In '60s, in our country, there was a mass enthusiasm for a home-made silver water. In almost every home, you may find a small container of water into which they would lie down silver coins, crosses, chains, or rings. But no one could then suppose that, as long as some centuries earlier, the System began prepare a very serious provocation. The matter is that, under religion fasting, in which so-called "holy water" is constantly being used, a concentration of rare metals in human organism is decreasing and, in parallel, a quantity of silver positive ions is increasing; and such situation allows light inculcation of zombying programs.

In those last millenium's years, few people were able to foresee the consequences of preparation of a home-made water. So some years ago, we in our Center began to have patients whose enio addresses were incomprehensible to us, at the moment. All these patients suffered of strange headaches, obtrusive voices in their heads, and/or of brain tumors. As it turned out soon, all of them were using water from a water hole called "Holy Hand" - a church-blessed source to which people are going from a whole Russian South. The traditional test of the water showed increased silver and lead concentration, and, it is quite understandable that such water will not deteriorate for years: what a bacteria should want to live and proliferate in such lethal environment?.. A radioactive water is not deteriorating, as well; so the church might recommend this water too?..

Our test of usual church water indicated its influence analogous to the one of "Holy Hand" water hole, except that the church water has contained lesser silver and lead. The matter is that the brain cells are the best accumulators for silver cathode ions, and these ions support good resonance just with electromagnetic waves used by TV and radio stations. While vibrating inside brain cells, these ions become radiators themselves that results in different pathological forms. For instance, if a man would use a car cellphone for three hours on end, he would happen under threat of impotence. So "the holy water" may be a fatal thing.

Water has been always being used not only in church magic but also by healers including those from television. For instance, after TV-healer Alan Chumak's seances, a skit has emerged: "I charge water, face creams, car accumulators..." Though, seances of Chumak, Kashpirovski, and other healers might give a stimulus to serious scientists to reflect on the phenomenon where to have water "charged" you may not put a jar next to your TV-set and may not watch the TV at all: it will be enough to sit down and relax, if you know the time of the seance. The above-mentioned healers' big contribution is that they have demonstrated a possibility of remote influence upon any number of people, in direct and indirect motion of Time. Part of TV-viewers became involuntary participants of the System's zombying programs, while other part got a possibility to go one stair upward in their understanding of processes going-on.

The secret of any good cook is that any interaction with a water-contained foodstuffs includes astra-mental plane of the cook. This is the cause, in particular, that women under mensus should not prepare food. And the System has non-occasionally linked a women's organism with a lunar calendar. In schools and colleges, during these women periods, a Cosmic Donor Program is being inculcated into pupils and students, through female teachers...

As I have already said above, the Russian tsar Peter the First was initiated into Masonic lodge, and one of his main criminal actions was feminizing a Russian people through wearing of abroad-made wigs made out of women's hair. As you possibly remember, the magic emphasizes hair. From eniological point of view, it is inadmissible to wear ringlets, chignons, or wigs made out of someone else's hair unless you want to work out those persons' Karma.

This concerns also fur products, and, to wear it safely, you should remove alien information from it, - in particular, because of a fact that, to prolong wearing, the fur is usually being torn off from a still living animal! And in winter, a man with his "third eye" performing normally, constantly hears around him, on an astral plane, cries and moans of perishing animals!

* * *

Returning, however, to our water... To make process of charging more comprehensible, let's remember process of electromagnetic recording. Crystals ("domains") on magnetic tape (pict. 84, a, b; 85) when passing by a recording head, change their magnetic moments and become oriented in identical way; and, after getting signals from microphone and passing by a playing head, these crystals are ready for making sound. A healer is acting analogously, generating a corresponding mental thought image. By the way, such are, for instance, the healing oil paintings by Russian painter Anatoly Gorshkoff whose pictures (made, by the way, by him in nonstop way for only 20 to 30 minutes "per opus" sized 1,0 x 0,8 meters...) were being exhibited in Russia's Kremlin and astronauts' Star Town; and I have helped him to place the pictures in eniologically proper way as they possessed the most powerful healing energy which could otherwise happen harmful. The theoretical details as to process of charging a water you may find in theory of spinning fields, by Russian scientist Gennady I. Shipoff.

While researching into Egypt pyramids, it has been found that admixtures from precious stones and metals may disappear in incomprehensible way. Also, a meat placed inside a pyramid, used to become sublimated; and there were other astonishing effects as well, - for instance: the modern spying satellites able to scan any on-Earth object happened unable to scan pyramids (pict. 86). The matter is that the pyramids are volumetric resonators having three focuses and downwardly-directed antennas. Every pyramid is connected to subterranean water source, to be synchronized with a World Ocean... And so on, the further details being here irrelevant. Many healers use now astral replicas of pyramid, the material of its physical part being of no importance.

A Czech researcher Karel Drbal has patented a phenomenon of blade self-restoration inside a pyramid (pict. 87), while a metal on the points defected happened fully identical to the one of a whole thing. To understand the phenomenon better, remember so-called Kirlian photos (pict. 88); and we now know that so-called human aura is merely astra-mental matrix of a man's physical body. In analogous way, in pyramids, blade matrix's resonant properties are being turned on, teleportating processes are being added, and restoration through informational fields takes place.

