That ends this book. Of course, it's not full disclosure topics, and only a touch to it.

When naming the author went through a variety of options: more and less catchy. However, the succinct title "eniology" turned out to be most suitable.

This book is not intended to be a category of educational benefits, but might become one for those who are seriously interested in the problems raised here. Eniology - a style of thinking and life itself.

Each chapter could be a whole separate book. The most difficult thing for the author was not "drown" in the examples and facts.

The aim of this book - just identify topics. Perhaps, it may take some time, and experts in specific fields of expertise will be able to develop the theme of this book in a totally new research directions. Maybe the book and not find a response from the experts. But ...

The author could not, could not resist the long-term desire to share their thoughts. Maybe all this stuff will still be someone in demand.


October 14, 1999


Afterword to the second edition


Six months from the date of publication of the first (printed) edition of the book "eniology. It seems that this event was just recently - two days after the "victorious" elections on March 26. But how many events during this time it happened!

The system still tried to carry out their task. Open another chapter to the "algorithm stupidity." Boris Yeltsin, "reigned" as it was mentioned in Revelation, 42 months. And he went up to the throne, strangely, as he wrote 500 years ago, Vasily Nemchinov, leaving in power a man inclined to complete monopolization of the entire state administration.

Boris Yeltsin abdicated at 12-00 on December 31, 1999. In this case, he asked forgiveness for all his actions! Did he, as systems are treated, like the right thing. But ...

1999-The year marked the beginning of a new invasion of UFOs. Specific metal "plate" hung over the crowd at the Vatican during the Pope's Christmas sermon, after which he was forced to admit the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Like, God had the right to create other worlds! These frames captured by the CNS, spread all over the world. Apart from Russia!

At the end of February 2000 the Chinese government had also recognized the presence of extraterrestrial life on our planet. January 1 New Year's Eve "saucer" hovered over the Great Wall of China, and posed for a large crowd of onlookers and media representatives. And again, the company CNS broadcast the footage to the world.

With each passing day coming 2000 year on users of the Internet literally hit the message flow of UFO sightings. Summer has been a flurry of information about the icons on the wheat fields around the world. Including - not passed the attention of "Brothers in Mind" and Russian fields. However, our government, despite the pesky aliens continued regular rearranging of politics and economics.

June 26 employees SIC "Enio" traveled to Stavropol for the study of icons in a wheat field near the district center Novoaleksandrovsk. For analysis were taken ears. The study results confirmed expectations. But it was still stunning. Following is the text of the article published in our newspaper, "The Crossroads of Centaur" № 7 (47). This article was written on August 14 and 15 numbers have been on our site and the Internet.




In "№ 6" PC "was published the article" Welcome to hell ... "on the impact of school attendance and D. A. Sviyash Verischagina.

"Random" A. Sviyash visited the city of Rostov-on-Don, and 3 - August 4, conducted lectures in DC SCWO. To him fell the above-mentioned number of our newspaper - and the reaction was immediate. 6 and 7, the number of E-mail we received from him the message that his school to the zombie has nothing to do, and all his teachings is directed only to the normalization. It would be possible to believe, but, for example, the phrase from the page number 130 of his book "How to create events of his life", published edition of 100,000 copies., Painfully frank indicates the opposite: "The flow of energy to be with you always - when you running, riding public transportation, rest, etc. You must become like a puppet - a doll, hanging on the "thread" of energy flow. stooge Stay a few days, and you do not know yourself, not to mention your friends "(! ! - "PC").

Clearly, that does not recognize. Indeed, in the preface, "From the Author" A. Sviyash grateful to BE Zolotov - widely known "expert" on the zombies!

In the article "Stavropol test of reasonableness" in the same six numbers, "PC" reported the expedition in the area of landing a UFO in the Stavropol region. Of the icons in a wheat field near the regional capital Novoaleksandrovsk ears were taken for further investigation. In particular, the experiments were carried out at the "Phobos" Clinics border states of the Stavropol Medical Academy. Subjects were connected to the apparatus at hand between the thumb and index finger was placed with the treated ear "brothers on reason" field. On the screen at once manifested zombiruyuschee powerful impact! After fixation of the "wheat" effect on the subject wore the device "KIT-4", sold at seminars A. Sviyash - and was manifested on the screen exactly the same effect! Yes, A. Sviyash was absolutely right, claiming that it is led by the Higher Hierarchies. Recall the words of the song by Vladimir Vysotsky: "Yes, not all that above - from God ...".

