In their searching for conformity to natural laws, many scientists studied a DNA, the main molecule carrying a heredity. Results were published in February, 2001. As it turned out, a DNA is a universal genetic code practically identical to the earthen life forms, - and, not the earthen ones only. Researching into interstellar gaseous-dusty clouds revealed fragments of amino-acids, proteins, and DNA molecules presenting in them. By these findings, a Darwin theory of evolution occurred to be greatly undermined. So-called Martian meteorite has fully demolished the Darwin theory. The biological material is constantly falling onto the Earth, along with meteorites. In cosmic variety, DNA molecules of left and right polarization were found. On the Earth, a left polarization is being prevailing. Only four species of bacteria, those found in thermal acidic springs of volcanoes, are the right-polarized ones; a deep sense is lying in this! Besides, all amino-acids, on the Earth, are of a left polarization, while sugars are of a right one.

Mathematical research into the Bible revealed that the Gospels' structure (the main blood groups) conformed to a DNA code. In Moscow (Russia) Institute for quantum genetics headed by Pyotr P. Garjaeff, a discovery of coded texts in DNA molecules has been done. It has been demonstrated that only 1 to 5 percent of chromosomes bear information concerning DNA, while others bear an unknown information. The last one is very similar to texts at incomprehensible languages. Mathematical research into book texts, language, and DNA sequence revealed their great similarity. It turned out that human genetic apparatus possessed an indefinite multitude of languages. Pyotr Garjajeff has come to a conclusion that human being was a self-reading text structure, and that the genetic apparatus acted through a holography memory, the last using laser fields able to radiate both light and sound. Chromosomes radiate inside a wide spectrum, from ultra-violet to infra-red, and are able to read out each other's multiple informational holograms. As a result, light and acoustic image of future organism is being emerging, as well as an image of all subsequent organism's generations.

Watching the spectrum, you may come to a conclusion as to a DNA's "self-condition". When the condition is good, DNA radiates light and sound at their low frequencies, while under a deterioration, those frequencies are getting higher, down to a level of ultrasound, at a moment of DNA devastation. While this, during 40 days after a devastation, the died DNAs have phantomly presented themselves in cuvettes, though other molecules, after placing them into the same cuvette, started to yelp as if being smelt under a high temperature.

To write down such an enormous volume of information onto DNA, time exceeding a Universe' age should be needed, becoming the fact that once more tarnish a Darwin theory. In Russia, as always in our country, researching into the phenomena have led scientists to an idea of constructing psychotronic generators able to transfer information from one object to another, independently on distance between them. Scientists supposed that this was just the way an Ebola virus was being acting (however, other viruses too), becoming a base for biological weapon. By the way, the Ebola virus was found at Uganda-Kenya border, in a cave of Kitum, famed by its "Kenya boy's skeleton" belonging to a boy who lived millions of years ago. Though, on the Earth, only very far monkeys' ancestors should live in the period given, the boy's skeleton occurred fully identical to the one of a modern human. And scientists do not know, as yet, why a generator of such a frightening virus is there in the cave, - a generator every ten years automatically turning itself on!

It is relevant to remember here "A call to the every Earthen resident", by Higher Reason of the Universe, which has been published in many countries. The Reason points there out that Earthen residents broke the Creation's laws and that, because of this, the Reason starts to transform them into a 6th Race. Underneath, there are some extractions from this seemingly loyal text:

"We know that ozone layer around the Earth will soon disappear. A direct influence of cosmic beams will be increased, so you have to build your body out of a plant protein... Accordingly to the Creator's Will, it is planned to change the humanity through changes inside your body's cells codes... The code bearing a 6th Race human's new program will only be entered into cells of those who will be found as successfully passed a border of spirituality and biological mass; so you will find a physical form you need to enter the 4th dimension where all of you will continue yourself... Try to comprehend the truth: your body is changing itself, and you have to tune up and accommodate yourself, in order to painlessly go through mutation Cosmos is carrying out at the intensifying mode... You must know that this is a process covering the whole Earth. Every Earthen resident is taking part in the process independently on his or her will... This accelerated mutation consists of some stages, the main ones being as follows:

- a transmutation, - i.e., a transformation of chemical elements, at a molecular level;

- a transplantation, - i.e., a renewing of body apparatus, along with a partial replacement and\or removing of some internal organs or systems...

Don't put yourself out: only those organs will be changed that cause abnormalities and hinder the organism. While being operated, you will only feel pricks or cold inside the organism, as well as on the body surface. Humans having increased sensitivity are feeling this since September 1991... Everyone will go through the mutations, and everyone will be changed; however, not everyone will survive..."

An interesting interconnection may be drawn out of this statement!


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