Synchronously with publications on torsion fields in press, the ENIO Center has developed a concept which allowed explain, to some extent, a mechanism of writing down, keeping, and transfer the information in an enio interexchange of a multi-dimensional Creation. This approaching has not been taken into account neither in microleptonic nor in torsion theory.

In the beginning of our century, while studying the impact of screening media upon the fertilized cells, the geneticists have faced with an insoluble task. The most negative influence was registered while screening a fetus evolving inside a permalloyed container (a transformer steel). The result was an ugly biomass, or, stopping the cell proliferation. The phenomena gave a thought to scientists that, besides in-cell vehicles of a heredity information (an idea of DNA was entered in 40s), there is some external Informational Field. At the beginning of our century, scientists did not know where this Field really is (parents, terrain where a fetus rises, etc.). This unidentified informational structure got name "a morphogenous field". By this, they attempted remove one more indefinite thing in a heredity mechanism ? the way of forming a biological organism. In spite of partial decoding of a genome, an enigma is still being present in a traditional biology: in what way a DNA able to carry up to 1015 bits of information defines the object's space structure evolution, to only describe whose features you need minimally 1025 bits?

In the years of 60-70, in a process of development super-computers, specialists have faced with interaction of different programs' info-fields. It has been noticed that one program may impact on other running in parallel. It was, really, a time when a termine of "Informational Fields" emerged.

In eniology, the questions ? what is a vehicle for information, where an information is being stored, in what way is it transferred and received, in a process of enio-exchange in Creation, ? are still being unanswered. The following formal model of a " multi-dimensionality pyramid" is a result of many-years analysis of cause-and-followed connections of individual and social paralogical conditions.

Let's, then, envisage the model (pict. 15).

Also, take into account that vehicles of information are as if one step higher than a dimension of a surrounding space. It will be clearer further.


1. Mono-dimensional spaces. A usual ruler may serve as example. On it, an ant crawls to one or to opposite side. It is a space of binary codes ? yes/no, 0/1, +/?, and so on. As the main vehicles here set, conditionally, spin-spinory interactions (pict. 16). Let's, then, envisage an example on a hydrogen atom.

A. Spins of electron, proton, and neutron are directed upwardly. Let's mark this condition with A.

B. Spin of electron is directed downward, spins of proton and neutron ? upward. Mark it as B.

C. Electron and proton spins directed downward, neutron's upward (я); and so on.

In like manner, with binary codes, you may sign all ABC and a cipher sequence. Then, with expending the energy, you may re-orient the nucleons' (i.e., elementary particles') spins thereby saving necessary information. You may then read it and reproduce, in traditional symbols.

When going to two-dimensional spaces, a great role belongs to spin-torsion interactions, which allow enter an additive space coding into a code binarity of information (pict. 17).

Also, a spiral pace is added, the spiral being formed by a corner of spin precession that moves along co-ordinate axis of a spinning object, and, a size of the corner.


2. Two-dimensional spaces. A plane of XY may serve as example. In it, natural and synthetic bi-polar polymers are believed to be the important vehicles of information. A natural polymer of water (H2O) is an example of such the molecules (pict. 18).

The chemical formulae of water corresponds to a vapor condition presented by a colorless gas going from a kettle's nose up to a distance of 5 mm.
The substance generally named as vapor is really a tiny water drops where mono-molecules are binding into polymeric chains. There are, also, other concepts as to polymeric water. For instance, L.G.Sapogin and I.V.Kulikoff substantiated theoretically flat ring-form associations in water (so called clusters; pict. 19a, b, c), and, also, cell-type equilibrated volume structures. Scientists believe these formations to be formed by H2-O2 connections among H2O monomolecules.

A water monomolecule is called bi-polar on the account of H2-electrons providing chemical connection with O2 are as if for more time located near O2-atom. At the O2 side, an excessive negative charge is being formed, and at the H2 side ? a positive one. This is being explained by H2-atoms' non-symmetrical position as to O2-atom. Thus, an H2O molecule resembles a compass hand oriented by external electromagnetic fields. That way, a mighty influence of a synthetic electromagnetic fields upon biological organisms' condition, a human's including, is fully explainable.

