Chapter 2 The mobile dispersed genes

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The mobile dispersed genes





In the beginning of 1977, the "Science" magazine has published an article on a discovery of mobile dispersed genes (mdg). Authors of the job (Y.Ilyin, E.Ananyeff, and N.Tchurikoff) when experimenting on drozophila flies have revealed that mdg-structures were able to recover genetic deviations. Experiments aiming to define the necessary and sufficient conditions of making the flies population extinctive have been carried out. For this goal, the strongest and healthiest species were chosen from population while those genetically impaired were left. Mdg- structures were put into operation onto fifth or sixth generation of the species. They bypassed the impaired areas, and DNA correction took place: absolutely healthy flies became to born. Let's form an understanding of the mechanism, and take to pict. 29. While carrying out a synthetic selection of the healthy species, the scientists began gradually wipe out the information written down in info-fields. When a critical point has been achieved, and an extinction might begin, the Absolute released a restore command, through the activation of mdg-structures.

Let's now envisage the historical events in our country, in the interim, at least, of a last century (years 2000, 1985, 1964, 1958, 1946, 1941, 1937, 1932, 1917, and 1914).

In 1914: World War 1, the best representatives of the country are being destroyed; in 1917, the process was continued by October coup d'etat; in 1932, NKVD special departments open repressions against healers, magicians, sorcerers, etc.; it was also the year when a first pentagram has been set on a Spasskaya tower of Kremlin. A 5-ends star is a working symbol in the 5th magic Arcane; so, a pentagram is necessarily presenting itself in both military symbolism and heraldry of, practically, any country.

In 1937, the repressions were masked with wide actions against all the progressive forces in country. The World War 1 was the most powerful mean of destroying the Russia's genetical resources; and, those who survived were repressed in 1946.

In a Khrushtchoff time, a fight against underground began; and, Brezhnev has continued it. The best brains were moving from Russia. In the period of Gorbatchoff's "perestroyka", the process became catastrophic. After him, Yeltzin's americanized "democratic transformations" ended successfully the population's stupidity and extinction. Accordingly to the medical data, in a year 2000, only 1% of the new-born children might be considered as healthy.

At first sight, that was an awful genocide, on the background of total americanization of Russia's lifestyle and way of thinking. However, some hidden processes began. For example, while several years ago only 1 person in 100,000, in Russia, possessed ESP, this value now became twice more. Despite of the official hindrances, centers and institutes researching into paranormal phenomena began intensively emerge. And, being the most important thing, the new-born children began differ radically from previous generations. Many of them can levitate, teleport things, possess the abilities of telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and so on. Pitifully, they are few as yet, and most of the rest children suffers from different stages of debility.

On this basis, one might draw stunning conclusion: the repressions were necessary for Absolute to launch mdg-structures and correct not only Russia's genetic resources but, a whole civilization's as well. However, beginning from the first days of 2001, everyone could convince for himself of negative nature of the above-mentioned mechanism: In Britain, and, then, practically, in any country, the epidemies of bovine spondiform encephalopathy and similar diseases abruptly decreased a (synthetically bred) total number of livestock; and, this only was a prelude...

During last 2000 years, our civilization was free of wars for only not more than 200 years. No one has found a time to think deeply about a role of a Reason, in our world. The civilization has stepped on a path of its technogenous self-destruction and ceased its obligatory function in enio exchange inside the Creation. So, alarm mechanisms have switched on, at the background of Inculcation Program.

And, again, at the first sight, everything was OK: the Creation, despite of our total silliness, took care of our security. However, you should not forget what Adam generation was cursed for; and, one need to take efforts for yourself to go out of a deadlock.