Chapter 3 A Solaris as an egregorial model of the nous-sphere. Why are the USA condemned?

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A Solaris as an egregorial model of the nous-sphere. Why are the USA condemned?



In a 6-dimensionality, our civilization is being seen as some unified cogitative organism - nous-sphere, or a Solaris described by Stanislav Lem. This nous-sphere are tore out to egregors - ethnic, religious, national, political "Divide et impera" - this is the principle that is being used by Outer Reason, through the use of a zombage, silliness of humanity, and, then, through the "God's lieutenants" - gods-aliens thought out and inculcated into the Earth residents' subconsciousness. In order to support such a fragmentation, it is necessary to constantly knock them together like sheep. At this, one can freely gather lost horns and "stars from eyes".

In USA, the Sept. 11, 2001 strikes (see above: "Algorithm of stupidity") are the beginning of economical, political, and moral crisis. It is USA who are playing, in modern history, a principal role of destroyer of the earthen civilization. Immorality and total zombage reigning in American quasi-democratic society are the basis of yet new and new flash points able to lead our world to a new world war.

The first colonizers of that enigmatic continent did not, really, understand where had they happen. Why did such formerly powerful civilizations of ancient Maya find themselves almost at the level of a Stone Age when meeting the Europeans? The colonizers have no time to think: the abundance of gold in ancient temples has entirely eclipsed their reason.

The understanding of strange things which have been occurring at the time has come significantly later and, alas, too late for the most part of the native Americans. Besides of this, there were too many of such things...

The well-known three crystal skulls found in the pyramids happened to be made out of Egyptian rock monocrystals. Modern technology is unable to re-create these things. However, it has been established that those skulls are too similar to some modern psychotronic generatorsЕ The enigmatic pictures of Nazca Plains in the Andes exceed, in their accuracy, everything made, till now, manually by humanity. It is impossible to reproduce them now even using the laser devices. Since already some thousands of years, the Native Americans would do a craniosurgery and put artificial teeth made out of precious stones. In its accuracy, the Ancient Maya's calendar exceeds the modern one; yet, this is not all. However, our task here is to understand the original causes of things which are now under way.

The skulls' psychotronic properties have been being used by Mayan solar cult's servants to zombage the parishioners when offering up a sacrifice: with a ritual knife, they would chop in two, on a pyramid top or stairs, a successive "volunteer's" chest and snatched a heart from it; at this, the victim would step aside for himself, making way for a successive one. So up to 2,000 persons. Like water, blood flew down the pyramid, dyeing a ritual gold.

This blood gold has served as a basis for both economics and future USA mill-owners' richness.

Many civilizations have ceasing their existence because of violation of Conservation Laws. The thought out gods do not need sacrifices. The ones are only necessary to those who thought them out. But, later on, everybody is paying back: both cult servants and those who silently allowed them to create obscurantism. Just because of those deeds were Ancient American civilizations threw backward to Stone Age level.

In magic, there is so-called technique of karmic redistribution, through the use of identification. The colonizers did not understand that they found themselves on a goddamned continent! Through the ancient gold, through the devastation of a native Americans, the entire responsibility for a violation of enio laws committed just by those native Americans, has later on redistributed itself onto modern Americans. In other words, through the colonization of American continent, the Europeans got a Karma formerly belonging to ancient Natives.

It was this that has led afterwards to many predictable strange things of the USA history. As it could be seen from a "stupidity algorithm", the USA were forced to become an antipode to Russian ethnos during last Pisces century. The whole history of USA is a history of conquering new colonies and markets. Without these, the USA might went extinct yet since decades. But, in order to conquer, constant wars are necessary. It is not an accidental thing that, after a successive "harvest" in World War 2, the strongest activity of "our brothers" is being observed just in USA: through the zombied brains of Americans, a sowing is under way, preparing next World War. A zombage implies inability to think independently and creatively; so, just because of this, the USA, during all their history, were needed a new potential; and, through emigrants and works, a whole civilization's mental plane was constantly being sucked into USA, like a black hole used to do this.

Through this process, our "brothers in reason" are intensively trying to draw their Confiscating Program into a new Aquarius Era. Just in order to realize this Program, a Russian "perestroyka" happened to be necessary, along with successive americanization of a whole Russian ethnos through so-called "democratic changes". Otherwise, it would be impossible to provide Russian and American ethnic contact. The Masonic lodge understands nicely all the grandiose power of Ilya of Murom; so, the USA special services began to annihilate the political and economic potential of the biggest planet's state, - under a clear control of our "alien brothers". Otherwise, it would be a stiff task, for them, to achieve mental and, all the more, spiritual plane of the Russia residents.