In their polymeric condition, the H2O molecules are being uniting into long polymeric chains, along their H2-connections. In these chains, H2-connections are significantly more feeble than H-O-connections. With some energetic expenditures, the phenomenon allows turning water molecules, in a polymeric chain, with regard to each other. Let's, now, analogically to Morse alphabet, overcode information with a usage of a flat chain consisting, for example, of three molecules (pict. 20).


a) In ус plane, all three molecules are directed upward (letter A);

b) In the chain, a first molecule is directed downward (letter B); and so on.

An informational capacity of water has for years dazzled the researchers, but, however, could not be explained with their traditional theories. For instance, in a screened media, water, for many months, keeps information as to direction of its stirring ? counterclockwise or vice versa. And, surely, traditional scientists were not able to explain why and, in what way, physical and chemical properties of the water changed after its "charging" by psychists.

While going to a three-dimensionality, a space possibility of writing down information through polymer molecules' polarization is being added (pict. 21). Like in a previous case, every chained molecule's rotation corner gets its letter or cipher index. (One revolution = 360o, one degree = 60 minutes, one minute = 60 seconds.)

Then, taking into account all above-mentioned (nucleons' spin interactions; space structure of polymeric water) one may understand that, with a usage of a relevant method of writing down and reading information, a whole library could be wrote down on a chain of 4-5 H2O molecules!


3. Three-dimensional spaces. This is our usual space describing by height, width, and length. Volumetric-and-resonating structures are important for us here as the vehicles of information; a DNA molecule is between them.

The phenomenon of volumetric resonance was patented in 1968 by Czech engineer-psychist H.Pavlita. It implies in that any volumetric form is structuring a space around itself thereby impacting on other forms, including biological objects. Just in 60s, an influence of so called abstract sculptures upon some museum visitors was noticed, because of their getting into a trans condition while watching the sculptures. In his experiments, Pavlita would made different resonators and studied their impact on biological objects. For instance, a strange little wooden figure made thousands of bees leave their hives, at a radius up to 60 kilometers, and fly to this volumetric resonator (pict. 22).

Everyone, in his life, should have faced this phenomenon. Architecture forms impact on a human: in one house he feels comfortably, in other feels a tomb cool? It is not, also, an occasional fact that different drinks you should taste from different glassware. Unconsciously, from time immemorial, men and women would made crockery, furniture, musical instruments, chemical preparations, and so on, with a usage of volumetric resonance.

Chemists do not understand, till now, how catalysts impact on chemical reactions. Aurum and platinum increase significantly the velocity of reactions; however, these two elements do not change their chemical components and mass. Similar effect are seen while producing homeopathic preparates and some toxic matters where primarily component makes up one to two molecules on cubic meter of water (or other solvent).

Any complex chemical molecule is a volumetric resonator able to structurize its surroundings. While this, information from a molecule are able to overwrite itself onto (for instance) bi-polar polymeric molecule of water. Then, informational component impacts, through water, on biological object.

A DNA molecule is seen as a doubled spiral. Because of this, you may add some new features to the ones mentioned above: diameter, pace, and round polarization (pict. 23). By this, informational capacity of the resonating molecules (including DNA) significantly increases.

4. Four-dimensional (4D) spaces. A coordinate of time is added here. A still photo of a night town may serve as exampleof these spaces ? fixed 3D houses' images and blurred passers-by and cars' ones (pict. 24). Thus, an exposure settled to cover some centuries could present our solar system as a complex spiral formation (pict. 25). I.e., in a 4D space, our Earth looks like a volumetric spiral resembling a spring of a car chassie. 3D section of the spring gives a sphere, 2D gives a round, and, 1D gives a line.

Let's, then, envisage a one of informational vehicles in this space ? our own physical body or physical body of any biological object, as well. It is, then, an auto-learning three-dimensional volumetric resonator existing in Time. A human, in his life, grows not only physically, but informationally, as well. In a process of this, information is being written down onto every organism's cell, every its molecule, and every elementary particle of the molecule. This way, the most important goal of any destructor is overwrite the information accumulated by bio-object.

