Chapter 2 Who has created the evolutionary algorhytms?

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Who has created the evolutionary algorhytms?





As I have already said above, all the processes in our Universe are obeying to some harmonious laws. While studying, in our Center, the corresponding correlations, we have revealing, from time to time, some stunning things, like, say, a correlation between a frequency of accidents in New York and a number of cigarettes smoked there out. Many scientists have stopped the investigations in fear of losing their scientific reputation...

Nevertheless, notwithstanding some retardations, researching into the laws continued. Scientists have felt instinctively a non-occasional nature of on-going cataclysms, wars, catastrophes, and epidemies. In 60s, after remembering a connection between social processes on the Earth and periodical activity of the Sun, the interest as to researching into new hidden laws has got a new stimulus. In Russia, many of scientists, through the usage of computers already, have returned to ancient astrological knowledge.

The most part of scientific discoveries are usually a result of a collective long-term work. Sometimes, an illumination may descend onto somebody's head... Just something like this has happened to me in 1995, - I mean "A stupidity algorithm". It occurred to me to numerologically count up a sum of ciphers of the year 1995th; I got 6. Too many cataclysms and breakdowns were there in the year... During further nine-months work, at one bright moment, I have written down a sheet you may see below. Beginning from that time, I have subsequently made many speeches on the issue, at different congresses and conferences.

After one of such conference, a question has been put to me, whether I knew that our new-discovered algorithm is being thoroughly studied in two serious government institutions. I answered no, because no one took the trouble to inform us about it. And, really, what for? Well, judging by so-called reforms, this algorithm is being used THERE very successfully...