And now - about the strange "coincidences."

Zombie program consisting A. Sviyash in SRC Enio "study began in May 2000 At this time, two employees were in the center of Krasnoyarsk. To them and got an appointment with Sasha, the heroine of the article "Welcome to hell ..." And now, a chronology and historical facts.

Listed Boris Zolotov previously lived in Rostov-on-Don in the street Pushkinskaya. On the same street was located and his laboratory. The sixth issue of "PC" has got to A. Sviyash August 4. 6 and 7 of a backlash over the Internet.

August 8 in a news release on ORT was announced story about the International UFO Congress in England. In this announcement, entitled "Aliens are already on Earth," were shown footage from a helicopter filming the icon from the Novoaleksandrovsk. Completely the whole story had to show the release of "Time" at 21.00. A few minutes before the announcement was a call to a live broadcast on ORT correspondent about the explosion in the underpass at Pushkin Square in Moscow. This event completely changed the scenario of "Time".

However, the story about the Congress is still shown on August 12. It provides, inter alia, stated that the Stavropol icon in shape and size of the picture completely coincided with the icon, which appeared in England, July 17, 1991! Synchronously with the Stavropol icon, exactly the same appeared June 27, 2000 in the fields near the village Tim Kursk! The summer of 1998 was a serious risk of explosion of the Kursk nuclear power plant. A 12 August 2000 Kursk submarine collided with a UFO in the Barents Sea. (According to eniologicheskogo investigate what happened in 17-55. Ca.'s). Many of the team Premier League and the English transcription of the name of the village Tim - team - a team trained in the town of Pushkin. Rescue operations were especially stretched - witness this "contact" was bound to perish! It is only then the powers that be will awareness of what happened. And initially there was only the fear of losing power! Incidentally, a week before the disaster, it is on this submarine traveled Putin.

Next. August 9 was the message of the tragic death of the famous actor Anatoly Romashina at his dacha in the Moscow suburb of Pushkin. August 14, on the hundredth day reign of Vladimir Putin, at the Jubilee Sobor of the Orthodox Church in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was resolved the question of the canonization of the Martyrs. Including - Czar Nicholas and his entire family. During the reign of Nicholas was called "bloody". Last Movie parts A. Romashina - that Czar Nicholas. Why would the council not to canonize the same time and all the martyrs of "perestroika" and follow the "democratization"?

The number fell by 14 full moon, the peak of strong magnetic storms and meteor Perseids.

August 9, Rostov-on-Don announced an alarm and expelled all of the tall building of the Institute on the square near the monument of AS Pushkin on the eponymous street. Signal of zaminirovanii was false. But in the evening the same day, Rostov had the privilege to witness the UFO. Not too often in historical events of those days featured the name of Alexander Sergeyevich? Coincidence?

Stavropol icons (there were at least two - see number 6 "PC") arose near the homeland of Mikhail Gorbachev. Aug. 10, former first president of the USSR reappears on the political scene: two-hour meeting "with an eye for an eye" with President Vladimir Putin. The issue of creating a new structure of power - the State Council.

Just a set of facts? Are there too many oddities, coincidences and victims?!

Or the time to think: who and why today ruled on the Earth? ..

14.08. 2000. VR


Later it became known that all similar icons appear: August 6, Alexeyev district of the Volgograd Region, August 26 - the rye field in Rossonsky district, Vitebsk region; .. Scientists of the Institute "in the Arctic and Antarctic," recorded the strongest magnetic storm in the death of the Kursk. With years of school is known for all the Kursk magnetic anomaly. "Brothers in Mind" is literally all the summer fun of our human stupidity, and stupidity!


* * *


The case of the Kursk submarine caused a great interest among astrologers around the world. Here'sa transcript of the negotiations leading astrologers. Untrained person, this may seem confusing. Therefore, we will translate the text into a more understandable form.

The idea is that the astrological point of view of disaster with the Kursk took place under absolutely similar aspects, as is the case with "Titanic," "Admiral Nakhimov" etc. That is, if the military listen to what the leading astrologers said for many years, the latest disaster just happened.

