A knowledge of what things have to be like, demonstrates a clever person.
A knowledge of what these things are in reality, demonstrates an experienced person.
A knowledge of a way to alter the things for best, demonstrates a genius.

D. Diderot


In the East, for a long time ago, men and women knew well that our world was more complex than its generally accepted picture we receive by our five senses. These approachments have their roots in hermetical knowledge of Ancient Egypt. For already in those times, men and women discoursed about construction of both micro- and macroworld, trying to grasp origin and purpose of a human.

The last decade of Pisces era revealed a number of traditional science's delusions as to Creation construction theory. However, to properly understand multi-dimensional processes of enio-exchange, you have to recall principal scientific concepts and extract the most necessary things from them. Readers not acquainted with physics may regard this section as complex; however, without this information it will be hard to understand the laws of a Creation's multi-dimensionality. Should you really want to know more, you will definitely find information in other sources.

By now, physics is a fundamental science for setting a general scientific conception of the world. Astrophysics studying a macrocosmos's construction, integrates all achievements of modern physics. By the end of our century, a general model of construction and evolution of our Universe has been set. As a base of the model served a special and general theory of relativity, by A. Einstein. In 1928, a Russian physicist A. Friedman, with a usage of Einstein's theory, developed a mathematical model, accordingly to which our Universe was born from a point located in somewhere unknown place. After a Great Explosion has happened, from this singular point an energy has come forward, and, subsequently, a matter, in a form of elementary particles. Then, chemical elements became form, made a start on star systems, galaxies, and meta-galaxies. In accordance with such a model, the Universe may evolve in two ways. First of them is an Universe's endless widening, and, the other one - a compression after the widening, a collapse into a single point (pict. 2).

An acceptation of one or another hypothesis depends on a Universe matter's critical density, estimated as about 10-29 g/cm3. The density being higher, a collapse occurs. Otherwise, our far descendants should watch gradual widening and moving galaxies away from each other ( - an opened Friedman's model, described by Lobachevski's geometry). A red shifting revealed by Hubble in 1929, has supported the model. A cosmic object's light being amplified with a telescope and sent throughout a prism (pict. 3) may give a spectrogram of the object (pict. 4). In 1918 and 1924, a famous catalogue by H. Driver - HD - has been published. It contained descriptions of about 400,000 of stars. Every star possessed its own spectral type. Accordingly to their line spectrum, stars were divided into classes, in the catalogue, - O,B,A,F,G,K,M, - and subclasses carrying a cipher index. So, for instance, our Sun was marked as G6. Stars temperature is shown with a Harvard sequence. The hot test stars belong to a Q class. Accordingly to the sequence, our Sun is a rather ordinary body, on a Hertzsprung-Russell's Main sequence (pict. 5), located on the very verge of our Galaxy, one of whose sleeves we name Milky Way. A Galaxy's center is, then, located at a direction towards a Virgo constellation (pict. 6).

Through studying the spectrograms of distant galaxies, a moving of radiation/absorption lines to the red side of a spectrum has been detected. Accordingly to the Doppler's effect, it means that the objects given are moving away from observer. (You possibly know this effect, when a sound of a passing-by car changes from a high pitch to low.) The more distant the galaxies are, the quicker they are moving away. As a result, a border of an optical observation possibility comes into view, behind of which we cannot watch anything. At this border (15 light-years; one light-year is a distance a quantum of light goes in a period of one terrestrial year), galaxies and quasars (quasi-star objects of a galaxy volumes) are moving away from us at a speed of light; so their spectrograms are moving into a red area of a spectrum. However, if a point of observation changes its place, the border will change its place, too. So you will be able to observe the primarily hidden objects (pict. 7), and a History of Universe is coming to observation. We see stars and galaxies as they were when they have radiated their energy quantums, which have reached the Earth just in a moment of our observation. For example, we see our Sun in a state it has about 8 minutes ago. In such moments, an object may be out of the existence. This was experimentally corroborated by Russian academician Nickolay A. Kozireff, registering a radiation from a star of Procion not only in its seeable state, but, in its future and past states, too!

In 30ths, a Friedman's theory became wide-spreaded, with effecting on many world-known scientists' general conception of the world who, then, rushed from a materialism to a religion. The matter was that, accordingly to the conception, an idea of Creator brightly emerged. Before Great Explosion, the singularity had to be present somewhere, and, someone had to execute the explosion! Then, a time diagram of the Universe evolution (pict. 8) is very similar to the one of Brahma's days and nights. Such form of a diagram is typical for all world processes - change of seasons, days and nights as a result of the Earth's rotation. So the idea of our world's global death has directed many of scientists to search existence of less fatal evolutionary possibilities.

