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Future - it is carefully neutralized now.
Brothers Strugatsky

From the author


Every time we look at things not only from the other side, but with different eyes - and therefore believe that they changed.



The way to esoterics may be different for everyone. Some of them graduate all sorts of schools and seminars, enter sects, or get initiation into magic orders and clans. Others keep their own way, ignoring stabled dogmata of civilization thousand-years experience and refuting laws of classical sciences. These men and women act like a May beetles who do not know aero-dynamic laws that forbid them an ability to fly. So, at every spring time, those chocolate-colored creations buzz in gardens to make children happy.

This book is primarily intended for those who already have noticed myself disparity created all that is happening on Earth laws. I have at first developed my own hypothesis of civilization "phase transition", in our changing eras from Pisces to Aquarius. Then, like well-known Munchausen, I have pulled myself out into an esoteric practice.

Then, using this hypothesis as Baron Munchausen, "pulled out" himself in esoteric practices. The impetus for the hypothesis served as the gaps in the orthodox theory, which, despite the institutionalized standard, practically unable to clearly explain the meaning and content of what is happening in the multidimensional Universe.

The impetus for the hypothesis were gaps in generally accepted theories, which occurred unable to explain the things going on in our multi-dimensional universe. In their book of "Quantum mechanics" (Moscow, "Science", 1989, p.15), L.Landau and E.Lifshitz wrote: "... In such a connection, the "classical object" is usually named as "device", and, its interaction with an electron is named as "measuring". However, one have to emphasize that this is not a process of measuring the observer-physicist is taking part in. In quantum mechanics, "measuring" means each and every interaction among classical and quantum objects, which goes independently on any observer."

So I think that just the above-mentioned statement made me " as a former physicist in an area of developments in satellites solar batteries" to understand silliness going now on in all the classical physics. I understood that operator impacted on physical processes and, then, understood something about a multi-dimensionality in universe processes. After this, the everyday practice in patients enio-correction made me able to accumulate a serious statistical base to create a new paradigm.

The book you are reading now is not in any way a manual on Extra-Sensory-Perception or on a healing despite of the fact that it contains some chapters appropriate to this. Spontaneous emerging of those abilities, in last two decades, pushed many men and women to the way of healing others. A sort of schools have emerged to open a "third eye", to develop Extra-Sensory-Perception, to master astral karate, and so on. From East and West, a wave of guru, teachers and preachers has flood into Russia. A sort of literature on magic, healing and astrology was brought onto the stalls. Pay money, and, after corresponding learning course, you are a healer of international level, a master of white or black magic... Waved his hand three times - and the patient recovered. However, what was it? Why this given malady has caught this given man? What may be the results of your healing for yourself and for your patient?

In the book the author tried to understand the multi-dimensional cause-effect relationships of various pathogenic states of the individual and social intelligence in general, the relationship evolution of the Earth and extraterrestrial intelligence. And most importantly - find a way out of this critical situation.

In further way, I am keeping a hope that an experience accumulated by colleagues of mine in our research center "ENIO" in Rostov-on-Don, as well as an experience of my own, will help you in cognizing this world in somehow different aspects to reveal your own way of realization of your own potential. I would like to recall another statement of Blaise Pascal: "The arguments to which people think out myself, usually convinces him more than those that come to mind to others."

Some fundamental scientific discoveries have been made since a first publication of this book in March, 2000. These are, firstly, the experiments in light stopping inside a cooled gas media; then, decoding of a human genome, evidence of life on Mars However, the most grandiose thing was the official acknowledge of an existence of an outer reason. After mass UFO sightings in 1999-2000, the presence of alien reason on the Earth has been officially corroborated by China government and, then, by Pope.

In June, 2000, Russian academician Vladimir G. Azhazha has been handed a patent No.000360, from International Chamber for New Inventions, as to his discovery of mankind not-aloneness in the universe. The patent was subscripted by an academician A. Khariton. In particular, there was stated in the patent, that there has been empirically demonstrated: on the Earth and in the near Earth space, the impact of alien reason on the mankind, on the nature and on the techniques, the reason being superlative as to the one belonging the Earth and resulting in technical potential watching in UFO and like phenomena "may serve a hard evidence of mankind not-aloneness in the universe."

However, all the results of those discoveries have already been predetermined in the first edition of our book. One has to embody them in our world, the thing that is now being accomplished, indeed.

In spite of a meager printing of its first edition, the book found itself, in fact, in all Russia and Уnear abroadФ towns, as well as in towns of USA. The great role plays our web-site, where the book is placed, too. We constantly get everyday comments, both critical and rapturous. In other words, the book was noticed and did not disappear itself among many other publications. It means, in particular, that many-years workings of our Center - stuff was not a vain thing. So we decided to re-edit the book, for which goal we set a Publishing House "ENIO", in the Center.

In that way, I am keeping a hope that this second edition will serve as a means of the deeper change in men and women consciousness for the way of the constructive processes; and, that an obscurantism, a taking and a stupidity will become a thing for each impossible.