Coincidence longitude collision of the Kursk with the longitude of Moscow will inevitably lead to a loud international political scandal and the resignation of the president and the government. The scandal broke out because of the need to recognize the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. After all, UFO hacked super modern icebreaker, like a nut shell. The only reason the Russian government until recently concealed the truth about the tragedy in the Barents Sea. After recognition of the real intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations in the course of terrestrial evolution means a complete collapse of any regime! August 20 News Agency published a CNS suggested an attack nuclear submarine "Kursk" by extraterrestrial technology. In SRC Enio "This was stated by the 14 th of August.

Maybe after all that has happened people start to think about!

Reproduced the text of interest to specialists. We remind you that this is the history of the first awareness of the beginning of a new historical era.


* * *


Subject: Submarine
Replies: 7921 7922
Date: 14 Aug 2000 20:48 GMT
From: Denis [Denis Kutalyov] ()
To: All
Gentlemen astrologers!
Today the news reported the exact coordinates of the place in the 
northern seas,
where the sinking of nuclear submarine "Kursk" with more than 100 
crew members.
Are carried out rescue work. Very intrigued by the fact that the 
Absolutely incident coincides with the longitude of Moscow: 37e35!
What is it we? Who has any ideas?
Thoughtfully pohmykivayuschy, Denis Kutalev
Re: Submarine
Subject: Re: Das Boot
Date: 15 Aug 2000 06:48 GMT
From: Gennadiy [Gennadiy Maslov] ()
To: Denis [Denis Kutalyov] ()
 Who has any ideas?
Good day, thoughtfully pohmykivayuschy, Denis Kutalev. My thoughts 
a somewhat different plane, although on the same topic.
On the day of the accident asteroid "Kursk" was included in 
connection with degrees
previous - 31,07,2000 city - a solar eclipse. At the same time 
(Plus or minus a day) flashed a message saying that the Kursk 
crop circles that are identical to Stavropol (mid-July, a 
lunar eclipse).
Gennady Maslov.
Submarine "Kursk"
Subject: Submarine "Kursk"
Replies: 7,948
Date: 16 Aug 2000 20:46 GMT
From: Gennadiy [Gennadiy Maslov] ()
To: All
Hello, All (all).
I was again on the "Kursk". I have a paper in 1998 "The Sea, stars, 
ships ...". (By the way, she is an editorial portfolio AT), where 
I was based on an analysis
score cards of major sea disasters, led indicators for discharge 
the same. "Kursk"
showed that the rate of work. They look parallel to the helium-and 
geotsentrike. While taking into account three factors 
(Triangle Land - Neptune - Uranus, the inclusion of "Axis of 
engagement zones of 20-25 ° of cardinal signs, with emphasis 
on the heliocentric
coordinate system) are predicted with high probability of sea 
catastrophe. In the absence of a triangle (bisekstil or tau-squared) 
of land in
close contact with one of the aforesaid planet, and Mars aspect 
the Pluto.
What we have with the "Kursk"? Let's start with the eclipse maps 
on 31.07.2000 was constructed
in Moscow (!). Mars in close conjunction with the asteroid "Kursk" 
in the 12 th House -
secret military exercises. Mars is in conjunction with the Kursk 
are moving in the 1 st House -
The secret is to become not only expressly, but the event 
highlights both the central and
sverhdramatichnoe press - 12/08/2000, Mars, (asteroid) Kursk 
and Mercury
joined with degrees eclipse in Leo, in the first house card 
On a geographical map of Mars eclipse line passes through the 
town of Kursk (!).
Now on the Map of the event. I took the coordinates of Moscow, 
which is based on Harvey
Kempione and their own observations, I think it is correct for 
such large
national events (in the absence of more precise information).
So - Pluto at the "axis of disasters, almost stationary (in the 
geo-his position is more
coincides exactly with the Antares). The Sun in opposition to Uranus 
(Ie, the helium-to-Earth to Uranus) at the trine of Mars to Pluto 
(Remember that Mars is in close contact with the Kursk, and 
Pluto is associated with nuclear energy).
Nodes in the zone of 20-25 ° of cardinal signs and at the time 
of the disaster to the area chosen the Moon.
Ie at the time of the first problems the Moon as early as 2 
degrees from the band, but by the time
sinking to the bottom you can have something that assume ...