In 70ths, Soviet and American scientists headed by Russian academician Yakov B. Zeldovitch tried to create a model of matter’s distribution in the universe. For this goal, data of distances to many thousands of galaxies were entered into a computer. A result was stunning: galaxies being united into meta-galaxies have placed, in the space, as if on the faces of some cell structure of a step about 100 mln. of light-years. A certain emptiness was being observed inside the cells (pict. 9). In other words, a space-and-time continuum happened to be structured! This discovery has strongly undermined a theory of Great Explosion (“Big Bang”) as well as supporters of Friedman’s model of the universe. It might be of interest that, just about these years, the structured space has been discovered by Soviet biologists, as well: in aquarium, some time after one-cell chlorella algae being shaken, they became tree-formed in volume or built a cell structure like meta-galaxies distribution in the universe.

Till now, an enigma yet stays, in what, really, way the galaxies have emerged in the universe, and, as a result of it, in what way stars and planetary systems have emerged, too. Accordingly to a popular for 40 years model of a hot Universe, the Creation then possessed a high density, and high matter’s and radiation’s temperature. As a result of a “Big Bang” accompanied with a cooling, atoms of ionized gas came in view, and, after this, under an influence of gravitation, came forward proto-galaxies, galaxies, stars, and so on. A theory of the inflated Universe then emerged, which stated that an inflation was strongly uneven: at first, of about 10-30 sec., and, then, getting more and more slowly. In this theory, a very important point is there, namely, a presence of a big hidden mass.

A scientist’s enthusiasm for a mathematical part of Einstein’s theory of relativity resulted in being them cut off from a physical reality. With this, laws of invariability of energy-impulse, quantum of matter and gravitational field, have been being ignored. However, without these laws, theory cannot be adequate. So a corresponding theory of gravitation (RTG) came in view as a continuation of Einstein’s theory. In it, laws of invariability, in Minkovsky space, are strictly maintained. In accordance with RTG, a Friedman’s homogenous and isotropic Universe is endless and can only be a flat one: its three-dimension geometry is Euclidic. In such a case, the matter’s density in the Universe is equal to a critical density. That way, an RTG has predicted a presence of a hidden mass in the Universe, by 40 times exceeding the mass traditionally observed.

Another important consequence of RTG is a statement that summed density of energy, matter, and gravitation field is equal to zero. However, till now, one could not detect the G-field and fully understand a principle of its activity. Nevertheless, a relativistic theory inserted radical alterations into a Friedman’s model on a basis of general theory of relativity.

Further, as it follows from a general relativity theory, objects having a mass of three masses of the Sun, in a some final period of their own time, have to unlimitedly collapse under their own gravitational forces. Black holes are being formed while this, their borders being impenetrate even for light. On the other hand, the RTG alterates radically an idea of a gravitational collapse: a compression of a massive body, inside a corresponding system of calculation, is intervening in a final own time, the final density being not more than 1016 g/cm3. While this, there is no any gravitational “self-short circuit” of a star, and, matter does not disappear from our space-and-time continuum.

Science is constantly evolving itself, and subsequent discovery, by astronomers, the relict radiation of a temperature of 3oK (Calvin’s) have again inserted a mishmash into an already formed scenery of the Universe evolution. Computations have demonstrated that the radiation was a remnants of a hot phase of Universe, when the whole Creation was filled with a plasma of 3,000oK temperature, making the Creation untransparent. In a further way, under a process of cooling, the plasma has turned into a neutral and radiation-penetrable gas, and, as a result of hydrogen re-combination, primary distortions have emerged, which, in turn, became nuclei to form proto-galaxies. However, experiments on a radio-telescope RATAN-600 (pict. 10), carried out in 1968 by J.Silk have demonstrated that background radiation’s space dissimilarities available to observation are, minimally, by a factor of ten more than those predicted in the scenery. Scientists, really, have to recognize that a sort of cosmic miracle happened in Nature: until some time, the Universe was homogenous and isotropic everywhere, and, “suddenly”, the Creation became to be filled with meta-galaxies, galaxies, stars, and planets…

In 1979, a hope emerged, to some extent, when it has come to evidence that a neutrino (a well-known micro-world particle) may possibly bear a non-zero still mass. However, the further elaborations in the Universe first moments of existence have demonstrated that you cannot extrapolate the “modern” physics laws onto those conditions: these are of absolutely other physics, not known to a humanity and needed a radical revision of all micro-world properties as well as a space geometry.

Micro-world discoveries have inserted significant breakdowns into a traditional science’s foundation. In 60s, first papers’ pages were filled with huge headlines about discovery of next elementary particle. However, when such discoveries became number in more than six thousands, corresponding messages began only came into view at special scientific publications. Time has ripen to be deep in thought. Leading countries’ rivalry in erection of yet new nuclear accelerators made scientists to understand inadequacy of those “giants” conception. Physicists began to conceive that, in those experiments, new particles were being made rather than opened. Besides of this, in the experiments, laws of inviolation occurred to be broken, made scientists to recall that we are living not only in the space but, in the time, too; and, that, in the same time, elementary particles are able to demonstrate their wave properties, as well.

