One of the most important principles, in eniology, is the one of necessity and sufficiency: "Any eniological action should only be carried out on a sufficient level". An example. Some years ago, a woman of about 60 at the appearance (in fact, she was 40) came to the Center to have a correction. Shortly thereafter, a couple of weeks later, her husband also came and asked us, "What did you do to my wife? She got thin and younger, and became to gaze younger boys!.." Of course, he got a correction as well. And we then understood for further, that correction should only be carried out at the necessary and sufficient level and, also, with a whole patient's surroundings. Also a depth of the correction should strictly correspond with the principle of necessity and sufficiency.

Each concrete malady is a karmic repayment for silly deed(s); so our enio correctors try to inform every patient about mistakes he had committed; and if he understands and repents, negative enio connections are being destroyed. This is a mutual work of corrector and patient. If the last one, for instance, releases his parents into their next incarnation, despite he has strongly felt sorry for them, the enio corrector may see his stomach (where an astra-mental plane of the deceased persons was placed) being pushed inside, his kidneys being normalizing, and wrinkles being smoothing out. But in general, a correction should not be carried out to the end, because all mistakes of the patient may happen corrected and he will have nothing to do in this incarnation, - i.e., he may tell you "Thanks!" and die. Because of this, a thoughtform should be fixed in informational fields: "A correction is always carried out on a necessary and sufficient level". Your mental plane will stop the correction just on this level.

In our everyday life, in our discussions in the first instance, this principle is often violated. When you try to prove something, a person's lack of faith usually increases, and you give your potential to him. In that case, it is usually perfectly enough to report him your own point of view, to let him choose for himself; correspondingly, it will be his own karmic responsibility (i.e., not yours).

Many magicians, sorcerers, or healers prefer to use different attributes like icons, chains, or mandalas, and alike; or, they used to disperse clouds, bath themselves in a boiling water, and so on. This is, as a rule, a testimony of their uncertainty as to their own possibilities; and, accordingly to the Law of Conservation, they will be ought to give out either a part (or a whole) of their own potential. Besides of this, such actions are usually an indulging for their Ego, i.e., a dissonance in enio exchange of the planet; and a repayment will ensue.

There is, also, a delicate thing in "necessity and sufficiency" principle. The experienced healer may not watch informational fields every time he heals a patient; it would sufficient to him as if pick out with a needle just to those Time and Space where a violation has been accomplished (pict. 65). A deep enio sense lies in this, because vast examination of informational fields (for instance, in meditations) leads to analogous vast changes in these fields; so, once more, an exit to informational fields should be both necessary and sufficient. And if there is an opportunity to take information from lower levels, the experienced healer does not take it from higher ones. The Lord's prayer is only an alarm appeal to the Absolute when an emergency arises. It is the Absolute which heals, so a competent healer should add his own new knowledge to informational fields.

A couple of examples from everyday life, once more. Some day I was late for my seminar, and special workers' coach full of people has given me a lift. I sat down and began to remember of previous seminar and what should I say when I come. Suddenly a woman next to me cried "O!.." and caught on her small of the back: a pain shot her up. Then on the next site, another worker began to complain about his feet. "O, stop! - I thought. - Right at this moment, I am not a healer; I am a passenger only!" No one asked me to heal the passengers when I started to do this involuntarily. "The hell is paved with good intentions"...

And another testing situation. In our Center, I was away somewhere in city just when five women were waiting for me and wanting me to correct them personally. As soon as I came, a nausea has started to them synchronously accompanied with exit of a defacement. The matter was that when I was away my own doubles nevertheless have been working out all their negative programs. The women persistently waited for me to come; and it was my coming that served as a trigger for their programs to go away completely; i.e., to believe better, they wanted the result to be obvious... So a thoughtform is recommended when a correction is under way: "The correction is always carried out on the level of both necessity and sufficiency as to a patient's better comprehension". If he wants, the process may be accompanied with cries, tears, or nausea; if not, if he has understood everything, then a feeling of warm or something alike will be enough. I.e., a necessary and sufficient power of correction is usually determined by patient himself. By observing this rule, an enio corrector's safety is guaranteed, and there is also no necessity "to charge himself up" from so-called Cosmos or alike, - i.e., to exert energy vampirism ("O, Venus, give me your power!"); once you have taken for free, be ought to repay! And though enio correctors of our Center are working without any rest-days, they are constantly ready to work more - just because of observing the principle of necessity and sufficiency. A successive useful image to mental plane: "I am an enio corrector when only a correction is under way. During all other time, I am a very average man not discernible in a crowd". While doing so, you will have rest without a rest.

* * *

Some people coming to our Center ask us to open them a third eye or learn them to levitate, or teleportate, and so on. "What for, indeed?" - we ask them each time. "Well.. m-m-m-... to fly physically... and... m-m-m..." "OK; we can. But our society is not yet ready, and you will be in danger." And examples from our practice follow. In particular: if everyone in our country suddenly possesses ability of materialization, he will at once run to a shop to by vodka with his materialized money, because he could not guess that an alcohol can be materialized directly in his own blood...

Generally speaking, if there is an opportunity to take piece of chalk, come to a desk and write down a formula, you should do right this; but, if there is no such opportunity, then an astral hand of your own takes chalk and begins to write down, while other people watching the chalk hovering of itself.

It is a stiff task, indeed, to wait when a society will be ripe for understanding of such "miracles". But one should help the society to go up from a backwater.


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