In our life, we are constantly come into contact with different events and Nature phenomena, and rarely think deeply about cause-consequential connections of different cataclysms, social breakdowns, massive epidemics, and pandemics. Are all of them an occasional ones?

As ancient philosophers used to say, occasion is a chain of hidden and predictable events. A predictability of many periodical events is corroborated by astrological prognoses and prophets' data, and many of algorithms are already known. These are, first of all, solar activity cycles and astrological aspects.

In Russia, 12- and 36-years cycles of country's social and political life were, for the first time, described by Russian astrologist Gregory Kvasha. Also, in our Center, we managed to reveal a one more cycle - a 9-year global one, described below.

Horizontally, from right to left, are showed the numerologically placed years, of the sums from 1 to 9 (so, for 1995: 1+9+9+5=24=2+4=6). Vertically, there are years having same sums of their ciphers. Inside every column, a difference makes up 9, i.e., astrologically, a Pluto's cycle. Diagonally, a pace between years comprises 8 (Neptune) and 10 (Uranus) - three higher planets. So the sheet is a 9x9 algorithm. On a plane, a vertical and the horizontals are forming a letter of Russian "Ж", or, volumetrically, a 3-dimensional system. When transformed into volume, the sheet represents a spiral similar to DNA's molecule.

Let's now put onto the sheet those 12- and 36-year cycles for Russia, taking also into account that, according to the East calendar, every country possesses its own dominating year. For Russia, the key data of the cycles mentioned are, in XXth century, a years of Serpent.

On the sheet, a sequence of predictabilities is seen at once. Taking a column No. 6 and, then, connecting the years 1893, 1917, 1929, 1953, 1965, 1989, 2001, and 2025, with a line, you may get a significant impression.

The years having a sum of 6 are connected with a huge volume of different negative events - crisises, changes in spiritual level of society, and alike. On a "physical" plane, these events usually assume the form of wars, Chernobyls, or earthquakes; this is the 9-years cycle. However, the cycle is not separated from the ones of G.Kvasha's; they are tightly interconnected. Let's, then, envisage in more details what we are now getting for Russia:

1893 - ideology of Communist Party arises;

1905 - first revolution;

1917 - an October coup d'etat.

From right to left, from 1893 to 1917 - a new social idea is being born, at the background of a stable old paradigm of an Emperor's power. However, in 1905, a nation is being consolidated through a war and new social breathes. This is a 24-year cycle.

From 1917 to 1929, a 12-year period follows. Government gains a power, tries to stabilize itself, but, however, is suffering losses (Lenin's death in 1924, or, taking into account an events' outline, - in 1923). A period of intensive searchings of new technologies. At the end of the cycle (1929) - power has concentrated in individual hands.

A year of 1929 opens a new 24-year period of a society stabilization (so-called "Great Turning Point", i.e., an autocracy). The cycle entirely ruled (and finished) by a powerful esotericist Joseph Stalin who, in accordance with his natal card, might occur not only a monarch but a great preacher, as well. By the way, the tsar Peter the First who significantly deformed the Russian genetic resources, kept his ruling through a full 36-year cycle (1689-1725). Pay your attention that, in Russia, after so-called (violent) christening the country, a form of power did not change itself! Esoteric monarchy was always in the country, be the power named a socialism, a communism, or democratic reformations!

Then, in 1941, the entire unity of the nation, through the necessary (like in 1905) war patriotism. And, like while previous 24-year cycle (1893-1917), new ideas in society arise.

The transitive 12-year cycle (1953-1965) begins with a Stalin's death and ends with Leonid Brezhnev's entering to rule. And, again, you can see an agonizing searchings for a new way of social evolution and stability. In 1959, a so-called Thaw period is seen, but, a Caribbean crisis, as well.

From 1965, a new 24-year cycle of stability begins, known as so-called stagnation. And, again, to consolidate the society, a war occurred to be necessary (in Afghanistan); and, as a compensation for new ideas, dissenters and underground have emerged. In this period, a monarch role was played by a 12th department of KGB, while Leonid Brezhnev was merely a screen of this polymonarchy. Was he esotericist like Lenin or Stalin, then Andropovs, Tchernenkos, and Gorbatchovs were not necessary to finish this 24-year cycle.