At the same time the Moon with Lilith, the nadir and moves to 
the South Node. MS - in the zone of 20-25 °
cardinal, in exact square to the Nodes loss of the Titanic and 
the death of Nodes "Nakhimov.
The sinking of the Titanic - South Node - 21 ° 37 minutes of 
Libra. Death "Nakhimov -
South Node - 21 ° 22 minutes of Libra. IPU "Kursk" (in Moscow 
at the beginning of the tragedy)
- 21 ° 25 minutes of Capricorn.
In short - everything.
Gennady Maslov.
Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Subject: Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Replies: 7951 7963
Date: 17 Aug 2000 00:18 GMT
From: Denis [Denis Kutalyov] ()
To: Gennadiy [Gennadiy Maslov] ()
Thank you! Very interesting! As already stated, the tragedy 
occurred at longitude 37e35,
so that the ICJ in Moscow - and it stands most of the crash 
And still wondering: this is a disaster precisely on the 
meridian of Moscow may be considered
as a harbinger of some important events just for Moscow?
Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Subject: Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Replies: 7,952
Date: 17 Aug 2000 06:45 GMT
From: Gennadiy [Gennadiy Maslov] ()
To: Denis [Denis Kutalyov] ()
"MC" in Moscow - this and "MS" of the crash site. And still 
wondering: this
catastrophe exactly on the meridian of Moscow can be seen 
as a harbinger
some important events just for Moscow?
I think not. Simply an indicator that Moscow would be actively 
involved in the events.
In principle - the way it is. Information, Coordination, 
"brain", etc.
centers was in Moscow. Also - this is probably one of the 
national scale events.
Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Subject: Re: The submarine "Kursk"
Date: 17 Aug 2000 07:14 GMT
From: Dmitry Leontiev [lion] ()
To: Gennadiy [Gennadiy Maslov] ()
Hello all!
Then asked around a peasant who served in the Navy for 
30 years.
So, give his opinion about the disaster: 100 meters depth 
which sank the boat is ugh, shallow water. This is just 
a 2-ve 12-etazhki.
Ostensibly a storm that cleared - is no storm, just a breeze. 
Command of the Navy is likely to conceal the true causes of 
the accident.
Because the boat must rescue suits, which are most likely not.
The reactors are also likely drowned because of the accident, 
although it was stated that they are not damaged.
Damage to the bow torpedo compartment most likely could not 
knock out
ballast tanks, then have a chance to take an air hose with a 
lifeguard and blow the ballast,
Then, if a boat can not rise, then at least have a chance 
to align its position to
to evacuate people with the help of an ordinary bell.
Re: Matches
Subject: Re: Matches
Date: 18 Aug 2000 07:01 GMT
From: Gennadiy Maslov [Gennadiy]
To: Tina [Tinka] ()
 In my experience the perception of the symbolism. Matches 
during the period -
You consistently notice, similar to some reason, the signs. 
So you've developed a kind of important to you, the topic. 
That too can be tracked astrologically.
 I do not think that said something new.
 With interest
Tina, hello!
Thank you for your interest. In principle I agree with you.
Only 3 points:
1) If you do not notice the other - does not mean 
that the subject has no objective significance. 
I do not think that you're a fan of the generic type of thinking, 
where the "mass - hence the right, and yet remind 
that all of the laws of tend to have a name. 
(Sometimes two - Boyle).
2) In addition to previous post: 
College divers located in the town of Pushkin. 
Thus the "Kursk" pulled "in grope me regularities of the week. 
And - by God - I would sincerely regret 
if these laws remain relevant only for me.
3) Your answer unfolds a problem in the plane of natal astrology, 
and in this plane you say is absolutely fair thing. 
But I then posed the question in the mundane plane, the more 
that all the examples are taken from the outer life (including 
the last - now).
If I do not know about the existence of a typhoon in the 
Pacific Ocean at the moment
This does not mean that it can not be described astrologically 
other astrologers.
Sincerely - Gennady.



As seen above, astrologers indicated the likelihood of catastrophe from nuclear submarines to Moscow. And this event is not passed to happen: August 27, at about 15-30 fire broke out at the Ostankino television tower. But this is not simply transmitting device. This is - a symbol of Moscow. And even a state!

