Chapter 4 An idea of a "field of events". Reincarnational cycles

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An idea of a "field of events". Reincarnational cycles




The Eastern esoterics is based on a concept of incarnation of both a man's soul and everything on the Earth. Jesus used to say about reincarnations as well. Let's envisage His words in John 3 [4:8]:

"Nicodemus said to him, How is it possible for a man to be given birth when he is old? Is he able to go into his mother's body a second time and come to birth again? Jesus said in answer, Truly, I say to you, If a man's birth is not from water and from the Spirit, it is not possible for him to go into the kingdom of God. That which has birth from the flesh is flesh, and that which has birth from the Spirit is spirit. Do not be surprised that I say to you, It is necessary for you to have a second birth. The wind goes where its pleasure takes it, and the sound of it comes to your ears, but you are unable to say where it comes from and where it goes: so it is with everyone whose birth is from the Spirit."

Yet more and more men and women are now getting acquaintance with a conception of (re)incarnation. In many cases, the conception was already corroborated instrumentally. Many men and women are now finding their incarnational memory turned on, especially in last years. Yet more and more parents are facing this phenomenon. For instance, their child says, "When I rise, I was a sailor". Parents correct him, "Not was, but shall be". However, the child remembers, that, in his former incarnation, he was a sailor indeed!

Some examples from a practice of our Center. The 5-years old boy felt an obsession to jump down from a balcony using umbrella. Our investigation has showed that, in his former incarnation while World War 1, he was a pilot, and his airplane was shoot down. The pilot has not got a parachute. The boy saw a film of analogous fable, but, pilot in film do possessed a parachute. So a definite part of his "higher" totality\entity which is now incarnated as this boy, wanted to use a parachute/umbrella while that battle in WW1. After our enio correction, this pathology came to end.

A 10-years girl was ill with kleptomania. Her previous incarnation - old woman, World War 2, Russia, a town of Rostov-on-Don. Soviet army retreats and annihilates everything. Cereals and flour are being poured with kerosene. Everyone trying to steal something to eat is being shoot on the spot. The old woman and her husband are dragging a sack of kerosened grain. They are stopped, and the husband is being shoot on the spot. Under a successive German occupation, the old woman has died of hunger… After our correction, the girl ceased to steal.

The analyze of similar cases led us to conclusion that Eastern concept of reincarnation is far from truth. For instance, for the incarnating entity, there is not something like a chain: "speck of dust - bacteria - plant - insect - animal - human being". Eastern schools state a possibility of backward motion in this chain as a result of former mistakes. However, our Center believes that such a backward way is impossible. Well, an astral superposition of entity's parts is possible, and this will be envisaged below.

So, those boy and girl wanted to have their dreams realized. All the events of Future, Past, and Present are going on simultaneously if seen in the Field of Events. The entity-totality which is projecting itself as a human being into four-dimensional space is a multi-dimensional one and may exist as much time as exists the whole grandiose mechanism called the Creation. Well, the entity "may" if it is not commiting fatal mistakes. The entity exists beyond the limits of Time and Space, and lives simultaneously in Future, Past, and Present. Time is perceived only by a human Ego belonging to a physical plane. In other words, a human being simultaneously lives by all his incarnational reflections in a multi-dimensional Field of Events (pict. 51) where Past, Present, and Future are tightly interconnected. Because there is no Time in higher dimensions, the Future may influence upon a Past (and vice versa, of course). I.e., in our four-dimensional space there are direct and backward Time flows. The entity may have its synchronous reflections not only in Time (say, one incarnational cycle in France, in a previous century; other in modern USA, and so on) but, also, in a Space, in form of direct and parallel reflections: say, four time reflections on the Earth, one reflection somewhere on a planet of Syrius system, two reflections in Orion constellation, and so on.

As I said already above, fishes in a fish-tank cannot see the whole hand. Similarly to this, a human Ego only sees separated incarnational cycles and does not see a whole multi-dimensional entity the part of which it just is. This is a very good explanation for so-called contacts with a Higher Reason. Merely, in such cases, astra-mental blocks are being destroyed and human's ego happens able to perceive information from parallel reflection of the entity whose part this human just is.

Such astra-mental blocks as well as blindness of a human's "third eye" are profitable to alien Reason which has built this situation. Nevertheless, the on-going changes, now keeping their way on a basis of comprehension, are giving us a hope.