Chapter 3 A Russian inventiveness

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A Russian inventiveness




However, all of them miscalculated. I mean an Outer Reason, the USA special services, and Russian democrats. Recall the mobile dispersed genes: artificial annihilation of a population or ethnos leads unequivocally to a bypassing process. It was not you who created the things, and it will not be you who has the right to annihilate them. There was very great desire for annihilation, because there were many predictions that Russia may go further and lead other countries through the ordeals coming. It has not been taken into account that Earth is a living and cogitative organism happened under negative external influence, but, however, kept its reason intacted. Prophets of every times and countries saw the time where Earth would clean itself of a mad humanity; and they named this time The Great Purgatory (for ones) and The End of World (for others).

However, since already thousands of years, there was a rule reigning on Earth: annihilating individually, help to annihilate your friend. Leaders of "democratic changes" in Russia did not take into account the peculiarities of a Russian ethnos (do not mix it with a Russian nationality!) living in a special metacode of Earthen energy. Everything invented by the earthen civilization within last hundreds years was invented by those who lived in Eastern Europe metacode. Acupuncture points are being placed on different places on the Earth, causing such a great difference between ethnoses. One of them create, while others are intensively thinking in what way those creations may be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Recall some technical achievements: a Popov's radio, first Russian TV broadcasting in 1928, audio- and video recorders, achievements in quantum and nuclear physics… Demis Russos and Joe Dassin - Dima Russkiy and Georgiy Dosinovitch from Odessa in Ukraine; Charles Aznavoure (Aznavuryan, from Armenia), and many others. Former and present Russian natives are now controlling the main block of shares of many American corporations; Russian immigrants in USA are in great demand (if they do not lounge about) and promptly achieve the top positions.

Russians have got a very good Soviet "psychological" background. Recall former Soviet research institutes: "Go there, I don't know where; bring me I don't know what. Should you won't, will be punished." Such principles merely forced Russian clerks, constructors, and alike to become a wide-profiled specialist. Otherwise, you will be eaten up. A Russian man has been forced to become Levsha, working with materials taken from "the hence contacts". In other words, a single Russian constructor is able to replace a good dozen of foreign specialists. Nevertheless, Russia happened in slavery; but, why?