been palmed off: a magic, a sorcery, a fortune-telling... The swaggering magic clans could not guess that the System was using their stupidity; analogously, the traditional medicineТs workers could not guess that their genetic experiments from Today are now leprosy, cerebral paralysis, and other abnormalities in Future and Past. The program of astral overlappings and transfers allowed to built on our Earth enormous enio deformities there in the informational fields; examples are in the next chapter(s).