Chapter 2 We are not alone in the Universe

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We are not alone in the Universe





On the Eartn, men and women knew since a long time already that earthen civilization is not a single one in the Universe. Governements know it always. Some of them would use extraterrestrials for their self-assertion, insisting they are their representatives on the Earth, and that men and women must obey them unquestioningly.

In modern days, governments are tend to cover up such information; however, in progress of time, people start notice definite strangenesses.

Why, then, governments of all leading countries continue their cover-ups? From our many-years work at our patients we have learned that, practically, every key figure in any government had been in contact with alien reason. A typical example is described in the Bible, when Saul (Paul) carried his sermons under a program embedded inside him. Similar situations are also described in a literature on UFO.

Here is example from our work. A man of very high social position remembered, while our eniocorrection, that about two decades ago while fishing with his friends in Bielorussia, their car suddenly occurred under a green light from above. Both friends lost their consciousness, while whole car was engulfed with a green fog. Humanoids went around, with their disproportional heads, slanting eyes, thin arms and legs. Our patient felt a command in his head, "Sit still, and we'll not cause a damage to you!'

In such situations, a micro-chip is being implanted into an experiencer's body, making him, practically, a biological robot. Such remote programmators were being originally implanted, mainly, into an experiencer's right nozzle; however, a possibility of nasal bleeding would to sharply increase. Then, by now, researchers are being finding them in any part of the experiencer's body. Under a process of surgical operation, these inplantates usually remove themselves automatically.

After a great number of research, scientists have shared a hunch that "During all History, a goal-directed action was (and, is) being carrying out, through the usage of a humanity itself, aimed to settle the Earth with Outer Races'. Now, on the Earth, this grandiose program is being effected under constant control, through government structures prepared and processed in advance. Chiefs, tzars, presidents, and other "God's leutenants on Earth" are, really, just for this very goal. Through their synthetically-made fields of events and info-fields, possibilities are being opened to unpunishingly, for the time being, break the Law of a Will Unviolation.

Eniological approachment to the Program of Inculcation allowed to study deeply all mechanisms of the Program. Externally, everything goes on without something extraordinary. Earthen scientists named it "a natural selection", "an evolution", and all the humanity was forced to obey those "objective natural laws". In addition, a classic astrology did not add an optimistic note to a possibility of a free willing.

The matter is that, without a consent of the earthen residents themselves, an Outer Reason could do nothing: a Law of a Free Will could then occur to be broken leaving an address of ETs inside the informational fields. To avoid this, chiefs and tzars may be processed, and earthen laws, ideas, and slogans may head evolution for a direction required to Outer Reason, into synthetically-made Field of Events. From there — "Deutchland Uber Alles!", "Five years in four!" (in Soviet Russia), and alike. Almost everyone understands that he ought not behavior in such a way, but... Everyone does not want to continue by that way further, but... alas. So, let's try to form an understanding of these issues.