As I have already said, in esoterics, the subjective approachment is unacceptable. Every living entity plays its own role in the Nature. Moths, mice, cockroaches, or crows, - all sort of alleged destructors - are necessary for enio exchange on the Earth, as well as all the constructive living forms. Without destroyers, the Earth, since a long time ago, might get stuck in animal, plant, and insects' cadavers. However, destructive processes should not be aggressive! There must not be predators on the Earth! The destructive processes, and, through this, an overwriting the information accumulated in info-fields, should only begin after constructive processes are over. Meanwhile, on the Earth, a goal-directed change of destructive processes has been made: predators were artificially created. Through them, a possibility to inculcate into humanity such emotions like aggression, egotism, striving for power, has emerged. What has it been done for? The answer will be found below. In this chapter, we'll try to realize why the destroying processes began to act against a humanity.

The Nature is a balanced system. Every biological form has in the Nature its own niche. When balance is broken, normalizing and repairing enio-processes would take start. Let's envisage such process in more details, taking as example the field mice (pict. 37).

As I said above, mice play an important role in ecological system: they monitor amounts of cereal and other seminal plants, and hold these seeds in their burrows against potential fires, droughts, or freezing out. In stable condition of virgin lands, an average distance between their burrows comprises about 10 meters; i.e., a mice family controls about 100 sq. meters of the area. Under the conditions given, one mice litter makes up to four little mice.

In turn, foxes and birds of prey are controlling the mice livestock. Within borders of the area given, a sharp increasing in some plant species (as it usually ensues from a human activity) usually leads to violations in total enio-exchange processes. Repairing processes are unavoidably turning on, and a one mice family brings already up to 12 little mice! This is a property of any destroyer - to increase sharply its own litter under favorable conditions. After cereals amount restored, mice population restores itself as well. In this process, they are being "helped" by foxes, owls, and eagles…

As a result of a human activity, local and global enio violations are constantly emerging on our planet. This, in turn, activate the destroyers, whose task is to normalize violations and return the system to its equilibrium. Let's envisage the process in more details.

In almost every yard of Russia's towns and cities, garbage tanks are settled. They are standing in four-dimensional space of the yard (pict. 38). But, they are also presenting themselves on the astral (5-dimensional) and mental (6-dimensional) planes, too: every house resident knows exactly that tanks are standing just there.

Unlike most of people, animals, birds, and insects possess, in parallel with their normal electromagnetic vision, an astra-mental vision, as well. In due time, people have noticed that crows are usually gathering at the place of a future battle, two to three days before the battle itself begins: they are seeing the place of their future feeding. A dog takes a trace not only by odor: it sees an astral plane of the object he is searching for. Birds used to make their migrations not only at a fine weather: they orient themselves using enio picture of the terrain. Roosters would sing not by the stars, and, wolves before catching their victim would stand in a round for some minutes, and telepathically exchange their plans of a hunt. Thus far, it would be naive to think that all living entities excepting a human are deprived of a reason and possess only (un)conditional reflexes.

Return, now, to our garbage tanks. This is nothing than a local enio violation. The destroyers' task is to neutralize it. A first wave of them is now striving to the tanks - ants, mice, and crows; however, without results. The second wave is being turned on starting to search for a spring of violation: cockroaches, mice, and ants are striving to residents' flats…

After this, a third wave takes start. This is merely, to some extent, an immune system of the Creation. Pitifully, a main victim of the system became namely the very human as a source of a principal enio violation. These third wave of destroyers bears, in themselves, different infections - cholera, plaque, and alike. Through the usage, against this, the chemical preparations, a human is turning on, for himself, the fourth wave of his auto-destruction. For instance, the moths do not want now eat the fur products without a naphthalene seasoning; and, cockroaches already exist for million years! The matter is that all the destroyers, in parallel with their high velocity of reproduction, posses also a high adaptation to negative environmental factors. Species which survived in cataclysms usually provide a population resistant to those negative conditions. Remember the mobile dispersed genes, again.

