Many people, after having diligently read Papus, passing, after this, all sorts of allegedly esoteric schools, and, then, on having a corresponding diploma, begin to consider themselves magicians and sorcerers. They are usually very proud of this: see, he is a magister of white or black magic!

Alas, in vain: there is no such things as magic white or black. I have already told about a relativity of white and black, or good and bad There is a complex of esoteric knowledge using by this given man or by magic clan, for good or bad. Being a science, esoterics implies knowledge concerning to everything. Magic is merely a hands-on part of esoterics. So a man who calls himself sorcerer or magician is blocking himself a way to esoterics and deprives himself an opportunity to comprehend processes going on. One may know a great deal of spells and rituals, but have no any idea of the way it works. An ignorance of multi-dimensional enio laws leads unequivocally to mistakes in a magic actions and to successive karmic retribution for them. Our task here is to understand the processes. To do it better, recall a multi-dimensionality pyramid.

A 7-dimensionality: level of spiritual magic

Only several persons in our world, including Christ, could work on this level. For profanes, their actions are like sorcery: put his hand on a patient's head - and the man became healthy at once; waved with his hand - and a storm has ceased; got up and went over sea like over a dry land However, this level is, first of all, a huge pre-experience of this given entity, which decided to materialize itself in a human-like form. On the East, such entities are called "the advanced". With their giant potential, they define a humanity's philosophy of life for eras ahead.

A 6-dimensionality: mental and mentally-verbal magic

The mental magic implies free releasing thought images and their successive launching into materialization, through a thoughtform. To make this process working effectively, one need to possess a wide knowledge in different realms of a science; otherwise, a distorted thought image may built, on the astral plane, some ugly thoughtform. Accordingly to this, an ugly thing will then appear on a physical plane, too. Pitifully, in a modern world, the existing educational system implies gaining unnecessary knowledge. In parallel, a man is unable to learn things more deeply and widely until a blockage is there between his ego and mental plane. When medical luminaries are unable to help patient, and an old rural sorcerer is being at last invited, and gets patient back on his feet, then only few may understand that this sorcerer is a four-dimensional manifestation of a "higher" entity/totality which possesses a giant pre-experience in the Field of Events.

So, an enio professional has, on the one hand, to know as much things as possible; on the other hand, he is under risk of getting himself lost in a host of details. A mental plane is helping here. A human ego accumulates and processes the information, forms it into blocks and, through a mental plane, writes it down in informational fields. And, if a man has forgotten something, he might always restore it (a memory of his ego) through the mental plane where our civilization is a unified nous-sphere. Because of this, any information as to Past, Present, or Future may be read out through mental plane - both from your own informational fields and from those created by ones who belongs to the Universal Reason.

Information and energy are two sides of the same thing. A thought image and a thoughtform are material. This is a matter of higher spaces. Recall a chain: "energy-entropy-negentropy (information)". Let's now take to a multi-dimensionality pyramid. Six-dimensionality (a mental plane) corresponds to idea of negentropy (information, thought images). Information is a mental plane's material manifestation. Four-dimensional spaces which our physical bodies exist in correspond to the idea of energy. (In physical laws connected with an idea of entropy a time coordinate is necessarily presenting.) In turn, an entropy is material manifestation of an astral plane (thoughtforms). From this, a principal law arises as to enio exchange in our Creation: a balance between energy and negentropy through the astral plane - an entropy (thoughtforms).

In such a way, a mental magic level corresponds to qualified creation of a thought image, with successive creating the thoughtform - elementary matrix of Field of Events. Only such a situation may guarantee a full materialization of a thought image into every lower metrical space of a multi-dimensionality pyramid. The thoughtform once launched into Field of Events changes it. An enio job being done qualified, a health is being restored and possible negative events, in FE, are being annihilated. In other words, if you want something to occur, you have to clearly figure out the end objective: to create a thought image, lead it onto the astral plane and release it into a materialization (i.e., forget it). In esoterics (eniology), this is called "to release situation".

This is one of the most complex points: in order to realize a thought image, the last one should be forgotten! Especially, when ill children are in front of you, healer, and they suffer of oncology or leukemia However, it is a single option by now. If mother of a suffering children would say sorry for all the mistakes committed by both herself and her son; if she would able to realize a whole process of health restoring; and, if she could go out for a while, for a cup of tea, - her son would become healthy!