The official version of the fire - an overload of power cables. However, we have another version (see "Poltergeystnye phenomenon in Rostov-on-Don ..."). Through the Ostankino tower in recent months has passed so much negative information: blood, dead bodies, violence, advertising, worked the opposite effect. "Random" to this day has been calm. Even visually it was evident that the upper portion of the tower gave a slope: burned out 80 stretch ropes!

The fire started in the last day of the Moscow International Congress "Folk Medicine of Russia - past, present and future." It was during this time went on awarding members of Congress, which was attended by staff and SRC Enio. Again, coincidence?

Almost at the same time when it has finished writing the book "eniology, the light went out the other, quite the opposite sense:" Warlock "in the law." This book has a circulation of 10,000 copies. Published by the Moscow Patriarchate, and wrote a creation Ieromonah Anatoly (bark), Doctor of Medical Sciences, and Vladimir Reshetov, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, professor MEPI. The inspiration for this work served as a printed transcript of the meeting of the State Duma on November 2, 1998. Remember, at this meeting was going discussion of the bill "On the energy-security of the population .

The book is replete with quotations from the representatives of orthodox science. For a layman, after reading it becomes quite clear the following key findings: eniology - pseudoscience, since it is not accepted by orthodox Russian Academy of Sciences and accepted by the law - harmful to their society. They have written on page 14: "We, the undersigned scholars from different disciplines, we wish to draw attention to the problem of spiritual security of the Russian society. In our society there is some vacuum in the spiritual life, which quickly filled with distorted representations, primitive superstitions, unscientific and pseudoscientific ideas ...

We believe that the dissemination and promotion of obscurantism in all its forms and manifestations pose a grave threat to the spiritual, moral and social values of our society and danger to the physical health of people ... The most complex object of knowledge is people. To speculate that the representatives of parapsychology psychotronics etc. and issue a set of manifestations of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance. Strictly scientifically proven research, without confirming the existence of such phenomena revealed here that most of the facts cited as evidence were the result of fraud ...

It is not acceptable to the authorities of Russia to join in any interaction with all sorts of dubious representatives of parapsychology, UFOlogy, and the more astrologers, clairvoyants, etc. ".

Under all these appeals are "weighty" signature Orthodox: Academics Ginzburg, V. Kudryavtsev, N. Laverov, V. Sadovnichy.

Did not know the authors of "Wizards" in the law, whichever is the "hot" summer 2000, when the aliens literally walk started walking around planet Earth. Yes, it is not in good standing were academics, put their signatures under the given opus. As they say - in puddle and sat down. And now it's their problem, how to extricate himself from the situation.

If the military and the government time to heed the advice of astrologers and clairvoyants, there would be no disaster with the Kursk, fire in Ostankino, etc.

The main idea of the book "Wizards" in the law "- to drive eniology and other occultists away from the" trough "of the authorities. That self beside thereof longer stay." Reflections "priesthood Vladimir and Reshetova could not be better demonstrated a complete collapse of orthodox science and religion. They recognize that something strange is still there. And that population is still entitled to legal protection from negative influences. BUT ... "Unfortunately, the bill was to return the value - not protecting the identity and soul, and enslave.

The bill is devoted to the so-called energetic and well-being of the population. Immediately, when considering the concept raises several questions.

1. What is the energy information exchange?

2. What place is this notion in modern science?

3. What is an energy-well-being of the population? "

The authors continue to ask questions, and in the "Allow me to ask." These issues can be reduced to one: is there a instrumental evidence of negative impacts. However, they still disagree about the presence thereof.

"It's hard not to agree that the impact of one person to another can be huge (and not only positive). This became especially evident in our twentieth century with the development of the media and particularly television. And here, of course, necessary legal regulation and licensing of such activities. And practiced today "live" discussions in the TV studio (with a subsequent installation) and "live" can certainly be classified as "non-lethal" weapons and the means of subjugation of human will. " But ...

For the forest provability complete failure eniology authors present excerpts from several eniologicheskuyu opus on the theme. What is most interesting, these passages are taken from scholarly works on the critique psevdoeniologicheskoy literature.

"Spice" in the pages of "Wizards" in the law "were distributed to all without exception. And Firyazu Hantseverovu, and Leonid Ryzhkov." Unfortunate "Akimov and thorns monk for a couple with a PhD in general," smeared "on pages his opus. On the less significant figures and can not speak!

