Chapter 14 Moral norms in enio-corrections

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Moral norms in enio-corrections




Most of people on our planet are accustomed to live in fear and humiliation. But, not one entity on the Earth has a right of judging someone other. There is such an order in our world that everyone is judging, first of all, himself. All the rest is a stink of the System!

In modern times, many healers like to tell their patients stories how they have met Virgin Mary, or Saint Nicholas, or other figures of a church magic. In a common black magic, such things are called "spiritism", "conjuring up", "communication with the other world", and so on. Alas, a sorcery, incantation and sortilege are sacral for the modern clergymen... So all the religions will soon appear in court of Creation for their boundless obscurantism. Imagine now a situation of those "divine healers"...

In bygone days, I have been being asked (they are now keeping silence...): "Who gave you a right to heal, open the third eye, interfere into Karma..?" But, indeed, who is authorized to give such a permission?

Others are muttering: "The gift of healing is being given from Above!..." But I am of the firm opinion that "from above" may only be an unexpected gift from a crow, a pigeon, or other bird...

No one can give you a permission or prohibition to create Evil or Good. Everyone chooses his way by himself and becomes a judge for himself.

Everyone who is doing Evil will judge himself by himself. But, the one who is creating Good : be he burying in oblivion by everyone!!!