Chapter 6 Identification

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In esoterics, some of the most important principles is so-called identification. This principle is constantly used not only by the magicians but also by average men. The identification is a transfer of astra-mental characteristics of a given entity onto any other, in order to effect a magic ritual.

I'd like to remember here once more that person we are talking of or remembering of is ought to emerge next to us, on an astral plane. In this, it is of no importance when did this person live, or lives, or will live. And we ourselves are used to emerge next to the person we are just remembering. This multi-dimensionality parameter is being used in a magic method of identification: through the use of spells, incantations, and alike, an astra-mental plane of supposed victim is being called and, then, is being identified onto any thing. The spell is necessary to fix the astra-mental plane, otherwise the astra-mental double could return to his host. If a man did not commit many mistakes in the past, then if even a thousand of magicians to call and identify his own double, all such actions will be in vain. A genuine Homo sapiens is practically transparent to rituals and influences.

In rural magic, to envoltate to a death, it is generally accepted to identify onto a little wax figure. To make the address more accurate, a separate hair or a nail of the victim is usually being ensmelted or picked into the figure, - i.e., a biological tissue containing a victim's DNA. Many folk stories contain corresponding plots. A king heads out his son to a far off country and says to his guard: "Watch, not a single hair should fall down from the head of my son!" Any regime usually holds itself on esoteric knowledge in the first instance, and is always frightened of the opposite clans' magic. In Russian chronicles, there is an evidence of how tsar Peter the First has ordered to annihilate a whole village for only a single cause that, as his guard had seen, a woman tried to "take his trace". In magic, this term stands for that the place on which a preplanned victim's foot has stepped, is accurately being cut off and, then, placed usually in a flue, being accompanied with a spell like "A trace is dry, so (a victim's name follows) is dry". A turf is the best thing for this.

In Russia, in the mid-50s, to actualize identification programs, dolls were used pretty widely. "Time flies", and destructive magic "flies", too. Manufacturing a wax figure is an operose process, as well as making the new dolls. So a photography became to be used, a fine invention, from a magical point of view. If you want your enemy to be dead, bring us his photo, please. For a bounteous reward, the servile magician, after a spell, and through the use of yet same a needle, will deliver an astral blow into your enemy's heart, or his eyes, or feet. The result depends on a sum you have paid: should the victim be only impaired or headed out to the other world. In a Russian police, such "specialists" may be met as well.

The victim may be identified onto any thing. In African sorcery, for instance, this is a contour of a man drawn on ground; more complex drafts (or pictures, sculptures, or other memorials) may serve identifiers as well (and, in particular, photos on stelae used in some civilized countries).

A special role belongs to sport and arts. When reading a book or watching a film you may spontaneously identify yourself with a hero(es) and begin to live in a virtual reality. While this, your original life fails. Besides of this, a call for a thought out hero's astra-mental double is usually taking place here, and identification him onto your matrix, - like with a wax figure. For instance, a cartoon film "Tom and Jerry" allowed the System to inculcate a program of total sadism into the children. After they are raised, the embedded programs aimed to reciprocal annihilation begin to act.

More serious programs may be carried out through sport. For instance, till the team is in sport, its fans take the players' diseases onto themselves... "Esoteric totalizer" may also exist. For instance, just before finish, a sprinter suddenly feels a strange force pushing him backward; or, a football player could not send ball into empty gates because of an astral blow delivered; and so on. The magic clans may use competitions for training, and stakes may comprise millions of dollars. Or, an astral karate in a soccer: a victim's head is identified onto a ball, and players deliver the astral blows to victim, bearing, later on, a retribution through malady or trauma (because their addresses happen emerged in informational fields).

Nowadays, a critical mass of a total humanity's silliness is accumulated in informational fields; so there is no necessity to carry out rituals. It is enough to think, and a thoughtform goes into materialization automatically.