A man is often thinking unconstructively. Clergymen call their fold to diligently pray during day and night; yogins are striving to Nirvana, a condition free of any thought; what is this all for? While unconstructive creation of thought images, an enio inaptitude emerges between energy and negentropy. Such thought images make a negentropy to increase and are decreasing a level of energy. A brain which is full of unnecessary information decreases the energy potential of a man. For instance, many pupils or students feel themselves bad while taking examinations. Yogins may intuitively decrease a negentropy in order to increase a physical plane's energy; nevertheless, it is also a dead-end way.

There is no sense in decreasing only energy or - vice versa - gain knowledge without a possibility of its practical application: the enio exchange process will be violated in both cases.

A mentally-verbal magic

Unlike in a mental magic, where processes are only performed by force of a thought, in this kind of magic a thought image is necessarily supported and fixed by a word. A word is here a key to enter informational fields and launch mental programs prepared beforehand.

Some people are debating even nowadays what has been primarily - a word or a deed. Of course, a deed; but - a mental one. As you remember, to have something material, you need create a qualified thought image, reflect it in informational fields and lead it out to the mental plane as a thoughtform. If it is not a single situation, or, if a thoughtform's action is spreading in Space and Time, one may consider it as mental program. In the case given, an esotericist or esoteric clan (egregor) is programming a Field of Events with his own thoughtforms, which are being written down into informational fields as matrixes-thoughtforms. These matrixes acquire there their own identification indexes - words, symbols, pentacles, spells, prayers, mantras, and so on. Acquiring the indexes excludes, in further, necessity of creating thought image every time and executing successive actions: it is enough to send a request into informational fields through such an index, and everything is done automatically (pict. 54). Besides of this, it allows, in a case of necessity, to use similar matrixes by everyone possessing the ID key.

Jesus the Christ healed everyone who directly appealed to Him for a help. For those who might appeal indirectly He provided an ID key - a so-called Lord's prayer. Let's then envisage, what is going on when a man is creating a prayer, or spells mantram, and so on.

I have said already above that, if a man has his all chakrams (or, energy centers) functioning and his immune shell undamaged, he is then unable to fall ill. If he is, it, firstly, means that he has violated the enio laws, and this has resulted in violations in centers' functioning, as well as in "disruption" in this man's immune shell. Secondly, it also means that there is someone interested in it. To normalize such a condition, you need "turn off" the System, restore the immune shell, and normalize the energy centers' functionality. At this, the patient must voluntarily comprehend his mistakes and make a repentance as to them.

Let's, now, try to comprehend eniologically the way a prayer is working. For instance, Jesus used to create firstly a thought image to search for and neutralize every entity interested in committing mistake(s) by a man. Such thought image after being transformed into a matrix-thoughtform is being fixed in informational fields and gets there an ID index: "Our Father" (Matt 6,9). Then the matrix-thoughtform gets its index: "Е in heaven"; and so on. When creating a prayer, a man goes subsequently through the layers of informational fields to the Absolute, and gets a help. However, Jesus has warned that this is as if an alarm option, "an emergency help", to be only applied to extraordinary situations! So clergymen are wrong when calling their fold to create prayer every day and extol the Lord's prayer forty times a day, in morning, midday, and evening!

A five-dimensionality: the astral magic

Our everyday life is abound in test situations. They are created in Field of Events by mutual or individual mental plane to learn and to rise our own Ego. There is no matter, whether it was your own mentality which created the situation, or, whether it was a whole sorcery clan's. For instance, in astrology, an evil planet of Saturn is believed to be the best tutor, for whom it is all the same, are you able to solve the problem or are not. On the other hand, it might be very significant for yourself: if you couldn't, a lethality ensuesЕ

Remember a typical test situation: your usual morning hustle and bustle, a kettle boiling on the cooker, you iron your dresses, have a breakfast in hurry Well, children in the garden, and you sit in the bus. A ticket inspector is going in aisle Suddenly you feel as if burned with a boiling water: "An iron (or kettle; or coffeepot)!! I forgot turn it off!!. O, no Off" And, you are in bus (or, in train) again, watching through windowЕ Suddenly, you hear an inspector's voice: "Your ticket, please" O, Lord! The inspector have already passed you for good five times, and have not noticed you And you are producing the ticket. Let's envisage this typical situation.

