Chapter 12 The corrections peculiarities

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The corrections peculiarities




Under process of drunkards and drug addicts correction, you must remove your own Ego as far as possible. In whatever condition the patient sits right now in front of you, he is, first of all, a suffering man working out a mutual Karma of a whole our civilization. Practically, everyone has been involved in producing the means of destruction of humanity. The soldier was pulling the machine-gun trigger; his sister, working at a factory, was taking part in making such machine-guns; his brother was felling woods to make butts; his mother was filling live cartridges with gunpowder... The soldier has killed a man, and his corresponding Karma became instantly distributed over everyone of his relatives. The soldier became then a dipsomaniac, his mother and father are suffering from his starting drinking, his sister lost her work at the factory, his brother got seriously traumatized by a tree fallen onto him...

The drug addict has become such a man after, again, being stint in Army; a scuffle, then, with militia men who tried to put furtively drugs into his pocket has led him to prison; the concrete method is unimportant : the System has anticipated everything...

The colonel began to drink like a fish because of his everyday nightmares where he sends his company into battle and no one of the soldiers returns...

The public prosecutor has for the first time tasted a drug after he convicted an unmarried mother who, under a narcotic condition, killed her three-years-old child... Similar and like histories are common for a practice of our Center. To correct corresponding situations, it is necessary, in the first instance, to mentally call to the correction each and every person (and\or, being) interested in the situation. I remember here once more that the System is a structure absolutely alien to the human reason, : the structure who, using "our cosmic brothers" and earthen religious-and-magic clans, is parasitizing in our Creation, including our earthen civilization.

To help drug-dependant patients, you have to normalize, in their organism, an ethyl alcohol production, or, remove all the causes of a nicotine acid decreased production. And so on, keeping in mind that every form of a drugs-dependence is a gate for a total zombage program.

In Russia, different coding methods against drugs-dependence are now in fashion. Alas, none of them removes the causes of the dependence. Within about two years after being competently psychotronically- or NLP-encoded, the encoded person becomes a true beast... His relatives would to visit our Center and ask us to decode him: "Better him drink! A true beast is of him now!" But, it could not be in a different way! These are special System programs designed to encode a human subconsciousness. And what is interesting, the encoders themselves do not, practically, comprehend what is, in fact, taking place under a process of their encoding and why do the different forms of dependencies are coming to view.

In these coding programs we have also revealed the hidden sub-programs like "Where a general strike begins, you must take a baton and stand two meters left of a tree standing in front of the city administration"... Another man will stand two meters right... Besides a robot is being made out of you, you have to pay still a great sum. Well done, the System!..