Our body's physical form is not an occasional one; it is a volumetric resonator structuring its surroundings with its own accumulated information. Accordingly, a form and location of our interior organs are not occasional, as well.

It could be somebody's naivete to think that our interior organs only carry a physiological bear. Ancient methods of auto-regulation imply dialogs with interior organs. Additionally, every surgeon knows that, for instance, a stomach lying in a center of our energetic assembly tries to shrink and hide itself behind other organs when a lancet is directed to it. A location of internal organs is strictly determined and resembles the one observed on a plate of SHF generator.

Changes in our physical body's form lead to changes in our enio spectrum. Fish, birds, and animals' marriage dances use these possibilities instinctively, while shamans and sorcerers use them goal-directedly. A termine exists ? "dance and gesture's magic language". Ballerina on a scene or emotionally gesturing Italian man both are powerfully structuring the enio space around themselves. There is no occasion in that, within the recent years, in show business, ballet groups became to present. In 60s and before, singers stood to attention in front of their mikes. Every popular actor is, in the first place, a power biological energy generator putting the public into enio resonance. Some of them do it unconsciously, while others, in a full conscious way, enter esoteric clans, orders, and sects, using their shows to already inpact goal-directionally, ? for instance, prior to election campaign. After such shows, local legal authorities would often register a sharp increase of both a criminal situation and drug addiction.

That way, let us consider the bio-objects' physical bodies (a human's including) to be main vehicles of information, in a 4D space.


5. The five-dimensional spaces. From these beginning, we find ourselves out of generally accepted conceptions of a classical physics. It is a hard task, for a human, to imagine a model and objects of this space. Ancient teachings would insist that each thing, including a human, consists of (1) observable physical and (2) a sequence of subtle "energy" bodies. Different schools would separated the subtle world into 5, 7, ?, 49, etc. parts. We shall limit here ourselves by only three of them ? the astral, mental, and spirit ones.

Let's settle the astral level into a connection with 5D spaces. A word "astra" means "a star", so an astral plane of 5D spaces is our star bodies by which we delicately perceive the surroundings. The foundation of any religion is an Ancient Egypt's esoteric knowledge, and profane-adapted parables and commandments reflect simplifiedly laws of multi-dimensional enio exchange in Creation. For instance, a commandment of "Stop judging, and you will not be judged" (Lk 6:37) just corresponds to the astral plane, and it esoterically means that, beginning from 5D spaces, generally accepted ideas of Time, Distance, and Mass, lose their physical sense. In a Field of Events, everything happens instantly, at any distance and for any physical, astral, or mental masses of matter.

In esoterics and eniology, this law is a fundamental one; so, let's envisage it more attentively.

In a 5-dimensionality, the Time becomes usual metric coordinate similar to length, width, and height. The ideas of yesterday, today, or tomorrow, occurred to have no 4-dimensional sense here. For instance, let a bit of sugar to be at one corner of a room, and, a hole to an ant hill to be at another. So, for ants, a direction to "ant hill having a sugar" differs radically from "from ant hill to get sugar". For a person who should measure a room square, it is of no importance which corner to start measuring from.

A folk wisdom, since a long time ago, transferred to us different interpretations of the astral plane's law: "Caught a hiccups ? is being recollected", "Do not scold anyone behind his back", "Do not speak bad things about the lates", and so on. The matter is that a person we are speaking about is ought to come into view next to us. Then, an astral plane law's consequence will be as follows: any biological object, a human including, is able to create any number of its\his own astral phantoms (doubles), at any distance from its\his physical body. On a foundation of this law and its consequence are based all sorts of fortune-telling, spiriticism, group and individual hypnotic seances, healing, enio-influence through telephone, still photo, phantom, etc. All magic and religious rituals are subordinate to this law. Thanking to these properties of an astral plane, torsion and psychotronic technologies of massive zombage through mass media and technogenous factors became possible. Manifestations of this astral plane's law we meet every day, and you cannot find any discipline not using this law.

