Chapter 9 Running from a heart attack to a stroke. Sport and our cosmic “brothers"

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Running from a heart attack to a stroke. Sport and our cosmic “brothers"




Everything in this book is a generalized experience of our corrections of thousands of people, in the Center, including experience of former and actual sportsmen. After they leave a big sport, their health is usually sharply deteriorating. So question arises about utility of sport.

The reader is already knowing that a man’s health condition depends, first of all, on condition of his astra-mental matrix, the last being in direct connection with a man’s skill to competently take part in enio exchange of the Creation. Certainly, a notorious Karma also takes part in this. You will not be healthy if you are turning to fortune-telling, conjuring up, or curse everyone and everything. So if you have not repent of your sins you may easily run from a heart attack and run in time to a stroke.

Until now, I have not met any scientific proceedings treating sport from eniological point of view, while sport fans have no idea of a fact that sport contests may be (and, are now) used in magic rites. And, the entire sport is directly connected with our “brothers in reason”.

From a Fig. 101 you may see that stadium is, really, a dish aerial. So any sport contest is, first of all, designed to produce and extract a definite human emotional spectrum. The emotions are a definite set of thoughtforms producing by people. A stadium is then a synchronizing generator of emotions of a corresponding sort. And there is no necessity to trail yourself along without fail to the overcrowded stadium: you may generate a required spectrum merely sitting home on sofa in front of a TV screen. There is also of no significance whether is it life or recorded broadcasting. By the way, the most harvest the System is gathering from so-called scuffling kinds of sport; and, if you do not usually enter such contests, the System will offer you a wide set of different TV-thrillers. But, returning to health condition: as long as a sportsman can take part in corresponding competitions and games, the System takes care of his health condition; but, after he leaves a sport, he gets a full karmic set. And the System is not only our “brothers in reason”, but also all magic clans here on Earth. I have already said about a sort of magic personification allowing, for instance, a personification of a soccer ball with somebody’s miserable head.

Thus far, different great multi-national contests are always similar to magic roulette. Magic clans are being contesting rather than sportsmen, and, stakes being billions of dollars. At this, sportsmen may be zombied partially or entirely. Under corrections in our Center, many of them usually remembered how some invisible force as if pushed them forward (or, backward) during a contest. Moreover, from the System’s point of view, any mass contest should be ended with a similar mass scuffle; and it is desirable to have victims at this.

However, in our country, the change of Eras has already made alterations in this magic course of the System: most of stadiums as well as sport centers are no great superstores; contests became poorly populated, and, lack of a financial support stopped the existence of many sport clubs. But, everything said just now does not at all mean that sport should be forbidden in total. No. A time will show, and, as events now demonstrate, the annihilation of the System is accelerating.

Vasily Ivanovich and Petka in Paris went to an amusement park. Among others, most of them are interested in one. They came and read the price list: "Monitoring sexual intercourse - 5 francs. Monitoring watching - 25 francs."