You have to know that, in a modern sense of the word, the Egyptian pyramids have not been built; and, these ones could not be erected without usage of anti-gravitation and teleportation. The pyramids were not designed to serve as monuments for deceased pharaons; they were not built by the earthen residents; and they are teleportation devices! It may be supposed that Ancient Egypt's priests might see them in action at "brothers in reason"... Mummification, anabiosis, and cloning may nowadays restore any deceased Egyptian man, but... we should return to our water - a great repository of information.

We now know that everyone can create his astra-mental doubles (phantoms) - of any size, any quantity, and within any distance and time from himself. A man's mental plane is controlling a behavior of those phantoms, while his Ego is generating thought images which, in turn, are generating the corresponding astral thoughtforms. And, before recording information onto water, you should remove previous information from it. For instance, there is a huge volume of polluting substances in a benthos (pict. 89), and all water over it gets corresponding information. Just like in homeopathy, where cell membranes are open to take water bearing the information. Alas, the polluted rivers' information cannot be so far registered by devices...

It is also important to know that river water bears information concerning residents of this river's vicinity. The information is inside animal and human secretions, and stays saved even after purification plant; and, along with a new-filtered water, it returns to the river again. And in these latter days, in addition to this natural water information, the System has launched artificial one - through a number of so-called "schools on study a bioenergy". A pupil is there recommended to stand under shower and imagine water to remove his negative information. And such man is becoming nothing than a "recording head" of the System.


Thus far, prior to record your information onto water, you have to remove a previous information. The thought image may be: "Against every negative program in this water, the anti-programs are being created. The energy released after annihilation is being headed for Absolute, into my own enio holding."

Through the natural multi-dimensionality's teleportation properties used by our "brothers in reason" in pyramids, as well as through informational fields' ability to hold, for a long time, in memory the matrixes of biological objects, you may make water free of its harmful ingredients. The thought image may be: "All harmful chemicals containing in this water are being decomposed into their original components, and their matrixes are being transported through informational fields into their primordial fields. The remaining water only contains salts and microelements necessary to normalize this patient's condition."

It is also important to know that corresponding processes may now be registered instrumentally, i.e., through the usage of devices; for instance, the electronic microscope will show changes in molecules' positions watched along their hydrogen links.

* * *

Two above-outlined thoughtforms have created so-called "dead" water, because corresponding program continued its work. The patient's destructive programs are being annihilating, and harmful ingredients are being teleportating from patient's organism (heavy metals, salts, free radicals, and so on). For instance, stones in man's kidneys as result of his regret of deceased person(s) are merely being disappearing and teleportating to their original fields, provided the patient releases those persons in their next incarnation. If these thought images are being created in a confident way, the positive effect will be pretty significant.

If you have already substantial experience in enio correction in informational fields, and if you already know all multi-dimensional causal-investigatory links, you may by yourself write down all the information necessary to normalize a man's health condition. Do not remember that pre-experience of your mental plane may significantly exceed knowledge of your own Ego. Then, a corresponding thought image may be: "An entire and necessary information to make this patient normalized is being written down onto this water". However, a situation may emerge when, just at this moment, when you have a patient with, for instance, oncology, neither your Ego nor your mental plane are not in possession of any relevant information. The oncology program is multi-dimensional, and to learn it legi artis it would take very much time while the patient needs your help right now. If your goal is to learn this program, then, sooner or later, you will do it, i.e., your ego will know way of annihilation of such programs. So working today and writing down information onto water you may take information from your own future. This, however, means that you will automatically be obliged to learn this program close to a help moment for yourself, in your own future. Otherwise, a break in your Time Flow may happen, with the most unforeseen consequences for you. In general, you have to constantly go ahead and ahead, otherwise the System will destroy you.

* * *

The "higher" entity whose projection you are in this given life not always has a task of learning some concrete thing; so you may touch this thing only slightly and solve, mainly, other problems. And you have every right to use information from a mutual mental plane, with observation the rules of prevention of enio accidents. In the first instance, it concerns a Law of Conservation. If you took information from informational fields, you have to return it in equal way. Let's envisage a corresponding method.

Once upon a time, in a far past, there was an old wise-woman. She was healing with officinals, extracts, decoctions, and alike. But sometime she did not manage to help one of her patients, and he has died (pict. 90). But you may put questions to this woman (position 1-2) about oncology, after giving her a thought image of the disease: "Please make a decoction or extract and test it over your oncological patients". And the grandmother, after ten years of works and experiments (position 2-3), has got a result, and you got information you needed (position 3-1) and wrote it down onto water, for your patient. Rules of prevention of accidents have been observed: information was taken and given.

Do not also remember about principle of necessity and sufficiency. Imagine your perorating phantom beside that wise-woman: she may get a heart attack. So it would be better, for instance, to send her a thought - go to the forest and collect there corresponding officinals.

