Chapter 2 The "crosswinds data" effect

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The "crosswinds data" effect





The historians are being coming into contact with this phenomenon for a long time already. A popular literature constantly publish articles on stunning coincidences in the history. Let's remember some most impressive facts.

In the murders of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, the data and circumstances are practically identical. Lincoln became a president in 1861, while Kennedy by 100 years later. Both were democrats and fighters for freedom. Both were murdered on Friday, in the presence of their wives. Both wives, during their being in White House, have lost a son. Both presidents were killed by a shoot into an occipital area: Lincoln while in a Ford theater, and Kennedy while in a car of "Lincoln" made by Ford Motor Co.

At their position, both were changed by their vice-presidents both bearing a surname of Johnson - democrats, southerners, and former senators. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808, and Lyndon Johnson by 100 years later, in 1908. Lincoln secretary's name was John, and Kennedy's one bore a surname Lincoln!

Lincoln's murderer John Booth was born in 1839, while Lee Harvey Oswald in 1939. Both held extremism, and both were southerners. After a murder, Booth hid himself inside a bean store, while Oswald shot from a store, as well (true, book), and, then, hid himself in a cinematograph theater. Both were subsequently murdered not long before a trial.

In Russia, a serfdom abolishment took place twice - in October 1861 and October 1961. (Until this, peasants, in our century, did not possess passport and had no right of moving somewhere.)

There is also a full coincidence in a "Titanic" and "Titan" catastrophes, the last being described by Morgan Robertson fourteen years before the "Titanic" event! Then, in 1998, a great fire has happened on a new giant liner named, by mass media, "a second Titanic". In 1939, at the same part of Atlantic ocean, where the real "Titanic" and fictitious "Titan" have sunk, a ship of "Titanian" has collided with iceberg, also at night. Only thanking to "incomprehensible" premonition of a helmsman managed to command stop, the collision did not happen mortal.

There was also no lucky to ships of a name as "Admiral Nakhimoff". Three of them perished, the fourth was discharged under strange circumstances - "the significant deformations as a result of submarine nuclear explosion". The fifth ship has been discharged as well, and ahead of time, and has sank not coming to the place ordered. It is known that, in due time, Russian admiral Paul S. Nakhimoff took part in rescue workings in Tzemess bay (town of Novorossijsk) - just at the place where, on August 31\1986 (a "sixish" year, according to algorithm), a liner of "Admiral Nakhimoff" has sunk as well, after collision with a dry-cargo ship "Pyotr Vasyoff". So, notabene-1: a ship of "Admiral Nakhimoff" was formerly a steamship "Berlin" gotten by Soviet Russia in accordance with a reparation treaty, in 1948. And, notabene-2: in 1848, i.e., 100 years ago, admiral Paul S. Nakhimoff has undergone treatment just in Berlin (Germany).

To understand similar things better, let us compose a table:
___________... and so on ________

If you sew vertically a seam on every column, you may notice a coincidence of historic events. For example, president Yeltzin and president Clinton were as if astral Siamese twins; so, an impeachment problem went synchronously for both of them, in summer 1999. Clinton was forced to "accidentally" start bombing Iraque (on December 17) to disrupt a synchronous impeachment issue, and rendered subsequently president Yeltzin to play a peacemaking role in the show. This provided an opportunity to distract a Russia residents' attention from an impeachment problem. The same was while bombing Yugoslavia, when it was repeatedly returned to the Russia president's impeachment problem. Just on February 17th Yeltzin paid to his "friend Bill" through an aggravation of his stomach ulcer; and, on the subsequent months, a number of 17 became fatal for authority beneficiaries in Russia. In USA, the impeachment was called by "a female issue", while Yeltzin, in his natal card, has had an unaspected Venus accounting for amorous deeds. There was not any Monika Lewinski in Russia, so her role a government used to play, through its periodical resignations. The energy picking successfully up while such mutual stresses was sent just to satisfy president's unaspected Venus. Naturally, the Yugoslavian confrontation has, as well, been started "accidentally" - just prior to the next stage of impeachment in Russia.

All the political and economic events are astonishingly congruent to the algorithm outlined above and to a "sewed-down data" effect. Days of elections, starts of negotiations, signings of statements and decrees, - all are bound to a Lunar calendar, as well. Since a long time already, enio-professionals would insist that ALL governments on the Earth are not more than merely mediators for a program developed to wipe the earthen civilization out! In their naivete and silliness, they believe there are just they who is turning a wheel of a History! Nevertheless, they are doing everything ONLY according to alien evil reason - alien to our Earthen evolution. They are only doing WHEN and WHAT is prescribed by that alien program!

Let's envisage a bright example. On September 11, 1998, the Russian Duma has voted Eugene Primakoff to become a prime minister for 8 months (a "primak" means "a husband from somewhere".). At the same day, the following events took place: a popular singer's Joseph Kobzon birthday, John the Prophet's head cutting off festival (joyful are their festivals, however...); on Northern fleet, a sailor of atomic submarine shot away his colleagues without any visible causes, and then committed suicide; in Rostov-on-Don, from September 15 to 17, a Second International Conference on serial murders and social aggression was being held; US dollar have sharply fallen at New York and Tokyo stock exchanges (250 and 750 points correspondingly); Nikita Khrushchev has died on September 11, 1973; in Chile, Augusto Pinochet came to authority; in Russia, 400 years ago, died tsar Fyodor, and Duma ordered to authority Boris Godunoff! On September 14, when Primakoff started form the Russia government, Napoleon Bonaparte waited for town keys to be surrendered him by Moscow governor; on September 15, a "next" hurricane has crashed down onto Moscow and totally destroyed more than ten houses next to a President's dacha... As academician Nevski has marked, the effect was similar to a Tunghus one, occurred in 1908: the most powerful energy explosion had taken place.

The "crosswinds data" effect may be revealed not only for 100-year cycles. There are also another algorithms: from one year to another, at the same day of a year given; 12 days after a human's birthday (or after the event) define 12 years of subsequent period of life; 12 hours from a birthday moment define the given year's outline, and so on.

These things are known since long time ago. However, as practice demonstrates, those at higher authority positions are not due to draw any conclusions from the facts! Or, they are not allowed to? After 2000 year, Britain researchers published their results: those who are striving to control, possess an enzyme in their organism which is acting like a drug. And, on having their control lost, all of them begin feel themselves like under narcotic abstinent syndrome. One have to think it out and over!