We perceive information, in the first instance, spiritually, then mentally, astrally, and, then, visually. "I fall ill when he is beside" means that your mental plane receives your partner's astral deformations (his astral instillations, which are commonly called "damage"). So, in that bus, when you went to remember about iron or kettle, you have involuntary committed a so-called full astral exit met usually under narcosis or, inhered in experienced esotericists. Such an involuntary exit may also be a result of a stress or a trauma - a so-called losing consciousness. When you went to remember about an iron, your stressed astra-mental plane torn away from a physical plane and rushed to your home. "You" grabbed there an iron cable and pushed it off the outlet (or, turned off the cooker); such might be a picture a clairvoyant person could observe being at your home right then. An average man could believe it to be a poltergeist: two-pin plug of an iron cable is moving by itself

While your astra-mental plane has been under the process, the inspector has passed several times next to your "lost" physical body and did not see you; to recognize, there was lack of the most important components of yourself - spiritual, mental, and astral ones. For the inspector, you were "opaque" and unrecognizable. After the iron turned off, your astra-mental plane has returned, so the inspector could notice you.

This allegedly spontaneous testing situation was a serious test for you: will you be able to understand the case. If yes, you will be provided with opportunity to reach a more complex level; if not, - ...

The Ninja warriors, unlike of you, used to commit such exits voluntarily, in their full consciousness, leading their "empty" physical body throughout a crowd. At this, they may not need a concrete physical address: they may reach it in their astra-mental bodies and give astral blow to their victim - just like you have done this with your iron cable.

Some words concerning the astral magic in our everyday life. An old she-sorcerer transfers the astra-mental plane of the victim onto a small wax figure and punctures it through with a needle, thereby delivering the astral blow; the victim is falling ill In top layers of society: in election campaign, one may call astra-mental plane of a candidate and deliver a blow to him; and then, in press, one can read: "Has suddenly passed away"; or, in office, women gathering in a round talk about their absent colleague. Just in this moment she crosses the street; suddenly, she has her head started spinning, she loses orientation and does not notice a coming car Those women astonish afterwards: "O, what a coincidence! We have remembered her just at that time!.." Had they not touched her with their dirty astral hands, she could escape.

Ancient esotericists used to say, "When little child in his cradle, in a rage, throws his toy off, whole worlds may cease their existence". The most of humanity possesses powerful magic abilities and does not comprehend it. This situation is being successfully used by our "brothers in reason", acting through different magic clans and egregors in order to exert a karmic transfer and to make System perform better. Remember the couple which had a car accident. To build the situation, the System has primarily built a "mud" situation: the man cursed a driver (an astral blow), five kilometers over the car crashed into tree and the driver got death on the spot. This was a cause of a subsequent car accident happened to this couple.

Let's, nevertheless, envisage the given situation from other perspective. The died driver (or, his possible children) bothered the Confiscating System. (As you remember, the System is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, and includes both Outer Reason and magic and religious clans on the earth.) Be that driver removed by our "brothers" or through earthen sorcerers' actions, just their addresses would happen fixed in the informational fields; and, a retribution would ensue. To escape this, they are usually doing which follows: a Field of Events is being thoroughly watched across and, then, reorganized; by the moment the car crosses a puddle, potential astral killers are being gathered in this point of space; then, mud situation and astral blow follow. In informational fields, the addresses of just those who got mud are being fixed; it will be they who will afterwards bear a punishment. This is example of a karmic transfer.

And, one more example. As you already know, our body is a four-dimensional volumetric resonator; while changing its position (or, using the gestures) we change spectrum of this resonator. To return a primordial esoteric sense to at least one gesture, let's recall here a physics About processes in atoms and lasers you may read for yourself, in your school textbooks. I'd like only to explain here what is going on when indecent gesture is being executed (pict. 57).

The right hand of a man is energetically considered as a giving one; a meridian of "left foot-right hand" goes out through a center of palm. Fingers are compressed into fist, every finger being an exit of many energy channels - projection of human's internal organs. When compressing the fingers into fist, energy channels are directed backwards, into the meridian, analogously to hard-body mirror in laser. Thumb of a hand corresponds to a sight, a left "mental" hand plays a role of a driving generator's winding. A thought image: "Be you ... !" This image modulates a thoughtform in meridian, and, an astral blow follows. Such "bio-energy laser" may completely destroy the opponent's energy centers and, even, result in death; this is why it became "indecent". Analogously, for a fig.

Also, do not point out to UFOs with your pointing finger: you may involuntarily deliver an astral blow to our "brothers", and they will be entitled of answering with the same, to you.

At school, there is no difference in pointing out with a pointer or with a finger or some another thing: a pupil is getting an astral blow, and, then, used to get a low mark.

Analogously, when eating, do not take food from a knife or a fork: your negative thought images may hurt both you and your friends, - or, when a wake takes place, the astral plane of a person gone: such are usually beside as early as 40 days. A living person can restore himself later, while the gone one can not.

A table is a volumetric resonator; and, possible negative thoughtforms may flow from its corners just to your 5th energy center; this is the origin of "round tables".

