A woman came to our Center to get a consultation: her son had very strong headaches. We started correction which, at that time, has usually lasted about an hour. However, something unexplained occurred: we saw a time-and-space channel opened, then a matrix of absolutely healthy human brain came to view and has substituted the impaired brain matrix of the boy. The process of correction took, at this time, only 3 to 4 minutes! We did not understand at that time in what way the process had been actualized. Such an unexpected result made us to sit down and ponder. Soon we began work on a program we revealed which causes a brain impairment. Remember here once more that enio correction is always carried out through higher dimensions having no Time, Space, and Mass which we have used to. The thought image formed by enio-corrector (a mental plane) becomes the thoughtform (an astral plane) and, after a time, the thoughtform changes things in a Field of Events and, respectively, on a physical plane. So what was the process in that boy's case? Let's take to pict. 52.

Thus, though the eniocorrector did not allegedly know at that time the way to exert help to a patient, he managed to help to himself from his own Future. However, in order to prevent violation of a Conservation Law, the eniocorrector had to thoroughly study (during those two years) the causes and mechanism of the brain matrix pathology. This way, a possibility exists to influence on a person's Past from this given person's Present. In our lives, many of us may recall: "An Angel came and said me to ignore this meeting"… However, this was not an angel, but, you yourself from your own Future, recalling there this very situation. Should you choose a human rather than an angel's image, a number of irrelevant questions might succeed, like "Who is your President", or, "What's an exchange rate", and alike. So your mental plane is pretending to be an angel, or a Holy Virgin, or a gray-barbed elderly monk, and so on, because a time for such contacts is astrologically limited. Let's envisage the issue in more details.

A couple has come to our Center: sexual functions problems, inability to conceive a child. They came early in the morning and were first in a queue; but, however, could met the consultant only after 16 p.m. In correction, we found the strongest stress in them. The cause was a strange car accident eight years ago: at a speed of 120 kph (75 mph), their small car of "Zhiguli" crashed under a great truck of "KamAZ". The Zhiguli has been smashed to pieces, and the couple somersaulted forwardly about 300 meters (0,18 miles). At this, more than anything they got a fright, only getting some scratches and bruises. But, after their visit in our Center, some analogous patients have come within only a single week; and we had to sit down and ponder.

Natal cards have been built for those situations, and the picture became clear: astrological aspects were the same for both accident and a time of correction. There was no any occasion in that the couple had to wait till 16 p.m. Just after this hour, an astral corridor has opened allowing to correct the car accident from today, to save the couple. In other words, to survive then and there, eight years ago, they would ought to get a correction just on these day and hour!

There is nothing occasional in our life. There was no something occasional in this couple's car accident. The further investigation of this couple's situation has showed that, through this couple, an unordinary entity may get its birth, and, then, change many things in our world. The situation was unprofitable to our "brothers", and they decided to prevent a child's birth through building a stress situation for his future parents. So they organized such a situation: a passing-by car poured mud over husband, and he send a curse to a driver who, some districts over, has crashed into tree and died on the spot. At this, just a husband's address became registered in Informational fields. The whole field of those events was built when the couple watched a UFO, for half an hour, pretty soon after their wedding… After our correction, the field went normal, and a boy was born.

One more example. A woman went to get a correction; had constant diseases and constant tensions with her husband, during all their twenty years of matrimony. The correction revealed a magic ritual - a tie, being a cause of her problems. She has recalled that, about a week ago, when she felt herself bad in a shop, a strange old woman came to her and asked: "Want get rid of your problems? Take an apple, realize it is you and your husband, cut it in half and put halves onto a window-sill. They'll become dry, and your problems will over." So the women made the defacement for herself and her husband. This was the cause of their tensions and her own diseases. Notabene: the ritual has been executed a week before our correction, but she has paid out for it during those twenty years! One may commit a mistake in a last day of his own life, and, "then", pay out for years and years… For example: a dying father curses his children for their bad relations to him; but, in turn, his children have had those bad relations to him just because he will curse them afterwards!

