How to order video correction!


The value of the video correction to residents of foreign countries - 150 $


1. Send us an email

Our email

The letter should provide Your following information:

a) Your first name, family name and patronymic - without these data we cannot test, did Your payment for video consultation.

b) Your email and we will send You the payment details.

с) Your country of residence.

d) Your postal address and phone number.

e) If desired, You can specify which one of our proofreaders, You wish to correction. The list of correctors Nits "ENIO" Rostov-on-don is located below.


!!! By sending this information to us, You consent to the processing of personal data


2. Wait for the response letter from us

Within 2-3 days after placing the order to the specified E-mail You will receive details for payment.


3. Please inform us about Your payment.

After payment You need to inform by e-mail about You made payment (including payment data and Your contacts in Skype or ooVoo).

Further, we agree the day and time of the correction.

!!! We live and work according to Moscow time. Therefore, all agreements are conducted in MSK (Moscow time)


4. Still have questions?

Your questions You can ask from 10 to 17 GMT. by phone:

8-938-151-44-21 ( Viber, WhatsApp ) - Administrator Julia


For correction of need to have on Your computer the application was installed Skype ( or ooVoo ) and the computer was connected to at least a microphone and speakers.

Note that the ability to obtain the correction persists within one month from the date of payment. After this period, unclaimed funds are considered by us as a charity.



A list of employees Nits "ENIO" Rostov-on-don, conducting ENIO-correction:

Malakhova Olga Vladimirovna

Abdrazakova Julia Vladimirovna

Abdrazakov Vitaly Ruslanovich


Viktor Rogozhkin directly involved in the conduct of energoinformational correction employees Nits "ENIO" Rostov-on-don.

And in the conduct of employees Nits "ENIO" full-time correction in Rostov-on-don, and in performing correction using the Internet via SKYPE or ooVoo, Y. V. Rogozhkin connects Skype to a session of correction and works in real time with each person. 




ATTENTION! Be careful!

Nits "ENIO" Rostov-on-don offices has

and located only at the address: street Zhmaylova, 4E.

Nits "ENIO" Rostov-on-don is NOT responsible for the actions of other people and outside organizations.

Also listed on the website, other offices from Nits "ENIO" does not exist.


Be careful!












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