Chapter 7 Oh, those weddings!..

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Oh, those weddings!..




There is one more "cheerful" magic rite - a wedding. To inculcate it, the System was forced to create a monetary system on the Earth, passed to us by our "elder cosmic brothers".

The "higher" entity of a man is sexless. The differentiation only begins in a lower mental plane - so-called male and female logics. Those differentiations are fully expressed both on astral and physical plane. There are so-called astral overlaps of a male and female origin, of human and animal, and so on; these things will be envisaged below. Here I only want to say that corresponding processes could not be initiated without inculcation of wedding rites.

If there were not different malfunctions organized by the System, the higher entity might create materializations which would take physical bodies both synchronously and in the same metacode (pict. 75). Those halves might subsequently unite in a natural way (Julia and Romeo are the example), and, such a holistic figure would be practically unachieved to the System. So the System was (and, is) doing all the best to prevent such halves from their possible union - see Shakespeare...

The monetary system inculcated in society has lead to necessity of different halves to be united. This isn't a simple task, indeed, and a magic rite is necessary for accomplishing this. And, it has been the religion that has undertaken this function. In a process of church wedding (see pict. 76), halves of different entities are being united. In addition, opportunity of getting a physical birth is being thereby blocked for those disembodied who have been being planned to give such earthen materialization; and, inversely, a doorway is open for those undesired of getting earthen birth - so-called "not found written in the Book of Life" (Revel 20:15). This is a thing that the Church calls "adultery".

In a process of church wedding, the System is confiscating the potential, and, besides of this, the rite is being used to accomplish oncological karmic transfer from the high and mighty of this world onto both having the wedding and their surroundings. The crowns in this rite are eniologically the symbols of oncology program. In previous decades, the karmic transfer program has been usually switched on the decades later; nowadays, it is usually enough to want to go through a church wedding. The System is now perishing and uses each and every opportunity to have its own life prolonged.

This magic rite is now also relevant for a usual marriage registration in Russia. The seal in a private identification document or a "church wedding certification" are necessary to connect men to a state monetary system. The rite is also a program for successive destruction of family: who and what could get after a possible divorce.

So, creation of a genuine family is a decision that exclusively belongs to two halves of the united entity; and no one has right to prevent them from their subsequent actions. Those who do not want a family to be created, automatically want no children to be born on the Earth. Such (wo)men should wait for oncology, or a stroke with a successive paralysis.

Allow me to advice here: do not intervene into somebody's life, even a life of your own children!

At a banquet after a church wedding, the toasts' thougthforms are being written down onto things sitting on the table; so choose your guests thoroughly. Besides, to switch magic programs on easier, an essential stress is necessary, and every "real" wedding has to end with a great scuffle. So the less number of the guests will there be at the banquet, the better.

Not everyone can afford to organize a splendid wedding; so the corresponding suits may be taken on hire. However, different programs from those suits may translocate themselves onto any suitable person; be careful of this and remember tale of a "happy" shirt.

In Occident, the deceased girls are often being buried dressed necessarily in their wedding clothes. This custom was also inculcated by the System, to connect "the soul going away" to "Her Majesty Death"...

I think that, nowadays on the Earth, there is not any realm of human activity free from the magic elements. During the whole known History, the humanity has been being developing different methods of self-destruction, - and in the first instance, through magic rites. It is a stiff task for now to meet anyone who has never practiced some magic rites. Many times, in our Center's practice, we explained to our patients that their problems are in connection with definite church magic rites; however, a patient is coming to see us in a week and is at once claiming:

- Your treatment acted for three days only!

- Well, have you enter a church again?

- Yeah. After the seance, I decided to go there and put a candle to Saint Healer Pantheleumon, to make your healing more effective. Three days were good, without some aches; but, on the next day... - o!...

OK, everyone chooses his way himself.