Years of 1989-2001 - the reforms, democracy, multi-partionality and, unavoidable in such periods, chaos in economy, an inflation, and spiritual degradation of the society. In 1995 - a relative stability, but, however, like in 1923 and 1959, a possibility of change in power and in a monetary body. Please, pay attention: a 1997's denomination coincides fully with a Khrushchev's money change. However, just like at those times, a new Caribbean crisis is being born - Chechnya and Balkans. And, in the same time, it was a period foregone the new paradigm.

The year 2001 is opening not only a next 24-year cycle of stability in Russia, but also a next period of esoteric monarchy in the country. President Vladimir Putin happened the best figure for the process, from a point of view of esoteric clan. A power gained its concentration almost like in 1929: so-called "forces" found themselves at the key positions in the country, and the Duma became "tamed". The idea was clear: world domination at the background of a crisis in USA. Well, calculations may seem right, but we are not alone in the Universe. Few time is to wait, and the ending will be unexpected for many.

This cycle had to be ended in 2025. In its middle, there is a year 2013, with its possibility of next "social consolidation" - a new world war. The cycle of 2001-2025 may also become a period of a powerful monarchical ruling, on the base of all sorts of psychotronic and psychotropic zombage both of Russia and whole Earth's residents. In Russia, a zombage began from Michael Gorbatchoff's entering into authority, through so-called Americanization. Like Peter the First, Gorbatchoff was initialized into a Scotland Masonic lodge - the process obligatory for every head-of-state. In a period of president Yeltzin, the process has greatly amplified. The corresponding esoteric ideas have been being intensively worked out by 12th department of KGB in, already, a previous cycle (1965-89) - in, mostly, a Brezhnev's coalition. Pay attention to a number 12: twelve Apostles, a magic clan of twelve persons in Yeltzin and Louzhkoff's election campaign...

From our sheet, every country may extract its own graphs. In particular, there is a mirror reflection of West and East algorithms, in the sheet. For instance, in 1929, there were an upheaval and collectivization in Russia and a Great Depression in USA. From such point of view, a worldwide financial crisis that started in 1998, was merely a stretch, a redistribution of a 2001 year's crisis - the entire collapse of USA ideology and economics. This process is necessary to disrupt the algorithm and provide civilization with exiting out of an external negative influence.

In column 6 of our sheet, there are years out of graph; these are points where West and East histories are in touch.

Year 1914 - a war;

year 1932 - a Communist International Unit, Hitler, East ideas going to West, a Marx's "Capital";

1950 - a cold war peak;

1968 - Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, in Russia - a Damanski island;

1986 - end of a cold war, and Chernobyl.

You may extrapolate the sheet for yourself into the Past or Future; you may continue seeking for predictabilities, discoveries, cataclysms, and so on. You may also find your own date of birth and look through your life's events vertically in the sheet and, then, analyze their synchronization in relation to a main time stream of our history. Pay attention: every 9 years (by Neptune) a total earthen energy reduction is being taking place. It may explicate itself in moving to another towns, relatives' deaths, diseases, and alike. Just in the age of eighteen a recruital usually takes place: Neptune reduction allows unpunished zombage and sacrifice soldiers!

After a decomposition of USSR, a serious disruption began in algorithm. The Bieloviezha treaty opened a new stage in CIS and whole world's histories. President Yeltzin has committed his "voluntary" abdication absolutely non-occasionally just at 12 o'clock on December 31, 1999. Be those elections at summer 2000, the inauguration would be in August. In our sheet, the analogical data are 1991 (!) ... 1937; so the successor would be nominated in 1999. Russia's political beneficiaries tried to fix a coming 24-year cycle beforehand, on a background of USA crisis. Through this, the "forced" magic clan in Russia might achieve a world domination. Putin was the best person for the task; however, time will show... Be the inauguration set on a May 5, as it has been supposed primarily, then this event's natal card might coincide almost entirely with a Hitler's entering into authority. Setting the date on a May 7th slightly made situation easier; but, just the same, a qualified astrologist, having studied the event's natal card, would say about dictator. From a history, we all know that in similar situations the dictators, after ascending the throne, would first of all exterminate those helping them to achieve the position. This was in Russia's political scene from already 2000 year.

I did not put here a goal to shock a reader's imagination by a number of coinciding historical and other predictabilities; I merely wanted to point out that, if the algorithm really exists, it had been preset, in parallel with Arabic dating. That way, a question arises, "Qui prodest?", - i.e., who is in advantage in making men and women unnoticing as to such obviously synthetic program making people to blindly and with a hatred destroy constantly one another?


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