The ignorance of astral magic laws does not make a man free of their possible negative consequences. Several examples. Late evening time; young man is going home. He sees a group of boozed boys. "What are they there?.. - fear on a spiritual level. - If they touch me, then.. to this, and that, and that..." - a creation of thought image which then builds a thoughtform. With this thoughtform, the young man unconsciously delivers an astral blow to the group. They feel the attack, look for its source, and the young man gets what he supposed. In a police-station, he will assert that they attacked him causelessly.

Analogously with clergy magicians. You cannot find anywhere in Bible a word as to a usage of candles. They are only used in a destructive magic. The called astra-mental plane (a phantom) of a victim is being transferred onto a candle, the last one is going out, a victim too. (A so-called envoltation to death.) And they will ask then, why so many maladies are there in the world?..

* * *

In a process of reading this book, we shall move, little by little, from theory to practice. In order to escape unfavorable situations, once and for all create a thoughtform OF A HIGH QUALITY: "No one can suffer from my occasional thought images and thoughtforms. My negative thought images and thoughtforms will never go into materialization"; and, fix this thoughtform in your seven-dimensionality. You must be absolutely sure, while this, that this will continue!

For those, however, who has already "register" himself in similar situations, here is an advice: mentally, say sorry to everyone who could ever suffer from your mistakes. As it is in Bible, The Lord loves not sinless, but, repentant. If you recall and comprehend your mistakes, you thereby correct them in informational fields. No cause - no consequence; and, normalization takes place.

The four-dimensional spaces: ritual and ceremonial magic

In verbal magic, the key to launch a precompiled egregorial program, was a word, a spell, or a prayer. In ritual magic, it will be an action, the magic attributes, a time and place to exert the ritual. Like in a verbal magic, where a precompiled program cannot be launched until a spell being pronounced, such in a ritual magic there are corresponding limitations: to launch the program, a crux, a pentagram, a knife, a credence table, and alike attributes must have strictly determinated size. A time of a ritual - just this very hour and just this very day, accordingly to lunar calendar; and so on. To send a program to materialization, the specially togaed magician has to stand facing to a certain continent; he has to spell proper words and execute a ritual action. I.e., a ritual magic attributes are merely the safety devices provided beforehand by clans or egregors and preventing a program against occasional launching.

In computers area, backgrounded as a user is he is far from a system programmer's level. Analogously in ritual magic: backgrounded as a magician or sorcerer is, would he be knowing a mass of spells or prescriptions, he is nevertheless far from an esotericist able to program informational fields. He is only trigger for programs.

The ceremonial magic differs from a ritual one only in that, to launch it, several persons are necessary. Their actions are usually preplanned, so a high safety level is provided.

A three-dimensionality: "biological" magic

There is no any necessity to read special books on magic. It is nowadays enough to open any newspaper containing a host of different recipes. The sillier is a recipe, the more is a probability of its usage. For instance, you may read in a "Magic", by Papus: to tame an animal, you should give him a mixture of milk and your own urina, both poured into your constantly worn shoe; in this, a part of a sorcerer's astra-mental plane is being inculcated into a one of the animal, and will then control. In other words, this is a zombage to animal. Magicians and sorcerers were always wanting to demonstrate a social significance of themselves, so they have tamed animals, the more exotic the better. In Africa, shamans used to tame hepards or panthers, in Siberia - wolves, and alike. Some tamers are also using this recipe.

The two-dimensional spaces

If you remember, the main informational vehicle here are the polymeric molecules, including bi-polar molecules of H2O. The media of them may be charged; we shall envisage it below.

The one-dimensional spaces

A these spaces' magic is a "phenomenal" human abilities: levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, and so on. It is a level of full materialization of a spiritual magic onto the level of elementary particles and energy quantums.

During last years, a number of experiments was carried out which clearly demonstrated a human possibility of influencing on chemical and nuclear reactions, at any distance and any Time direction. As you could see from above-outlined gradation of magic, the highest its level is actions in seven- and one-dimensional spaces. The lowest one is a ritual and ceremonial magic. I'd like to give here a practical device for healers, magicians, sorcerers, and fortune-tellers: if you do not know a way the spells or prayers are being working, and, if you do not understand who and what for has thought out those rituals and spells, and, in what way are you acquiring information, - you should better refuse of all these things and say sorry to every person who might suffer from your inept magic actions and, also, to a physical plane of your own. An ignorance of enio laws does not make a man free from retribution for mistakes he committed. In the first instance, it concerns clergymen, of any confession.


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