Hit the "binding" and author of "eniology.

"Mysteriously lot of positive feedback from the regions was completely unexpected explanation in his speech Victor Y. Rogozhkina of the Rostov Scientific Research Center for Applied eniology (p.82)." And then - half a sheet of text from which the author with amazement learned something new about yourself.

"In light of these revelations is becoming clearer expression of high spirituality eniology. After all, if they are highly moral and honest people, then they will not lie and say that to their advantage. Anyway as you can not trust a man who every Saturday communicates with highest hierarchy "and" teachers Shamboly "...".

Wow! Would not get this book, the author never would have found out that every Saturday talking! And this applies not only to the author.

As befits a book "Wizards" in the law "ends with the sentence:

6. In educational institutions to train pupils and students do not "energetic and" knowledge as a worldview, but the environmental problems of environmental pollution in the framework of rigorous science, and without the imposition of whatever ideological outlook. "


And - the final chord:


"All of these" new theory "are well-forgotten old teachings, and we kindly advise you before you attempt to quench their thirst for knowledge of the newly discovered old, dilapidated wells, try to drink from a fresh source of the New Testament. And if you seem too difficult for understanding of the spiritual bread of Scripture and Tradition, start with modern preachers of Orthodoxy, which skillfully combines the depth of knowledge of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church Fathers to read thoughts and feelings of modern man. "

All again was back in place. Most important: advise you as a friend and specifically - to deny! It is good that now - not the Middle Ages. And it would not talk to steel. Ata, and the fire of all these eniology. Yes, well, that is not the time. Understand this and "Orthodox" and "levoslavnye. That left them only to write such "literary pearls" per duped by parishioners.

Time will judge all and everything in its place.




One of the major trumps Berestov and Rechetov was supposedly complete lack of instrumental confirmation of Energy and interactions. But no! All this has long had a confirmation.

Not to be unfounded and not rely on data from other professionals eniology in SRC Enio "has been a series of experiments on the remote effects.

Currently, there are many devices that allow a greater or lesser extent to objectify the effects of healers, psychics, etc. eniokorrektorov So there were circumstances that we are tied closely with a group of Stavropol researchers headed by VI Krivokonem who developed the installation of "Phobos" and the staff of the clinic border states of the AGR, which is headed by IV Fights. For the first time collaborative experiment with these scientists, we conducted in 1995. But then seen it was still not the time to popularize the results. Very much are they, these results did not fit into the overall paradigm.

It took 5 years to improve the installation of "Phobos" and the development of new software. Only in May 2000, it was possible a new approach to the objectification of remote effects on the control level.

Each person has its own unique only to him, energy-spectrum. Installing Phobos, as in the case of astrophysical spectrometry allows real-time to be fully identified as the common man, so external effects on the person. Moreover, having a file of "handwriting" magicians, sorcerers, healers, clergy, etc., you can specify the source address of impact. The device allows you to identify the contact situation with extraterrestrial intelligence, as well as the impact of psychotronic generators of any production.

Initially, employees of SRC "Enio" went to the city of Stavropol, where the installation of Phobos was taken from each energetic "cast" individual "handwriting" and "handwriting" of group work.

The second phase of experiments involved remote work with patients. Working with them was held in Rostov-on-Don. Patients also were in the Stavropol. By the condition of the experiment eniokorrektory SRC Enio "should not have to know who is correct at the time connected to the installation of" Phobos "and in the process of correction should not have any public contact with patients. Every time there was only a phone call from the clinic to the border states of MCA and eniokorrektoram reported that another patient is connected to the installation. In the course of correction the patient was his full diagnosis and in each case is drawn up. In addition to carry out simultaneous recording and Rostov, and Stavropol.

The third phase of experiments was conducted in June in reverse time. That is, for all conditions of the second phase was added another: correction of the patients was carried out in a few days after they sat for the installation of "Phobos". For example, the patient was connected to the installation in Stavropol on June 7 at 12-35. In Rostov also reported by only 13 on June 12/05 and enikorrektory spent diagnosing and correcting the health status of an unknown patient. The device "Phobos" clearly stated that work on June 7. This work was recorded and filmed on video.

Instrument errors are excluded, because on each series of experiments clearly fixed by "handwriting" is the group of Rostov.

