Chapter 6 A health and safety care in esoterics: the main principles

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A health and safety care in esoterics: the main principles




It is a light thing to become a magician: learn spells and ritual actions, get initiation to corresponding egregor of some magic order or clan, get a diploma - and you may call yourself a magister. It fully concerns also clergy studying esoterics in their seminaries.

To become a genuine esotericist is a greatly more complex task. It is necessary, for this, to possess a wide knowledge in different realms, or, at least, have an idea as to existence of such a knowledge. The true esoterics (or, in modern term, eniology) is not, really, a profession; it is a philosophy of life, a modus of thinking and understanding the life. And, to survive under this occupation, a genuine professionalism is necessary; even a little mistake may happen a fatal. An ignorance of enio Laws in Creation does not make a man free from consequences of their violation. Alas, as a practice is showing, the most part of future-tellers, magicians, sorcerers, and vergers have no idea of the Creation's multi-dimensionality, space combinatorics, and many other things necessary to provide, at least, their own safety.

To some extent, a multitude of esoteric practices may be covered with a term of "profession". This is the most dangerous profession, having the most professional lethality... Oncology, heart attacks, and like maladies are a typical retribution for the Creation Laws violation. Karmic consequences equally catches up with both a silly young girl wanted to magically tie-up her lover and Catholikos of the whole Armenia!..

During last decades of a gone Pisces era, many people began to comprehend the whole inadequacy of traditional science paradigm. As well, our modern science exists not more than 150-200 years. So people were tempting out to esoterics... If a demand exists, a supply will exist, too. In Russia, many corresponding schools and courses became opened, and different sects, clans, and orders became legalized, too. The System foresaw those things... In the first instance, different destructively-directed schools and sects became opened, on the plausible pretext. The corresponding program was widely sponsored by internal and overseas institutes taking a great care of Russian spirituality... With its greatest power, the program has come into action in the beginning of so-called "perestroyka". Or, to be more accurate, the so-called "market economics" in Russia was necessary to the System to fully enact the corresponding program. Dollar and rouble were given top priority, allowing free reprisals on unruly persons.

* * *

The "homo sapiens" is a dangerous thing to the System. However, when eras change one another, the enio conditions arise for humanity to become more clever; the global zombage is decreasing. So the System foresaw the corresponding traps for those interesting in true esoterics: quasi-esoteric literature and corresponding TV-shows, pseudo-esoteric schools, and alike. Nevertheless, independently on a System's sophistication, the Creation has foreseen the situation, and mobile-dispersed genes began to act.* The System is alien to our Creation; it is a sort of a cancer tumor inside our Creation's organism.

As I have mentioned somewhere above, a man who has not violated Creation Laws cannot get ill or find himself in unfavorable situation. Let's now envisage the main rules of sui generis industrial safety concerning not only esotericists but every average man as well.

In six-dimensionality, a thought is as material as physical bodies and other things are material in four-dimensionality. The thought image forms an astral thoughtform which, in turn, changes a physical plane (a four-dimensionality). On lower dimensionalities, the corresponding changes are taking place, too. From a five-dimensionality upwardly, the Time, Space, and Mass are ceasing. Ancient esotericists knew this Law and used to gave it to profanes as a commandment "Do not judge others, and you won't be judged". From this Law, a possibility of remote control in both directions of the Time follows. Many esoteric orders and clans, including all the religion motions, master this technique to exert karmic transfers and make their egregors to live longer. However, their ignorance of Laws and illiteracy in fundamental esoteric principles has always led (and, is leading) them to entire collapse of their egregors. In their agony, they try to catch as many as possible of people along with them. The System has used it in corresponding schools and courses where esoterics was studied in distorted and perverted form. So it is our task to thoroughly form an understanding of mistakes - in order to escape the karmic transfers and exist safely in this complex world.