In order to normalize a patient's field of events, it is necessary to work through not only the patient's given incarnation, but, also, his future and past ones, and then annihilate the negative connections. The mistakes committed in previous incarnations are necessarily reflected in a man's subsequent incarnation. Similar negative consequences are usually emerging as a result of traumas, surgery interventions, and so on. For instance, a man has been executed, in his previous incarnation: his head was chopped off, or he was hanged, or had burning hot metal or oil being poured into his throat (alas, typical for out civilization); so, in his next incarnation, he will have problems just with a throat: colds, glands, laryngitis, or alike… In order to help him, it is necessary to correct the moment of his death in his previous incarnation - to overwrite him, in informational fields, into his subsequent incarnation, some seconds before an executioner's axe has touched his neck… At the same time, a necessity may arise to cancel the execution: this given man should not die then and there (like, for instance, that couple in accident: if they died, a boy could not give a birth). The correction is always directed to the most expedient form of FE-normalization. If there is a necessity for this given person to escape execution (in order, for instance, to do subsequently something significant for evolution and society), the one, on the enio level, is being cancelled, and, in historical chronicles, a record appears, like: "… A sign was then there in heavens: a bright fire ball burst into flames [[ in modern language, a plasmoidal or holografic UFO ]], and a voice has been heard from heavens… A lightning stroke, and there as a clap of thunder …"; and so on. The main thing here is a result: the crowd has run off in horror, and the condemned person occurred released. There is nothing supernatural here.

By the way, the analysis of many paleocontact cases showed that ancient UFOs have come there from an our or, even, a future Time. In other words, many UFO sightings are connected with an activity of magic orders and clans, aiming to change or overprogram the corresponding fields of events. Nevertheless, our "brothers in reason" are, all the same, connected with this. For instance, at the International Congress of "InterENIO-95", the German ufologists showed a motion film about The Third Reich's secrets.

Indeed, in the end of the XXth century, the members of a clandestine group of "Vril" have channeled the information concerning an alien spaceship's construction, and believed this to be a mean for a space and time transportation which Aldebaran planetary system civilization is using. In 20th already, accordingly to the restored drafts, a first "UFO" has been built by them; and, accordingly to the film's documents, already in 1938, the Nazis had a first flight to the star system of Aldebaran.

In 1945, in the end of the WW2, strange events were taking place, too. About 50 German ships and submarines went forever to Antarctica shores... A US Navy squadron was headed there to intercept, but, only one US ship has returned. Its captain has stated that things they have seen there were terrible and beyond words.

In the film, the testings of Nazi's "Vril" group's flying ships have been shown. The most part of UFO witnesses were able to describe the appearance of those alien ships, and those descriptions were practically in full coincidence with the looks of ships shown in the film.

In general, after a thorough analysis, the researchers came to a conclusion that Aliens use a transportational principle as yet unknown to the earthen residents. UFOs are not the flying ships as they are generally believed to be; they are rather a time machines, because they move themselves through higher dimensions through the use of a teleportation.

As an idea of Time inheres only in four-dimensional spaces, the teleportation through higher dimensions may be effected both time-directly and indirectly. Velocities of electromagnetic or torsion fields are not a limitation for such type of a transportation. UFOs disappear on one planet and instantly appear on another. This conclusion was fully corroborated by experiments on light stopping in the media of a cooled gas.

Then, the analysis of paleocatastrophes which were accompanied by devastation of towns, as well as characteristics of those devastations, human remains' positions and conditions allowed scientists to share a hunch: all those events were a result of nuclear explosions. There is nothing astonishing here. For instance, the Nazis may test their bombs just there, in their far Past…

The Center's specialists and a School for studying the boundary conditions, of Stavropol Medical Academy, carried out a series of experiments aimed to visualize and instrumentally corroborate a real existence of the space-time corrections; an apparatus of "FOBOS" was being used designed by prof. Vladimir I. Krivokon. In Stavropol, an individual enio-corrector's profile has been entered into the apparatus, and, then, the profile of a whole group. Then, on the patients plugged to the apparatus, their internal and external conditions were being watched through, - and, in particular, the programs of psychotronic generators, UFOs, sorcery and magic clans, and so on. A databank being full enough, the experienced apparatus operator may perfectly define on this given patient to saw ever an UFO; this given one has taken a Kashpirovski's seance; this one has passed a healer Ivanov's course; and so on. Under a process of enio correction, the corresponding changes are at once seen on a display.

The second stage of the experiment was a remote job without any contact with patients plugged to the apparatus in Stavropol. We in Rostov-on-Don had to define a patient's sex and age, and we were only informed by phone that the patient was now plugged up and we may start our diagnosing and correction. Every such seance has been being documented. And, accordingly to everyone's expectations, the apparatus in Stavropol clearly registered both our influence and changes in the patient's condition.

The third stage of experiment was held in June, 2000, aiming to corroborate possibility of backward-time type of enio corrections. The patient was plugged up to the apparatus, but, we were informed about it only a week later. The apparatus has again clearly registered our influence from Present to Past. These experiments have once more corroborated our illation as to reality of alien intervention into Earthen and humanity evolution.


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