A medicine of a beginning of XXth century started to use an anaesthesia while surgical operations. From eniological point of view, the anaesthesia, in its present form, is a non-permissible phenomenon. Having gone out of anaesthesia, many patients would recollect their flight along black tunnels or long corridors, they fully describe a process of operation, and so on, ? i.e., while under anaesthesia, a human can perform a full astral exit, like under a clinical death. Up to 70% of women in labour perform a full astral exit, and children born under mother's narcosis acquire a possibility to become the drug-addictive persons. All others gotting narcosis are under risk of a drug addiction in their next incarnation.

At a clinical death, under anaesthesia or drug addiction, a person's astral plane is being tore away of a physical one. After leaving the condition, an interconnection between those bodies becames usually only partial and lead to a sharp decrease in person's sensitivity, very like that occurs under a sharp poisoning. That's why a termine of "extra-sensory person" has no sense! There are men and women with normal sensitivity, and those having decreased sensitivity because of above-mentioned causes.

Pitifully, by now, you cannot avoid surgical operations. So I hope that medical workers, after having this book read, shall be able to fully rehabilitate their patients after anaesthesia. Not so far ahead is a time when lancet or other medical instrument occurs forgotten like a nightmarish dream!


6. Six-dimensional spaces. These correspond with a mental plane of an individual, and, in their totality, also with nousphere ? a whole civilization's sphere of reason. Stanislaw Lem has one day named his "Solaris" as one of his favorite works; but, he, however, confessed that he could not fully understand his own writing himself. In this novel, the earthen residents as discoverers one of the planets are facing a Thinking Ocean's alien reason that occupied the whole planet. The reason would extracted from Earth residents' subconscious their innermost emotions and materialized them into images and objects. Something like this could see extraterrestrials with their 6D sight, here on Earth. They could perceive our civilization looking like a 6D sphere iridescent with colored spots ? egregors (pict. 26).

In esoterics, the idea of egregor is being used for a long time already. This is out-of-space and out-of-time people aggregation, basing of signs like nation, state, religion, and so on. An egregor also unites not only embodied persons but, also, those who lived and who yet will be living. This is the most complex issue to conceive ? absence of Time, in higher dimensions. We shall discuss it below.

In 6D spaces, main informational vehicles are thoughtimages and thoughtforms. A thought is a matter, and this has been being corroborated experimentally. An Earth resident differs from many other civilizations' humanoids just by his ability of thinking by forms and images of a 6D space. This is very attractive for alien reason representatives ? to use our civilization as a donor plantation to generate thoughtforms and thoughtimages they need. Nobody is guilty that men and women do not want think properly and would constantly generate a chaos of thoughtforms.

A law of 6D spaces may be as follows: thoughtforms and thoughtimages necessarily tend to materialization, to lower metrics of a multi-dimensionality pyramid, down to a zero-transfer. This law is a base of one of the most important esoteric principles:

to materialize a thoughtform or thoughtimage, you have to imagine them thoroughly and, then, forget it ? release the situation.

A thoughtimage is our mental imagination about a concrete object or phenomenon. Thoughtimages are a base of telepathic exchange when a complete volume of information is being transferred instantly to any distance. Take, for instance, an apple thoughtimage implying form, taste, color, chemical elements, and so on: the recipient will take the whole gamma of those senses.

A thoughtform may be compared with a computer program which defines space-and-time action of a thoughtform. Such are prayers, mantras, spells, magic programs, etc.

To materialize what we want we should have to possess a wide knowledge in many spheres of a human activity; and, also, we should not dissolve ourselves in excessive details of the object in question.

There is a fable of how a science worker Ivan decided to find out a theme for his PhD thesis using a bow and arrow. He was very glad to see a marsh frog held his arrow. Ivan took it to his laboratory, weighted it, preparated it, and was very happy to acquire his PhD. One point, however, stayed only missed: the frog, then, occurred to be a princess?

Also, a drawback in knowledge characteristic of most modern healers, sorcerers, and alike, may lead to a situation when in spite of bread and butter you ordered you may get something very unappetizing.

