As it now seems, the unknown "creators" of the System have had, in due time, enough of it: what turned then out happened far from their original project. Just like children - played a little and dropped a toy. Nevertheless, left in the hands of fate, the System was not due to die along with earthen residents whose civilization was only a fragment of primordial grandiose scheme. You certainly remember that other civilizations have also become not more than an instrument for the System.

With time, the System transformed itself into living and cogitative astra-mental organism, searching for energy to support its life. The System tried to avoid the troubles connected with the Earth which was left without a "creators" control. The best warranty for stability of the System are humanity's silliness, greed, and climbing to power. These characteristics of the earthens allowed so-called creators to quietly step aside and assume a semblance of a full noninvolvement as to things going on: it is said, let them keep their own way; things may possibly pass and we will be able to avoid responsibility. However...

However, at present time, the main bulk of life-supporting programs of this bastard monster of the "creators" which we call "the System" and people call Devil or Satan, is practically lanced. The System lives out its last days and, on this way, is personifying all those who committed either a blunder or a goal-directed action of alien negative inculcation into evolution of many civilizations. So we should not wonder at those natural and expectable processes we are eye-witnesses of in our given incarnation. Nevertheless, we must also remember that the System like agonizing beast may be very dangerous and tries to keep itself in our world.

This is, certainly, an allegory. And there is now no sense to clarify what civilizations of both four-dimensionality and other metrics are enacted in the situation - a principle of non-personification! In the first instance, it is the earthens who are guilty as with their global stupidity they allowed the System to flourish. If a man is striving for knowledge, if he wants to comprehend - nobody and nothing is able to make him to lose his own way of conceiving.

After our correction, many of patients used to say, "No one learned us eniology, and we do not know that it is impossible to conjure, or practice fortune-telling, or regret about deceased persons". But, nobody do had to learn all of us. On the contrary, the System made all the conditions to fully dupe the dare earthens.

A man must conceive our world by itself and must understand what is good and bad. Individual mentality forms a mutual one. If you are proud that Russian Kalashnikoff machine gun is the best gun all over the world, do not wonder then that your son has been shot in Afghanistan... In general, what a discourse may be if a murderer dressed in a war uniform is being solemnly getting awards? The more cadavers, the higher prestige... And these are not merely generally accepted norms: this is a ritual magic of sacrificing!

And there is another aspect of sacrificing. As I have already said above, a five-pointed star is a working symbol of a Fifth magic Arcane. This pentagram numbers thousand of years and if directed with its point upwardly it has always been used for violation and zombage. With its point downwardly (pict. 70), the pentagram was being used for calling so-called dark forces.

In Pythagorean times, the five-pointed star, or pentalpha (i.e., consisting of five A-letters), served as protection against enemies and vicious spirits (pict. 71). This is the explanation of usage pentagrams in military symbolism all over the world. Speaking generally, the entire military life is saturated with magic rituals: for instance, an oath, while Jesus has said that vows and oaths go to Satan. There is no occasion, in Biblical words, that soldiers have no right to enter Paradise. "Faterland" defense and rebuff to enemy are merely slogans, because a main task of each army is killing. In wars, the System gathers the bounty harvest.

Each early death is a release of potential that left unused. Not accidentally the repeated UFO sightings were registered namely in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Everywhere in places bloodshedding our "brothers" are used to emerge. (And, vice versa.) If somewhere in region a mass UFO sightings are started, a war confrontation is being prepared, or a successive earthquake, or technogenouse catastrophes...

In their naivete, many people believe that wars are being unleashed by politicians. However, remember "a stupidity algorithm"! Wars are always being started accordingly to the System's schedule! Politicians are not more than puppets through which the confiscation mechanism starts. With their egotism, the nations are only counting the human victims and are not at all concerned of their Mother Nature devastation; but, such civilization has no right to regard itself reasoning and cogitative.

The magic rituals accompany a man from his birth to his death. Many of those rites, in last decades, assumed truly marasmatical form. Nevertheless, people is repeating them and do not want to think over their own deeds. They are doing what the System wants them to do. And everyone conjures, from country sorcerer to president! Someone conjure using cards or wax figures, others using psychotropic and psychotronic technologies... These technologies will be envisaged in Chapter 9, but now I'd want to take to another type of a humanity's silliness which allows the System to exert mass zombage through the use of palmed off outer psychotronic techniques. I know very few publications on the theme.

As I have already said above, everything connected with enio exchange performs even if a sorcerer does not believe in his own actions. Speaking generally, he is only a trigger for the System's pre-compiled programs. And it is even better if a conjurer does not believe in his actions and thinks that he is merely deceiving and thereby merely making money. When doing this way, he is unable to prevent the System's clandestine programs inculcation through his actions into the patients. These programs are coming into action practically always: it is enough to spell, or commit a rite, or even merely want to commit it!

Basically, all the rituals are bound up with a death cult. Almost every religion is saturated with it, but, this phenomenon has the most powerful manifestation in so-called Christianity, through canonization of the saints. Their tombs are being lanced and their remains are being gone out into different church temples. For instance, in a town of Taganrog, in Russia, "the Holy Church" were selling small packets of cemetery ground to applicate it onto a skin or use with a water. This magic ritual is really designed to exert a death envoltation and may also be personified with other actions similar to this. And as not everyone on our earth became so mad to kiss cadaver bones and swallow cemetery ground, this church banner was caught by sorcerers, healers, and magicians.

As I have already said, to remove a so-called defacement, a healer or magician usually "pours" it out onto a church wax, salt, water, or any other thing, and then recommend the patient to pour it out onto a crossroads (including railway's...), or dig under tree, or stick into door or house threshold. In this way, the program will effect everyone to cross this crossroads, or enter this door, or step on this threshold. At this, an address of a patient rather than a magician is being registered in informational fields; and it will be the patient to bear successively a retribution for his stupidity, down to oncology.

The magic does not sit still, and, for a patient, the more frightening, the better. A boiling lead, a walking to cemetery in a midnight full moon, tens pieces of soap after washing a deceased person, water of this very procedure, hairs of that person, applying his hand on a patient's 7th energy center, keeping his penis in the hand... - again and again new achievements in the area continue to surprise our enio correctors.

Other individuals "from esoterics" have developed different psychotronic generators masked under medical pills; it is already a 100% zombage. By the way, such generators one may place on a satellite board, to instill something in population, like "Michael to President!"

Obscurantism in our country has reached now its peak, and examples of usage of ritual magic might fill not a one book. There is not a single man in the world who did not conjure even once in his life. In connection with this, let's take to the most obscurant ritual - a funeral rite.


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