Chapter 13 The remote corrections through a phantom,still photos, or telephone call. A time-inversed correction

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The remote corrections through a phantom,still photos, or telephone call. A time-inversed correction




The reader must already comprehend that there is absolutely no difference whether a patient is right now beside of you or is he, for instance, in other galaxy. The correction is being accomplished through a patient’s phantome (i.e., his astral plane) while still photo and\or telephone call are only a synchronizing agent.

It is also absolutely unimportant what was the patient’s age at the moment of taking the photo, as well as is the photo of a full height or not. Adding to this, the enio-corrector may enhance or diminish the phantome’s size.

When a subsequent program is destroyed, first signs of correction are becoming visible, and patient starts to feel a weight in his hands and\or his feet; so he shakes them periodically. His energy filth is annihilating and transforming into pure energy of his potential. The unused potential of a patient is usually working in process of correction rather than a potential of enio-corrector; so our correctors may work 12 hours a day at a stretch without having weekends. Then correction using a still photos happens a pleasant breathing-space. The same holds true for a telephone job: your phantom is standing beside a patient on the other end of a wire while a patient’s phantom is standing here beside you.

During a remote correction, you should take into account a prevention of accidents conditions, — for instance: a man under such remote correction may drive car just at that period, or, he might cross a street, and so on. Then it will be your own address, in informational fields, after a possible accident. Besides of this, your correction necessarily affects all surroundings of the patient. So a thoughtform may be recommended spelled once and for all:

“The correction is always being carried out there (and, then) where (and, when) it is of the most expedience for a patient. The correction is always being conveyed at a necessary and sufficient level, and no one is suffering from the correction.”

As well, bearing in mind that many Karmic problems are more effective to be solved on a definite day, month, and year, a corresponding thoughtform is being used in our Center:

“On this given day, the patients to come are those whose corrections will be of the most effectiveness and those providing negative programs of the System to be revealed”.

There is also no necessity to keep a patient’s phantom beside a healer, during a whole seance, as inexperienced healers used to do: the phantom is already standing in front of a healer! And not only he alone, but all his astral surroundings is also standing there, waiting for correction with a curiosity! As well, the real-time corrections may be conveyed both for Past and Future; for instance, the correction from today may be conveyed in a day that passed.

One of the form of remote negative influence are so-called silent phone calls: you pick the receiver up, but, your “interlocutor” keeps silence and runs a pre-compiled program for suicide, or madness, or a heart attack… In that case, we recommend to quietly wish the interlocutor to acquire more reason and awareness thereby blocking all his negative programs.

Almost all magic clans are effecting a population in Past, Future and Present Time. Few of those magicians are and were competent in multi-dimensional causal-investigatory links, and, moreover, very few of them has some time reflected over corresponding possible consequences. Their deeds were only for today’s sake. Nevertheless, the Karmic pendulum returns everything onto its proper place. Let’s envisage an example of such Karmic transfer.

Say, there is a man whose activity is very vexing for a sorcerer or even a whole magic clan. To neutralize him in a secret manner, an astral blow is being delivered to his grandmother where she is pregnant with his future mother. All information as to the mother is, at this, being deleted from informational fields, and she soon dies from, say, a heart attack. So this man is becoming as if unborn — “not written down in the Book of Life”, having no information as to him in corresponding informational fields. He went for shopping and then disappeared, or, he perished in a car accident, or, he died from a strange illness… — the details are of no importance. (Although, “the programmers” may construct a concrete cause, in corresponding Field of Events.)

Such Karmic overlappings and astral murders are numerous; however, sooner or later, everything will return onto a proper place. So everyone who has some time done such things, try to aware everything in time — which is almost over for all of us.