Surely, it would be sometimes a rather hard task even for a specialist in esoteric to release thoughtform into materialization, especially when dealing with a suffering child and wanting to help him as soon as possible.


7. Seven-dimensional spaces. This is, to speak conventionally, just so-called a spirituality very much talked and written down about. Very much is being also talking about a degradation of this very spirituality and about necessity to increase its level. Some men and women are being believed as very advanced in this same spirituality, while others are not? I do not understand what was an instrument they measured this very spirituality; so I propose a definition:

"spirituality is the immunity against materialization of our mental knowledge" .

Everyone knows that we are allowed to kill, steal, do base things, and so on, but not everyone is doing these things in reality: a spirituality does not allow. One cannot be high- or low-spiritual person, as well. This is a really external category not bearing external subjective measuring. Signs may be of high spirituality for ones and today ? and, may be a great base thing for others and tomorrow.

As we have already told above, a subjectivity in esoterics and eniology is a not-permissible thing. Inside a media of sociality, to exclude such things like evaluation of events, phenomena, and persons, you have to rise yourself over this very sociality. And, not prevail over your surroundings, but, namely, rise by your own knowledge to the level of your own spirituality. By the well known reasons, modern sects and confessions are in opposition as to this. They need "sheep sacrificed" and "God's slaves".

8. N-dimensional spaces. A modern physics knows about dimensions higher than 2, 3, 4, and so on; but it also it knows about 12, ? 20, ?, etc. dimensions. How many dimensions is there generally, in a multi-dimensional Creation? Some contactees dealing with so-called Alien Reason would say about 80, 120, etc. metric coordinates, but this is of no sense to conceive better what is now going on on the Earth. So, let's take, so far, a symbol of "n".

Over a whole Multi-dimensionality's Pyramid hovers the Absolute ? a Creation's Reason; our civilization and our world are parts of this Great Reason. Let's, then, envisage the Pyramid at its inversed order. Through n-dimensionalities, the Absolute is projecting itself into a 7-dimensionality, whose projection inside a 6-dimensionality is forming our mental plane. An educational level of both individuality and sociality is defined just by spirituality. For instance, a spiritually advanced person should never study the most effective methods of killing of "our younger brothers" and people similar to himself. You should not mix words "education" and "competency". One may possess a huge amount of knowledge goaled to a development of yet new means of genocide, ? and, in parallel, he may love Bach, know Goethe by heart, grow flowers?

In its projection inside five-dimensionality, the mental plane is forming our astral body, whose integrity inside 4-dimensionality defines both form and health condition of our physical body. If a human makes no mistakes in incarnations, he is unable to became seriously ill, and his body's form will be irreproachable. "Mens sana in corpore sano" means that, namely, a person's spirituality as well as reason provide himself with a physical well-condition! (Although, there are magic methods of carmic transportation, resulting in sufferings of innocent persons; we shall envisage this theme below.)

The physical body is projecting itself into 3D spaces through the usage of DNA molecule. Unawared and unworked carmic mistakes of a person's previous incarnations are projecting as drawbacks in DNA heredity mechanism, in this person's subsequent incarnations. For instance, the Dawn's disease represents a carmic result of working as a supervisor in prisons, concentration camps, and so on.

Water is a two-dimensional projection of a heredity mechanism and holds a colossal amount of information collected during a whole lifecycle. The information is also being written down at the level of elementary particles' spin interactions ? in one-dimensional spaces, in quantums of different fields and virtual properties of the vacuum.

Again, let's envisage a multi-dimensionality's pyramid. For instance, to made a 3-dimensional TV set, you need 2-dimensional drafts and 4-dimensional human. Analogically, to made form of a human, a DNA molecule is necessary ? as a draft and astra-mental matrix of a human located in astral and mental planes of multi-dimensionality's pyramid.

So there is a colossal difference between following terms: a CREATION is a unified whole, a living organism, we being a part of which; the UNIVERSE is an astra-mental part of Creation multi-dimensionality's pyramid, a Reason of this grand living organism; and, the COSMOS observed by our astronomy is a three-dimensional section of the above-mentioned Creation .

