Chapter 11 Boy or girl? Pathological and sexual deviations

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Boy or girl? Pathological and sexual deviations



In different times, the different ethnoses had a different generally accepted indicator of so-called sexual purity of a young woman. The indicator was (and, in many countries, is) usually a hymen (a virgin membrane). Such approach is not accidental. Almost every of heads-of-states was (and, is now) initiated into one or another of magic clans, where men usually played a leading role while women were considered to be subordinated and secondary persons.

Many rites have included obligatory infants sacrifices, but with time the societies have rejected the vandalism and replaced it with defloration - also imposed by the System. However, in general, not every new-born girl has a hymen; but letТs envisage the issue from eniological point of view.

In enio corrections, the enio operators of our Center used to find, in informational fields of the patients, causes of stresses and their mistakes (the corresponding marks and addresses), and remove them, thereby restoring those fields. Otherwise, the SystemТs deep stresses programs will constantly provoke a man to perpetrate enio mistakes again. For instance, a likelihood of desire to "know the future" (or, to bewitch, and alike) is usually peculiar to those persons who have at least once, in their life, watched so-called UFO(s). Such desire is more often registered in those who had a sexual abuse in their childhood. This holds true for both men and women. But no one becomes a victim of rape attempt for no particular reason. This is a typical Karmic retaliation for a personТs debauch and sexual crimes in its previous incarnations. Here is a typical case. In one of their previous incarnations, according to order of an entity who is now embodied as a woman, several men have been castrated; say, the princess amused herself by punishing her lovers for their insufficient activity with her. So in her incarnation given she managed in no way to build a family. And her solitude is her Karmic retaliation, and every of her (usually, accidental) sexual partner is now just her previously castrated one. Certainly, nothing good is ensuing from such meetings over the centuries.

Church servants are also paying for their sacrifices for "gods of love", or Isis, and other "divine" and sexually perverted characters: in their next incarnations, they usually have different genitalian pathologies. But IТd want to remember here once more that, in general, a disease may be a result of above-described Karmic transfer accomplishing by church-and-magic clans. So if you have misdiagnosed a patient you may get it in the neck on the part of the SystemТs corresponding program. Remember a principle of non-personifying: if you observe this, the System is powerless!

The sexual abuse-resulted stress is making, in the 5th humanТs center, a vortex of taking a potential away. This is one of the main causes of stomach and duodenal ulcer in women. To correct this, you have to offer such patient to say pardon to everyone concerned and ask then pardon for involuntary provocation of sexual abuse situation in question. The important thing here is that, if an impudent Karmic transfer took place, the candid patientsТ repentance is automatically making seen, in his informational fields, corresponding addresses of those persons who organized this Karmic transfer.

It is also interested, from eniological point of view, that the sexual abuse stresses are less serious in comparison with those of a "first marriage night". This is not only a magic and ritual night. For a young girl still searching for a "prince", this first sexual contact plays an important role in modus of her further sexual life. But, in any case, this is always a fear, in most of the globe so-called "civilized" cultures. And such emotions can not emerge in trited and standard girls-models - "clones". Their program is designed to stimulate a menТs sexual agitation for a Cosmic Donor Program, through watching corresponding films, videos, TV programs, "erotic" magazines, and alike. At this, the potential taken away is truly enormous.

During last decades, corresponding problems became also significant for the men. For instance, little boys should have their peniceТs head to be fully opened in already an age of 4 to 5 years, but many of contemporary adult men do not have this even under a coitus (the "phymosis" situation, in traditional medicine diagnosing); and surgical intervention is usually recommended: a circunisizing, the Isis cult Ч a sacrifice of a phallos. Different explanations and justification of the rite are eniologically wet.

Or, in the East, several thousand years ago, there was a matriarchy. The circunisized men have an orgasm considerably later as compared to a normal state of a body. So ancient Eastern "horsewomen" and priestesses of love used to use this in their sexual orgies. (Remember corresponding bas-relieves in Hindu temples dedicated to a so-called love.) But, everything should be paid for, and the Eastern matriarchy occurred replaced by the most cruel despotism just concerning the women: the harems occurred to be a Karmic repayment over centuries!

In modern USA, the American men who voluntarily adopted this magic rite did not understand that they have thereby provided the crash of the country in 2001st! Their warheads have worked up backwardly, for the benefit of the East, where Eastern religious clans have taken away the "Yankees" potential.

To make the rites of circunicizing (or making a clitoris surgically removed) practically global, a global silliness of the humanity was necessary - its infatuation for sexuality. As you already know, the Eastern type of energy exchange implies the EarthТs exhalation; but taking into account a total trend to the exotic Eastern rite, there may be a moment on the Earth when there will be nobody to inhale; and then will be the final exhalation...

There is nothing excessive in the Nature. In case of phymosis, the System has acted through traditional medical workers insisting on a necessity of corresponding surgical interventions. But when boyТs parents turned to our Center, we would found most of the boys OK.

To run the PI-program fully, the System needs the earthensТ voluntary consent. And this consent is being giving now as well, while waiting for the childТs birth. Entity goes into materialization, parents and relatives say out their assumptions and wishes; so their corresponding thoughtforms are embedding into fetusТs astra-mental matrix, and this leads to different future deformations. For instance, if relatives and parents wanted a girl to be born, then it will be a stiff task for the boy to come to birth without physiological abnormalities.

The phymosis is a result of desire of at least one person of the future babyТs surroundings to necessarily have a girl born. The phymosis is also a concentrated product of thousand-year silliness of humanity as to a destination of the hymen. And again, those who, in their previous incarnations, considered "the hymen issue" as the most important thing, have significantly increased likelihood of both phymosis and other abnormalities in their own next incarnations.

Or, in some modern Southern ethnoses, the father is wanting without fail to have a boy born first. Poor is, then, the entity that decided to be first to materialize itself in a female body in such a family. So a female body is as if being born in that case, but artificial male astra-mental body on the surface of the female one leads, with time, to a womanТs masculinized figure, excessive (hair)sculp, and alike. The extreme manifestations of the sort are usually genitalian and procreative problems. To their normal functioning, a synchronization of astral, mental, and physical planes is necessary; but, what a synchronization may occur when such a woman, on her astral plane, possesses male-dominating glands and genitalia?

This also holds true if everyone wanted a girl to be born. The partial superposition of a female astral plane onto that of a boy may block his normal gonadsТ way down to his scrotum. Certainly, the traditional medicine is just on the spot armored with its lancetsЕ But this 7th energy centerТs sexual functions are secondary, while its main function is to create a psychological balance. And with time, corresponding physical deformations are becoming reflected on a boyТs astral and mental planes. In turn, astra-mental matrixТs deformations make a future zombage easier.

It is not, then, the accidental thing that problems and questions connected with "fundamental instinct" were (and, are) always claimed indecent by the System. So we can constantly see, in mass media, a corresponding false and distractive information supported there by traditional science: they say, itТs your own fault that you have understood nothing... But sooner or later the traditional science will be forced to recognize that our world is not what the System-controlled scientists are (and, were) believing it to be.