Chapter 9 A technogenouse magic

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A technogenouse magic




It is understandable that technogenouse progress and scientific discoveries forced many people to reflect on a sense of things which are under way nowadays. People do not longer want to blindly believe to incomprehensible things. And so-called "holy servants" often connected with KGB or other special services, have greatly discredited themselves, and, also, many medieval dogmas the "holy" church is literally seized of, became nowadays inadequate. However, not only religion but also technogenous factors are now a main System's support on the Earth. In this and next chapter we shall briefly envisage some of such factors as well as methods of neutralization. The technogenous factors are: psychtronic generators; home appliances; psychotropic medical preparations; mass media; architecture forms; etc.

Analysis of those factors demonstrates that the System is goal-directly pushing our civilization to a dead-end point of evolution. In these latter days, at different congresses and conferences, a thought still more often became to sound that modern science has collapsed. Nevertheless, the alternative propositions used the same four-dimensional physics and the same consumerism: the energy may allegedly be taken from nothing and nowhere. But without taking into account the Creation's multi-dimensionality, those new technologies are only able to destroy civilization.

The consumerism is now a norm and a basis of a state policy. But according to Conservation Law, a consumeristic society should be balanced by a society of those who are being consumed! During a long time back, our country saw to Occident swallowing a saliva: the food there was very good... But our people did not want to learn what was a charge for those pies. And when happened in so-called "market" economics, we understood: charge is an AIDS, a syndrome of chronical weariness, a gangrene-like streptococcus "A"... But, it was already late.

There is a rule in a "manual on prevention of eniological accidents": if suddenly you and your buziness are OK, it means that the System has prepared a trouble, and you have to sit down and urgently analyse where a mistake may hide itself. It's understandable that all the rest principles of eniological prevention of accidents you should observe as well. Keep calm and composure, especially if under a device influence. I have taken part in many conferences, congresses, and symposiums, and I usually found there a psychotronic influence. The matter is that, from the System's point of view, such gatherings are ideal: to synchronously "psychotronically" process all those who are disagreed as to what is under way on the Earth. And those who want to learn eniology seriousely, may read a following fable:

* * *

A sunny summer stockyard. A hen sits in its nest. Suddenly she saw a provender not far of the nest, and she thought: "Nothing will happen should I run to have dinner". At the moment, a shell has cracked, and a chicken emerged. He saw around, climbed out of nest and set off to learn a world.

At the moment, a cow has wandered through the yard. She did not notice the chicken and covered him with her flat cake. The chicken began to cheep and flounder. The events drew attention of a master's cat. He saw around to be sure that no one saw him, drew the chicken out of shit and ate him. There are three morals here:

- Oh, what the sky, a sun, what a great barnyard - climbed out of the nest and went to explore the world. At this time, wandered through the yard cow. She did not notice the chicken and shits on the place in which he ran at this time. Chicken in a pile of cow dung began to squeak and flounder. This attracted the attention of the host cat. He looked around and making sure that nobody pays attention to the chicken, quickly pulled it out of dung and ate it.

1. Not everyone is our enemy who has covered us with shit.

2. Not everyone is our friend who has drawn us out of shit.

3. If in shit, do not cheep and flounder, but better ponder why and what for you have sitting in it.