The idea of Time is not, surely, being reduced to a simple counting the seconds or years. One of ancient philosophers would say, “I know finely what the Time is until I do not think about it; however, when I sink into the theme, I would stop the understanding what the Time, really, is”. However, the Time as a physical value is, without fail, presenting itself in mathematical means of modern science! And, all of us do not go into a reflection that adding a second to a year, in connection with changes in a rotation period of our planet, totally changes whole our world.

In recent decades, paranormal human abilities made progressive scientists to seriously think about a correctness of a general accepted paradigm in which Time is being believed as mono-directed co-ordinate of a space-and-time continuum. A human ability to receive information from Future and Past, without any devices, has allowed a new sight as to micro and macro processes, in our world. In 1971, a Russian astrophysicist N.S.Kardashoff engaging in a problem of violet and red shifting, put forward a hypothesis as to a possibility of motion in Time, into both sides of a current time co-ordinate. Russian academician N.A.Kozireff was insisting that a Future effects a Present through a physical properties of the Time. While this, “connections have to be instant”. It is why the Universe is something whole. “The instant connection presents a world as not a gang of separate parts but, … as an organized thing”. Kozireff’s conclusion was shocking for obscurantists: “The Future is already fixed. To some extent, we have got an evidence that Fate is a really existing thing. Because, everything is already existing… There is some uncertainty as to Future. In these limits, a correction can be carried out.” The Kozireff’s ideas have helped, at the first stages, not only conceive a biological organisms’ ability to perceive information, but, to remove an uncertainty connected to space sizes of galaxies, meta-galaxies, and time factor of light-speed finality, in GTR. This uncertainty exists because of the fact that, if information is spreading in the Universe strictly of a speed of light, than an existence of even such a structure as galaxy becomes problematic, — to say yet nothing of more complex space Universe objects.

Just imagine a dinosaurs or brontosaurs, with a body of 18 meters length, whose neuron signals are being transmitted at a speed of 5 cms per second (pict. 11); then, with a predator attacking from back, a dinosaurs’ head does not manage to conceive the event. So do a galaxy while transmitting information even at a speed of 300,000 kms per second.

In their calculations for nuclear and thermo-nuclear reactions, physicists were forced to use an idea of multi-dimensional spaces. They were urged on this by a number of recent decades’ scientific discoveries. To conceive what is going on in our world, occurred lack a conception that all our observable world only exists in four-dimensional space, three co-ordinates being length, width, and height, and a fourth co-ordinate is a time.

One of the persons to show a Creation’s multi-dimensionality was an academician Yuri A. Fomin, a physicist and researcher in paranormal both in Nature and in society. In his judgments, he used to put forward a next example: if atoms of a crystal imagine, in their sizes, like a tennis ball, then distances among such the closest atoms will make up minimally one kilometer (pict. 12)! And, in such “emptiness” among the atoms, not hindering each other, keep their rushing motion inunderstandable and unmeasured electrons, providing, in a strange way, a stability for a crystal crate. As well, it is absolutely not known, in what, really, way a charge is being transferred when a difference of potentials is applied. We are used to not get into thinking that every electrical device performs under an electrical current; however, no one of the physicists could accurately explain the very nature of the current, as well as in what way the electrons’ motion occurs!

The unique experiments on stopping a light inside a cooled rubidium (Smithsonian Astrophysics Center, in Massachusetts) threw a bomb into a media of the most orthodoxically thinking scientists. The matter is that a possibility of stopping a light implies possibility of stopping a time, and, existence of a backward time. It implies many generally accepted scientific views to be obsolet and false, in spite of their “hard” mathematical foundation and experimental corroborations.

As well, problems arised to understand a process of dividing of double DNA spiral, where, opposingly to modern views on strong and weak interactions, one of the spirals was as if going through another leaving the last one intact. In parallel, calculations on informational capacity of the molecule which is accounting for a heredity have demonstrated its unefficiency as to describing every biological organism’s signs — to say, moreover, nothing of organism’s mental activity.

In a Spring of 1997, the American Center for brain research has come to a conclusion that mental processes are being effected by some unidentified external structures rather than a brain. The last one and a central neuro system are playng a role as if a commutator. However, a humanity would know it for already thousand years ago! East phylosophy used to state that a human is, in particular, a multi-dimensional entity consisting of physical, mental, Buddhial, Atmanic, etc. bodies. As well, an instant interaction at any distances has been being postulated.

A regrettable situation is now under forming: in a last two hundred years, the orthodoxical science, rejecting, in many points, an accumulated experience of ancient civilizations, used to engage in corroboration just those knowledge. However, while the process, a humanity has been stumped into an evolutionary and technocratic deadlock mortal for any civilization. The case was not an accidental one! This was a single-minded action! Later on, we will deal with a way it occured.


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