During the presentation of the book "eniology" the author has repeatedly stressed that the ethics of correction does not allow, without demand to interfere in other people's information field and, moreover, have a negative impact. However, we have been approached by representatives of law enforcement agencies to conduct a series of experiments was to provide a negative impact on the specially selected "operators." After much doubt, the Center "Enio" was nevertheless decided to participate in this experiment. In this case, the experiment was the most complicated. First, enikorrektory SRC Enio "did not know exactly who is involved in each series of experiment! Second, they did not know exactly where the security officers at the time of impact. In this case, within 5 minutes it was necessary to provide the most negative impact, and then normalize the status of "operator" and conduct a complete diagnosis of his field of events. Again, the signal for the beginning of the treatment was a telephone call: "operator" is connected to the instrument.

Employees SIC "Enio" perfectly coped with the task. This means that anyone can have an impact on biological and man-made objects at any distance in both the forward current and reverse the course of time! Only some do it intelligently, without violating the laws of the Universe. Others on the illiteracy disgarmoniziruyut energy information exchange with the environment. Over this comes the payoff - disease, disaster, disaster, the need for intervention "brothers on reason" in the evolution of earthlings.

Sad is when the path of progress have become ossified orthodoxy of science and religion do not want to see anything except his own gravy train. But no matter how they tried to enter the society astray opuses such as "Wizards" in the law, the evolution of civilization still take its toll and will sweep away the blind fools with the normalization of the energy-exchange of human civilization and the universe.


Nobody and nothing can prevent it!


September 5, 2000


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Вся история России говорит о том, что она была последовательна при любой власти и строе в отстаивании принципов независимости и самоопределения наций и народов.
Финский блогер шокировал Facebook: “вот почему полмира обязаны России по гроб жизни” Вся история России говорит о том, что...
Понедельник, 15 января 2018
при гадании человек подключается к программе СИП (системе изъятия потенциала людей), блокирует свой канал и дальше живёт уже в искусственном Поле Событий.
Новая статья на Сайте НИЦ "ЭНИО" - О гадании При гадании человек подключается к программе СИП (системе изъятия...
Понедельник, 18 декабря 2017
10 декабря 2017 года, в воскресенье, в 12-00 по моск. времени состоится Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. ВХОД СВОБОДНЫЙ
В.Ю. Рогожкин: 10 декабря 2017 г. Сеанс Общей Коррекции Друзья! ВНИМАНИЕ! 10 декабря 2017 года, в воскресенье, в 12-00 по...
Среда, 06 декабря 2017
Благодарим компанию Мой Идеальный Дом за отличную работу!
Благодарим Компанию "Мой Идеальный Дом"! Центр "ЭНИО" благодарит Компанию "Мой Идеальный Дом" за качественный ремонт и дизайн офиса НИЦ...
Четверг, 30 ноября 2017
22 октября 2017 года состоялся Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. Мы благодарны всем кто принимает участие в нашей общей работе.
Сеанс Общей Коррекции Виктора Рогожкина. 22 октября 2017 года На момент публикации видео-записи Сеанса, в общей работе приняли...
Четверг, 02 ноября 2017
В. Рогожкин. Как доехать в Центр ЭНИО на Жмайлова 4е, Ростов-на-Дону. Видео
Как доехать в Центр ЭНИО на Жмайлова 4е, Ростов-на-Дону. Друзья! Для того, чтобы вам было легче найти нас, Виктор...
Воскресенье, 08 октября 2017
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео Друзья!  Вы наверное уже знаете о массовом появлении НЛО в конце сентября. Определённые...
Понедельник, 02 октября 2017
Новый адрес Представительства НИЦ ЭНИО г. Москва
Новый адрес НИЦ «ЭНИО» в г. Москва Дорогие друзья! С 1 октября 2017 года Представительство НИЦ «ЭНИО» г. Москва...
Суббота, 30 сентября 2017
Мы обновили дизайн Официального сайта НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
У сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" новый дизайн! Друзья! Мы обновили дизайн нашего сайта - официального сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" г....
Понедельник, 25 сентября 2017
25-летний Юбилей НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
Центру "ЭНИО" - 25 лет! Дорогие друзья! 23 сентября у Центра "ЭНИО" - Юбилей! Центру исполнилось 25 лет. Смотрите и...
Суббота, 23 сентября 2017
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