Chapter 5 The ideas of Karma and Fate. A "free will inviolability" as a fundamental law of Creation

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The ideas of Karma and Fate. A "free will inviolability" as a fundamental law of Creation



As I have already said above, the Eastern esoterics considers a human as an entity going, in its earthen evolution, through the micro-organism, plant, animal, and, at last, human stages (pict. 59). The Eastern esoterics is of the opinion that mistakes a man has committed in his life may allegedly throw him back, and he may reincarnate as an animal. However, the experience accumulated in our Center since years, does not support such a perspective. Besides of this, we also insist that karmic connections may only be worked out by two ways: through comprehension and repentance (to men and women, and not to the God), or, if there is no repentance, through maladies and death. Tertium non datur in our world.

However, in our research, we have found some violations of a Conservation Law and, then, an inadequacy between human mistakes and subsequent punishments. If something is going on in this world, it means that some system stands necessarily behind this, to extract its own profit

Let's take to the Bible ("Genesis", 4,15): "And the Lord said, Truly, if Cain is put to death, seven lives will be taken for his." I wonder, in what way? If you hit a wall with your fist applying a force of 5 kG/cm2, the wall cannot answer seven times stronger! But then again, you may pull the wool over crowd's eyes, and organize, in addition, a karmic transfer.

In other words, the Confiscation System throws its own karma onto us, considering us as silly creations. Additionally, we in our Center believe the traditional concept of karma to be not only inadequate, but allowing the System to exert above-mentioned karmic transfers, from guilty persons onto those not guilty. (Of course, "not guilty" rather relatively; if a man did not commit the silly deeds, not any program or any sorcerer could hurt him.)

To effectively return his karmic debts, a man has to know his mistakes for himself rather than from words of a future-teller or a clairvoyant person. For this, he has to have a free astra-mental exit to informational fields of the Creation, - i.e. possess a clairvoyance. And this is disadvantageous thing to the System: in such a case, it will be unable to confiscate a potential in an unpunished way and throw its karma onto earthen residents. I subscript here once more, that the System took into account everything. Almost everything. "Almost", because, at least, a possibility of publishing this book has emerged.

Unlike most of earthen residents, the System is irreproachably fulfilling a Law of Conservation! A measure of a confiscated potential strictly corresponds to the measure of a transferred karma. However, even in the bad things one may find a positive aspect. The comprehension of committed mistakes allows to recognize and localize the System, and, then, become "transparent" to it. On this way, our civilization can turn itself from a pseudo-reasonable into a reasonable, indeed. This is a complex, but unnecessarily a long way. Jesus the Christ has said that He could restore a temple in three days; He meant the temple which was in a human soul. A sense of these words will be more clear if we pass from an Eastern term of Karma to a Russian esoteric idea of Fate. The fate is a possibility to choose freely your own Past and your own Future. Let's take to the pict. 60.

The left hemisphere corresponds to informational fields in the Past; the right hemisphere is a multi-optional Future. The border between them is this given moment in the Present. With his own thoughts and deeds, a man sets for himself his own Future and Past, the last one being multi-optional like a Future. A vector from the Past to the Future passes through the Present, and thereby a term of Karma becomes more understandable: a sum of past mistakes does not allow to effect the variants in Future. However, this is not a fatal situation. Under comprehending the mistakes, a correction is going on in informational fields, the blocking causes are being annihilated, and consequences are going out.

Pitifully, for a man, a possibility of this free choice of his own fate is not always available because of karma of all the civilization. The accumulated mistakes do not as yet allow to actualize many variants of the Future, both on individual and social levels. I have said "as yet", because an opportunity exists to go out of this artificially-built complex situation.