Elder persons in our country also remember a forced "chemistryzation", in late '60s, and, experienced horticulturalists have then noticed: yet after a first sprinkling, a plant loses its own immunity, and, a necessity arises to use pesticides constantly and at increasing dosage; otherwise, the plant dies. In gardens, birds have stopped their singing…, It was understood later that every living entity possessed its own immune system, and any artificial intervention destroyed the immunity; everything goes to annihilation excepting the destroyers themselves.

In the process of time, scientists began to understand that animal or plant species could not be envisaged separately. Thus, for instance, a reaction of a bird or fish group three to four times exceeds the reaction of them taken individually. In group, not merely a simple summation takes place, but, a collective consciousness is being forming itself. (In particular, this phenomenon is being skillfully used in magic and religious rites through a synchronous singing of mantras, prayers, and spelling declamations.) All this should allow to treat our "little brothers" in a new way. For instance, ants and bees' joint living as well as their collective work correspond to our concept of civilization. At this, every single species is as if a separate cell of a living multi-dimensional organism. Similar to this, the separate cells in human organism are forming what we call physical body or physical plane. Many of us already know that human possesses not only physical, but, astral and mental planes, as well; however, in relation to other living entities, traditional scientists refuse them in possession of those "subtle" planes…

Medicine workers have noticed that at mass epidemics in medieval Europe, not everyone happened to catch a disease. Besides, moving away to another terrain (change of a local metacode) guaranteed a man against the disease. In those years, men and women sentenced to the death penalty were being been infected with cholera or plaque, and, four in five of them would have survived! This made some scientists to think deeper about karmic connections between epidemics and an intelligence.

The multi-dimensional approach in research into the Creation allows to understand that entity may be projected into 4-dimensional space through a sequence of separate physical planes. But, on the astra-mental plane, this is still the same unified and reasonable entity. Any epidemics is not merely a set of viruses and bacteria; this is an entity, which executes a definite karmic task: devastation of the very awful destroyer - a man! And, the very fun thing in the situation is that using vaccinating and pesticides we accelerate the process for ourselves. A newborn child gets today a vaccine containing the aluminum salts; what an immunity may be after this!? In our Center, we almost daily would to correct children suffered from vaccination; and, the lethality constantly arises.

In due times, ornithologists went to an interest why did the population of birds of prey on the fields suddenly sharply decrease? The result of research into the issue was shocking: hawks, eagles, and owls used to die of a liver destruction being a result of pesticides and herbicides fed through mice. However, men and women are eating these allegedly safe foodstuffs directly!

Let's recollect the main informational vehicles. Being a bi-polar structure, water is overwriting onto itself an informational component from volumetrically-resonating molecules. Later on, it will be just this component to impact, including biological structures (details below). Our home water could not contain poison-gases on a physical plane: it would only be enough an informational component containing in them!

It is widely known that, in bygone Soviet days, in Russia, the most part of the harvest was being lost. Then, what were the boundless fields plowed up for? The unconscious task was to provoke destroyers to normalize enio violations and, then, activate through this an earthen civilization's self-annihilation, with a wide usage of insecticides and pesticides. One has to know that poison-gases necessarily give the genetical deformations in the next incarnations.

In parallel to the fourth immune wave, a fifth one started its action, and, again, thanks to the humanity's silliness, to all sorts of humanity's magic rituals. In press, the head-eggs persons of a science would repeat that, in vague times, a number of sorcerers, fortune-tellers, magicians, and alike is emerging; however, why they did not guess that, in order to provide these vague times, it is necessary to organize a massive enthusiasm for magic and sorcery? A special process of mass publications of quasi-esoterical literature was provoked, and, total profanation of ancient knowledge began. And, "uninitiated" persons were not able to gain an understanding of where are wolves and where are sheep. In Russia, the magic "infinitum" reached its peak in the end of 90s. At this, neither a Masonic lodge, nor Shambala supporters, nor special services' officials, clan of The twelve, and other pseudo-esoterical currents, understand nothing in a genuine esoterics.

