Chapter 2 Where is a Creation information stored? An idea of "info-fields"

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Where is a Creation information stored? An idea of "info-fields"




A term of "info-fields" is already familiar to many of readers, although there is not, as yet, definition for the term. Astrologists, fortune-tellers, sorcerers, and alike are being working hard, but few of them put a question to himself where, in fact, their information is being stored and what is a way their methods are performing. So, let's try to find some answers.

Each thing, in our surroundings, is able to write down and store information inside any level of a multi-dimensionality pyramid. Everything we are interacting with changes its primordial enio condition. A sheet of paper measured with ruler is already not the same it has been prior to the measuring; a handkerchief been in your hands is already bearing your information...  and so on. A person possessing an ESP, on taking this handkerchief in his/her hands, can recount all information as to you. For instance, a late Bulgarian clairvoyance Vanga would use a piece of sugar to read out an information, the sugar must have been being lain under a patient's pillow during a night prior to Vanga's seance.

The concept of multi-dimensionality pyramid insists that information may be written down on a molecule of water, which may occur even in a diamond crystal; then, on a molecular structure of hydrogen containing in sugar; on fibers of a dresses' cotton, and so on (so-called psychography). A clairvoyant person just enters his/her multi-dimensionality pyramid into a resonance with those vehicles of information; more details see in Chapter 3. Information may be written down both inside a human himself and in remote star of a neighbor galaxy placed at a distance of some billions light-years away... Information is being read out instantly, at any time and distance, but  in what way?

For instance, as to our modern computers, no one could definitely say what is, really, going on at the moment given inside the machine. Few chip constructors know, as well, what is going on inside a chip and what is, really, its construction. First of all, it concerns the developments in the area of nano-technology! Moreover, a traditional science does not know what are, really, semi-conductors, molecules, atoms, and so on. No one is able to explain, from a classical physics' point of view, what is, really, a nature of electrical current. (But then again, there are some theoretical models allowing to explain, to some extent, a sequence of some unknown, till now, processes.) So, in spite of a fact that electrical light bulb is constantly giving us its light, no one, on the earth, can explain the way it is being performing!

Not going here into detail, let's envisage a way an electronical device is performing. Comprise a scheme (pict. 27), showing info-fields' levels according to their info-importance. The higher is a field gradient, the higher is its info-level. The lowest one is a level of our everyday life, of a planet of Earth: woke up, took a breakfast, headed to work Second level is a one of our astrological natality, or, info-level of a Solar System: born, married, enter the Army Third level is a galactic one: history of a whole country, of ethnos, and further. Through [n+1] levels, we find ourselves in front of Absolute. Info-fields are, to some extent, similar to libraries' hierarchy structure: a home one, a town, a state (= Absolute). A necessity may arise to use all them simultaneously  including Internet Clairvoyants and prophets would use approximately the same approachment.

So, events are written down on different vehicles of a multi-dimensionality pyramid. But, how can you know about a future? Well, as I have already told above, there are no, at astral plane already, conceptions of Time, Distance, and Mass. In those higher metrics, all the events have already taken place. All the History, all Past, and all Present are there inside a mutual info-field (pict. 28). And, should you are able to bring yourself up into, at least, a five-dimensionality, you would be able to see all fields. To make it more understandable, imagine yourself standing among the trees at a narrow forest footpath. A squad of soldiers goes along the footpath, and you are able to see only one of the soldiers at every given moment of time. However, once on a tree, you may see all of them. Analogically with an astra-mental exit: you are able to perceive both past and future events reflected in a Creation's info-fields.

At the same time, do not forget that Future is a polyvariant thing.