Ancient esotericists would insist that all that is great is being reflected in little things, and, that every little thing is included in a one that is greater. You could not find a better definition for DNA. A human has been being defined by those philosophers as microcosm not occasionally, indeed. Being an elementary reason's cell in a Creation, a human is bearing inside himself a "genetic" information as to that whole grand living organism. The thing we are used to call "a human" is not more than a shadow, a projection of this great organism onto the 4-dimensional spaces. There is a number of those spaces, which in their totality correspond to the Creation's multi-dimensionality.

Let's remember one more concept of a multi-dimensional physics ? so-called space combinatory. What does it really mean? Putting n=3, we get one 3D space (at Cartesius coordinates, when metrics are equal-signed; a cube is a model of such a space), six 2D spaces (planes of the cube), and eleven 1D spaces X, Y, and Z (edges of the cube).

Putting the Creation to be n-dimensional, we get J number of 4D spaces. Science-fiction writers knew intuitively about parallel spaces, and many of them have faced with those at least once in their lives. So a deja-vu phenomenon is just a recollection (by that J-numbered reflexion in that given 4D space) the things you have not seen before; however, your parallel 4D reflexions have already "been" there.

Our own astral plane gives us simultaneously projections of a whole set of 4D spaces. Our so-called Ego (4% of our brain cells) only perceives that concrete 4D space. All the rest 96% provide an interconnection between the Ego and mental plane. Many men and women have this interconnection blocked or significantly damaged, on the causes outlined in this book. At some conditions the block may occur broken, and so-called contacts would take place.

The most part of so-called contactees is really in contact not with a Higher or Out-of-Earth Reason but just with their own images' reflexions, through a process of projection of 4D space onto an astral plane. Those reflexions may not be of earthen origination but, also, may be constructed by other planets' representatives. Imagine a fish-tankist putting his hand into a fish-tank: because of a surface reflection, fishes in tank may only see not-interconnected fingers moving independently. The hand stays unseen to them, and, all the more, they could not realize what the fingers are in the tank for, in general.

The Creation is not only a combination of n-dimensional spaces but, also, a one of their interactions. Spaces are as if inserted into one another, forming a very complex multi-dimensional structure. At this, the biggest of them may be inserted into a least one: i.e., an elementary particle may be the Universe! It's a hard task to imagine the thing.

With varying of different metrics' coordinates, you may get spaces of the same number of dimensions but of absolutely different properties. So, for instance, because of a gravitational gradient, flat spaces of floor, ceiling, and walls in a cosmic station while on the Earth, different significantly in their properties. On the orbit, however, with the absence of gravitation, these spaces become equal.

Another example is a cinema film. On the screen, we see 3D space ? two plane's coordinates and one of a Time. However, a hall in a film differs significantly, in our reception, from a real cinema hall we are in.

As it has already been said earlier, there are different physics and mathematics models that allow, to some extent, put a concept of the Creation's multi-dimensionality closer to concepts of traditional science. In this book, we shall not address to complex mathematics or physics formulas; we just want to provide a reader with "qualitative" approachment to the processes.


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В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео Друзья!  Вы наверное уже знаете о массовом появлении НЛО в конце сентября. Определённые...
Понедельник, 02 октября 2017
Новый адрес Представительства НИЦ ЭНИО г. Москва
Новый адрес НИЦ «ЭНИО» в г. Москва Дорогие друзья! С 1 октября 2017 года Представительство НИЦ «ЭНИО» г. Москва...
Суббота, 30 сентября 2017
Мы обновили дизайн Официального сайта НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
У сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" новый дизайн! Друзья! Мы обновили дизайн нашего сайта - официального сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" г....
Понедельник, 25 сентября 2017
25-летний Юбилей НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
Центру "ЭНИО" - 25 лет! Дорогие друзья! 23 сентября у Центра "ЭНИО" - Юбилей! Центру исполнилось 25 лет. Смотрите и...
Суббота, 23 сентября 2017
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