This silliness of the earthen residents stimulated automatically the sixth immune wave of the Creation - a Program of Inculcation, passing through our "cosmic brothers". According to the different data, about 90 civilizations are experimenting upon us. Millions of people are being abducted irretrievably or rotationally, and are being subjected to dubious alien medical experiments. The analysis of the situation carried out by our Center allows to state firmly: almost every of the high and mighty of this world is necessarily undergoing an alien zombage and is acting in accordance with program(s) aimed to annihilate the earthen civilization through ceaseless wars and technocratic way of evolution.

This alien influence was (and, is) being put into effect across all the Field of Events. UFOs were being observed always, and, every historical chronicle mentions about "alien contacts". Almost all modern ufologists insist that every such contact is destructive. At this, you would not to be an immediate participant of those dubious experiments: it is enough to have a close encounter # 1 ("CE-1") - UFO sighting in any its form. Our Center states firmly: the alien reason destroys our evolution!

The Program of Inculcation is (and, was) acting across a whole Field of Events, and it is a multi-dimensional and multi-plane thing. However, not all of our "brothers" are in aggressive position to us; there are those among them who wants to help us and show us our mistakes. So we should reject here a subjective division upon "ours" and "enemies".

In August, 1988, at the height of a resort season, just next to the Sochi beach, in broad daylight, a UFO has come into view and began filtering water throughout itself. Many of vacationists have even left their preference and started to observe the process. The matter was that, accordingly to local sanitary service, the urine concentration in local water reached a non-permissible level of about 70%… In general, accordingly to joint Soviet-American calculations, our civilization should already pant with a poisoned atmosphere yet in the end of 60s; and, there are eye-witnesses of how UFO dumped out soot into the Karelian bogs.

Things going now on under an earthens-aliens interaction one may compare to those going on in prisons and convict colonies. In one of the aspects, our planet is being seen as a prison for the greatest sinners from whole Galaxy. Clergymen used to say that, after the death, sinners would find themselves in the hell, but, such a statement may only call a smile: it cannot be worse anywhere than nowadays on the Earth... At this, our "brothers in reason" play a role of our tutors and supervisors; this is explanation of mass contacts with bio-robots. In earthen prisons, this role is played by video systems and alarm signaling.

It is not a secret what money-grabbing and violence are happening in these places primarily ordered to make people good. Something like this happened to our "brothers in reason". Some of civilizations by mistake, others in a goal-directed way, began violate the enio laws. Thereby, our planet turned into a donor center, of a kind: once earthens do not use their reason, it is permissible to confiscate it! The most effect is being reached under stress. For this, wars are necessary, and cultivation, through their proteges, a silliness, greediness, and egotism.

All those things are designed to mask, in the information fields, the PI and SCP's addresses: they say, earthens are guilty for themselves in everything what is under way now! Nevertheless, sooner or later, every violence comes to its end and, walls of a prison begin to collapse, - including the civilizations' consciousness! The global violation of enio laws has led to a modern super-critical situation and to the possibility of seventh, immune wave of the Creation: the total collapse or so-called End of the World. This seventh wave, like a decuman wave, will sweep away, without distinction, both a degrading earthens and "brothers".

The Creation will be forced to do this upon uncontrolled and marasmic four-dimensional reason, if consciousness and enio normalization is not succeed. Yet more and more people on the Earth begin reflect on a sense of things going on. Yet more and more scientists begin, in their proceedings, operate with ideas belonging to the multi-dimensional Creation, Information Fields, enio exchange laws, and so on. The problem of normalization cannot be solved only within the earthen borders; unified actions of the whole Reason are necessary to achieve the objective. And there is no sense to appeal to the Absolute: it needs our help for itself!


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