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The essence of ENIOkorrektsii


Throughout his life, people not knowing the laws of energy-information exchange in the world and not thinking about the consequences of their acts (mental, emotional, physical) makes mistakes.

Information about these errors recorded in the field of the information is collected there in large numbers, and returns to the man in the form of problems and diseases.

Ie Any pathological condition of the person - is a consequence of a certain amount of errors committed by the person.

There is only one way to eliminate from the fields of information about the mistakes: this way - awareness.

When a person understands, realizes his mistake about the perfect message is removed from its fields of information is overwritten.

This means that the error has no cause of the disease - too!

And it starts the process of recovery and normalization.


The principle of energy-correction involves finding the causes of pathological states rights in the information fields, and these causes.

Thus - energy-correction - this is a mutual work of the corrector and the patient:

- corrector helps you find the information fields in the cause of problems and diseases of the patient - ie, improved patient errors;

- the patient is aware of these mistakes - that is, eliminates the information about them from their information fields.

As a result of this mutual work in the patient begins normalization - leave problems and disease.


Healing and normalization without understanding the causes of human problems and diseases - are impossible.