Chapter 6 A thoughtform's exact address

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A thoughtform's exact address




Yet ancient esotericists knew well that process of thinking must be controlled. Yoga has also recommended getting rid of excessive thought images to avoid their accidental materialization. However, in Russia, in last two decades, a reverse process may be seen. In our practice, we met the case when, in our town, in one of pseudo-esoteric schools, the pupils were being recommended to grow onion at their home, on the window-sill: one bulb should be control (neutral), one depressed by experimenter's biological field, and next one energetically saturated by the same biological field. Since beginning from an astral plane the Time, Space, and Mass are being ceased, the onion has also grew at the distance of 300 miles from the experimenter. People's dissatisfaction returned to experimenters as maladies, and they were forced to visit our Center...

To avoid such situations, a principle of accurate addressing of thought forms should be maintained, namely: "The thought form to be materialized should be valuable and possess accurate address in informational fields". In other words, you have to imagine everything as good as possible and, then, forget everything, to provide materialization.

In training similar to described above, the principal thing is that your ego gets the upper hand over your reason. This is being used by the System which has organized this very situation. The matter is that such changing processes are also going on in the Field of Events in which the System has identified, for instance, a turning compass needle with a compass needle of some marine ship somewhere twenty years ago, or with a compass needle of an airplane which will fall down forty years later at the distance of thousand miles from a today's experiment. The ship will be wrecked, and the airplane will crash. Or, telekinetically moved box of matches the System may identify with train, bus, or car; three inches motion of the box - and ten years ago, in France, a passenger train is derailed.

In processes of corroboration of a man's extrasensory abilities, his ego gets the upper hand over his reason, and the man is unable to control his influence across the whole Field of Events. The System uses it successfully, but, what for? The pre-planned catastrophes are only one of the methods of confiscation the freed potential when people are being annihilated. The System exists just for account of this potential. If our "brothers in reason" as one of the System's executors would come, in a flying saucer, for themselves, and shoot an airplane down also for themselves, so their own address would stay in informational fields. Because of this, they only use the physical bodies of the victims, to make biological robots for their own needs. There were many such human confiscations in history (ships and airplanes crews, and alike), but there were also the System's censors in mass media, all over the world; and corresponding facts were constantly hushed up. The mass media are now not "the third", but "the first" power. Through the use of mass media, the System are processing the brains since decades.

By the way, concerning the UFOs, there is an important detail. The UFOs had never demonstrated an open aggression to earthen residents!!! Instead, they always provoked earthens into themselves, and this was not a farce at all: the energy of earthens' aggression they collected and sent for confiscation the potential, leaving, in informational fields, the earthens' addresses... The System has seemingly believed, that those silly earthen residents would never be able to understand that shells of the year 1942 shoot then in USA over Los Angeles would get into artillery warehouse on the Russian Far East in 1990s causing the strongest explosion there; and, surely, in press was: "... Because of a fireball"...

As I already said above, in an enio correction process, a thought form of enio corrector may emerge in Past or Future, in form of plasmoid UFO, fireball, thunder, typhoon, or like. I.e., not every UFObject is connected with Outer Reason. Most of them (the plasmoids, in the first instance) are connected with activities of the earthen magic orders and clans, as well as with separate esotericists. If, in our above-mentioned example with an onion, people would go out of their houses, they might see, for instance, a strange lighting ball - the thought form of a pupil "charging" the onion on his window-sill. Such phenomena are usually being seen prior to catastrophes: shining balls are accompanying airplane before his falling, or, incomprehensible light rounds are seen under a doomed ship, and so on. So, in ufology, a traditional perspective of collecting statistics, systematization, and generalization, is not permissible. Every UFO sighting is unique. Since the plasmoids may be manifestation of both our "brothers" and earthen "specialists" in Present, Past, and Future, then, to identify corresponding address(es), a thorough analysis is necessary carried out by experienced enio-operators.

Note pict. 64 - a new airplane's takeoff. There are some UFOs over the craft. Let's now imagine: John pushes energetically a compass needle; competitive companies dreams the airplane to fall down as soon as possible; "brothers" are testing a successive instrument designed to confiscate both a potential and the biological shells...

Do not forget: everything that is going on around is as multi-dimensional and multifaceted as the whole Creation. And, if you are ready to commit a silliness, there will be always found someone wanting to use it instantly.