As it has been said above, the Eastern-type energy channel goes from the Earth and enters the Absolute, passing through a man and all levels of multi-dimensional informational fields. Thereby an entire cycle of enio exchange is being executed. The Eastern-type man has 7 chakrams. The 1st one is an enio entrance from the Earth. Part of this channel, after exiting through a 7th chakram, forms a multi-layer cocoon, a sort of an immune apple (pict. 48). However, unlike a Western type, the cocoon enters 1st chakram, and feet happen as if unprotected.

This radical difference resulted both in lifestyle and mode of thinking. You may find this difference in philosophy and religion. The Western type: enio channel goes from the top downward; the Absolute is a personified Christian triune God; downward informational fields: angels, archangels, apostles, and Lord lieutenants on the Earth - the vergers.

Theoretically, every Christian is able to contact with any level of informational fields' hierarchy; however, an earthen hierarchy of clergymen, practically, comes this possibility to nothing.

Eastern men used to make their main figure a concrete earthen tutor, a guru, a lama; such tutor may open way to the higher divine hierarchies, through initiation, or may cruelly punish his pupil: sit him down into a cesspit, beat his heels with sticks, and so on. It is just tutor who define a further possibility of the pupil to contact with divine hierarchy. Somewhere behind the hierarchy is an unachievable and unrecognized Absolute, and only chosen persons have possibility to contact him, giving then universal knowledge to the rest of humanity.

The Eastern way of life is primarily a collective, scrupulous, and monotonous work. Writing down some hieroglyph may last for some days; robot-like job on fields and modern conveyersЕ In a military realm, there is a well-zombied horde, unconditionally striving for devoting their lives for a tutor, monarch, or faterland; daily exhausting training of the monks-warriors; as soon as he was born, at once cries "Quiaj!' Meditations are carried out in a lotus position or sitting on heels and knees: thereby a 1st chakram is being grounded and the Earth enio channel is being opened. A 6th chakram ("a third eye") is being activated through the usage of bows. In orthodoxical Christianity, it has earlier been generally accepted to pray in a standing position: at this, an enio channel freely enters the Earth via doubled 9?th center.

The Western way of life implies more individual independence. This is especially brightly expressed in Slavonic ethnos and Russian folk epics. There are many examples of this there. For instance, Ilja of Murom has lay on a stove for 30 years and three days, and, then, got up and headed to establish order. So-called Levsha (a left-handed person) has forged up a flea; but, try to sit him down at conveyer and give him a plan - of 300 fleas a day! The Western way of thinking implies a free communication with a mutual planet's mental plane, through every layer of informational fields - in other words, the enlightenment. Dmitry Mendeleyeff saw his famous Periodical table of elements in a dream; Einstein was writing his theory of relativity while playing a violin.

During last years, Eastern ideas began powerfully penetrate the West: yoga, Eastern single combat, Eastern religious movements. This was not a spontaneous phenomenon. In the majority of cases, a good government support was there behind this. If something is under way, it is for a somebody's profit.

Very many patients of our Center has suffered of maladies being just the consequences of enthusiasm for those Eastern ideas. Allegedly good Krishnaistic ideas lead to a 100% zombage, and, yoga - to a skeleton deformities The matter is that a difference between Eastern and Western enio exchange is, really, so radical that, without a special approachment, their interosculation may launch destructive processes.

In a human enio carcass, the seven energy centers coincide with a reverse order of chakrams; however, a principle of their action is completely different. You may compare energy center to a direct semi-conductor diode, and, a chakram to a reverse one. If a potential applied exceeds a some permissible value, the diode stops its performance. Analogously for Eastern and Western types. It is even enough for anybody to read one or another book However, those possessing, in their Field of Events, corresponding incarnational cycles, may make rapid strides in those realms. On the other hand, those who got a health deterioration should not despair and are invited to read this book attentively down to its end.

An enio analysis of ancient and modern esotericists' work styles led us to a conclusion that they have used a combined type of energy: centers and chakrams were united. Through them, the Earth synchronously gets and gives away enio torrent to the Absolute. Besides of this, the energy transformations in this transitive era lead just to such a united energy type, in the most part of the humanity. It is especially noticeable during last years, with a migration of acupuncture zones and points on a patient(s)' body. At this, centers and chakrams unite in a one having its projection into the area of a fifth, heart, center.


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