Clearly, this appeal to a wise-woman has been described in exaggerated form. The society is not so far ready to get direct telepatical requests. And we in our Center would see every day the consequences of inept telepatical contacts. Such patients are usually convinced of their contact with Higher Reason, while most of such contacts are merely psychotronic experiments from both Present (special services) and Past (or Future) Time. It is also important to know that, in fact, all special services' officers and clerks have been processed by the System and became mediators for its Program of Inculcation. And this Program is lately being lanced by us in collaboration with just those officers and clerks addressing to our Center for help. So if you are working with informational fields in out-of-time mode, give more trust to your own intuition and maximally observe a prevention of accidents. Remember that the System uses any mistake, and by all means.

So I may recommend a following thought image: "I am addressing to everybody who possesses information to normalize this patient. I ask you to give me this information. In exchange, I offer everything what you possibly need, from my own accumulated accomplishments. But no one has the right to use my accomplishments against somebody's or something's interests." On launching this thought image into materialization, molecules in water began to rotate, and nuclei began to rotate inversely - an information is being written down...

The above eniologically formulated appeal is being subconsciously accomplished by any average man, in his everyday life. So you need not to grind the thought images I am giving in this book, - on the contrary: try to enter into informational fields using your own words, to be not forced to pay off to any mediating egregor(s).

* * *

Thus far, the two first thoughtforms helped us to get a "dead" water. The third thoughtform provides us with possibility of getting a so-called "living" water. At this, information as to both types of water may be written down onto water inside one and the same container. The thought image may be: "After enio neutralization of negative programs and\or chemicals, this water became separated from the one containing normalizing information. The patient may use one or another water at the moments optimal to make him normalized". And, the processed water should also be processed additionally, by a thoughtform: "The patient may use this water in volumes and periods of a maximal usefulness for him."

When processing a water, you may use your hands to better transform thought images to thoughtforms. Upon gathering experience (in particular, in visualization of thoughtforms and thought images), you may only use your astral hands; and, a profane could see nothing: the enio-corrector gave silently a look to a vessel of water, and necessary program occurred written down on nuclei and molecular chains' hydrogen connections.

Clearly, the "charged" water may be contained in any little vessel, to be "infinitely" added to a bigger one, and vice versa. The recommended thought image may be: "The water under the process is designed for everyone. And, everyone should take it in moments of its maximal usefulness for him."

However, we in our Center had a case where our processed water became harmful. This water was returned to us by one of our she-patients resided in a suburban. We examined this water and found, in that woman's informational fields, a presence of a suburban wise-woman - a sort of astra-mental executioner. Such (wo)men have usually a task to provide karmic repayment to suburban residents. So you have to protect your work, using a thoughtform like this: "No one has the right to change my normalization program to bad. A person is only allowed to add positive information into this water provided there is lack of it".

The program you are setting into water is, really, a living and cogitative entity, possessing physical, astral, and mental planes. Such program is automatically reflected in informational fields and is able to live further and work in absence of your own intervention. For a program to annihilate the patient's destructive programs and return chemicals to their original deposits (environment replenishing), a thought image may be: "The enio program I have just created is protected by Absolute. The freed energy - a result of destructive programs' annihilation - goes to Absolute and replenishes my own enio potential. In case of necessity, I will always be able to use this potential. Nothing can change this astra-mental program, so this water may be boiled, froze, held in refrigerator, and so on. The water will always have its properties."

So, it is now the moment when water you've charged became a full fledged entity belonging to a multi-dimensional Creation; but, there is a little "but" there. The vessel of water became now a volumetric resonator potentially harmful to people around you; so you should use a protective thoughtform: "The information in this water is only designed for those who will use this very water. To the rest ones [who did not ask me to remove, for instant, a defacement from them... ], this is a usual water".

* * *

Sometimes, my colleagues are being asked, why they do not put normalizing program directly onto a city's water supply system, or, why they did not recharge the entire water of a World Ocean... "The hell is paved with good intentions"... But, we were not invited to do this; and the most part of our population likes to live just as it is living now.

* * *

The practical task for those who are interesting in the subject. Pour water into two glasses, one of these being master. With your own words, charge the water in other glass, spelling the words in a convictious way. On completing, taste the charged water yourself and give it to taste to your home intimates. You may also examine the water's electrical and physiological properties through the use of devices. You may also "charge" your everyday food, to make it more tasty.

There is also no need to constantly clean up everything and everyone including your own wife or husband; do it once and for all, through the usage of thoughtform like: "Everything I touch is going through enio-correction under a control of my astra-mental plane".

So you may eat any food, and your organism will take from it everything it needs. But in your everyday life, it is better to have "a transparency" in relation to different negative factors (pict. 91) - through awareness and repentance. Then you should not be afraid of, say, malaria, plague, cholera embryos, or alike. But don't be too enthusiastic as to the transparency; I know a young man which put a corresponding thoughtform onto himself, and, when he was sitting in a bus, a women put a heavy bag right onto his darn head: she did not noticed someone sitting on the seat.


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