Chapter 6 A Law of Conservation

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A Law of Conservation




As I have said in previous chapter, the God loves not innocents, but repented. From eniology point of view, and taking into account the material nature of thought images, a sin is not an action on physical plane, but mental cause which gave a birth to this very cause. If a man comprehended his mistake, a correction of negative connections ensues in informational fields.

As everyone understands, one may be a monk and stay a criminal in his thoughts. One cannot escape oneself, and a Fate's pendulum, sooner or later, returns everything to original place (pict. 78). Change in one's appearance does not mean change in one's spirituality, all the more that ideas of good and bad are subjective. In their previous incarnations, pimps and prostitutes were monks and nuns. Nothing to do, one should bear a retribution for artificial escapism.

Some people may have a truly grandiose amplitude of a pendulum, and are usually thrown from one extreme to the other in their incarnations; other have lesser amplitude, and their rushes are exhausted in only one single incarnation. The spiritually advanced people have a disappearingly little amplitude, and this is in mental plane. Such people are unable to even generate a thought of, say, crime or baseness.

Note that, in all the events, a Law of Conservation is being acting: "For all who take the sword will die by the sword" (Matt 26,52). A murderer, in his next incarnation, annihilates for himself; an old woman who helped in making criminal abortions cannot get pregnant in her next incarnation; a one who cursed will work it back, and so on. Evil turns out as evil unavoidably; such is a Conservation Law.

Also, in our world, we have to pay for anything - bread, butter, shoes, and so on. This law is normal for a whole multi-dimensionality, i.e., the financial relations are an isolated case of four-dimensional projection of a multi-dimensional Law of Conservation. Similar are laws of impulse conservation, of motion quantity, of rotation moment, and so on. Everything should be repaid - unnecessarily by money, but, by maladies, quarrels, financial or material crashes, and alike. This concerns everyone.

Great as he is a magician or sorcerer has already committing mistake by his own self-extolling. And if healer not only heals but also envoltates, binds, or puts the defacement, he will bear a karmic retribution later on.

Such weak esotericists are not usually noticing a trap for them, in informational fields. It was not merely a very rich client who came and asked "to exterminate" his business rival; this was a System which has pre-programmed the Field of Events of this given sorcerer; and a client came, and the sorcerer swallowed a hook. One time is enough to become part of System forever. Later on, the System will quietly inculcate its programs and enio viruses, through such pseudo-esotericists, into everyone who will contact this person. If he oppose to program of inculcation, the System will merely remove him, like he had sometime done this even once for himself.

Excluding esotericists themselves, no one is guilty in that a profession of esotericist is the most dangerous one. A bona fide knowledge cannot be bought or obtained, all the more for money. The knowledge should be earned with hard and scrupulous work, both physical and mental, otherwise they are somebody else's; and if you use them, you ought repay, not by money, but by your own potential. Without a practice, the knowledge increases a negentropy and decreases energy; practice without a knowledge may temporarily increase the energy, but leads unavoidably to mental degradation. Sorcerer may be often powerless without having with him a ritual description or spell text. Do you remember how our famous sorcerer Yuri Longo was forced to cancel his seances and office when happened stolen of all his magic books?

In parallel with possessing a knowledge, in order to be a genuine esotericist, one have to be a creative expert as well. Namely, creative. As kidney problems are usually connected with a regret about the deceased persons, then, for instance, how can a healer guarantee a 100% recovering to a patient if the last one is not going to release the deceased persons into their next incarnation and does not want to forgive those who has sometime offended him? A single effective method of working out the karmic mistakes (i.e., violations of enio laws) are understanding and repentance. Healer may compress a patent's malfunctioning organ with his own or "cosmic" energy, but this is only a palliative.

(In further outline, I shall use a term "eniology" instead of "esoterics", as the last one implies a clandestine knowledge while eniology is a science for anyone and about everything.)

Should a healer take money for healing? Knowledge belongs to a mental plane of not only our but, also, other civilizations. If healer takes a knowledge from informational fields and transforms negentropy into entropy of his healing influence, he ought compensate this information with his own workings and discoveries; otherwise he becomes a parasite on a foreign mental plane. If you use somebody else's knowledge and, additionally, take money - bear a retribution with your own potential. This is the cause of why, in our country, many healing and magic centers have failed.

I had many conversations with representatives of different religious sects, confessions, magic and esoteric clans; a level of their zombage is shocking. They are deprived of their own opinion, and they are only able to cite. However, every little boy and girl open a gravitation law in collaboration with Sir Isaac Newton... A Time is only a four-dimensional abstraction; on a mental plane, there is no Past, Present, or Future. A Field of Events is there, where a little boy and Sir Isaac have (or, create) the law simultaneously.