Ancient philosophers used to say that "in beginning was the Word ". Thinkers successive have been insisted that a deed was the original thing. But all these disputes are of no sense because both a thoughtform and a thought image are categories of different metric spaces. The word transforms a thought image into a thoughtform and launches the thoughtform into materialization.

A language of human communication is more than a simple linguistic phenomenon of the etnos given. The word is a key to come into informational fields. So the System has maximized a verbal level of magic - prayers, mantras, spells, and, in particular, a neuro-linguistic programmation of consciousness (NLP). A simple set of words in a phrase may built an absolutely unauthorized access (through informational fields) into foreign egregorial formations to exert uncontrolled materialization of programs which are destructive for our civilization. Few of earthens are able to comprehend that accidentally thrown phrase may create catastrophe after a thousand of years!

In accordance to its own structure, a communicative language may be conditionally differed into three levels (pict. 69):

A generally accepted language varies from a rural low colloquial to a poetical level. The higher level is a stilted style designed to communicate with deities; and the lower level is a magic one called by Russians a "mat" [m^t].

In many of etnoses, their people used to abuse one another in foreign language. The matter is that a popular belief exists that spirits belonging to foreign etnos cannot take an abusing person away. Such person exerts an involuntary karmic transfer, --- for instance: a Caucasian man when abusing in Russian is transferring his karmic mistakes into Russian egregor, and Russians are forced to work out Karma of all Eastern and Caucasian nations!.. And not only Karma. There's nothing to be done because those egregors are unable as yet to comprehend (and, through the use of this, to work out) all the sum of their enio exchange infringements. In due time, the Russians should not conquer neither Asian nor Caucasian regions... There is no need of asking now who was first that committed the silliness. He who comprehends and is able to conceive is working out for everyone other. Imagine a fire on a ship when there is no time for discussion.

In the Bible, there are the Christ's words that a man has to pray in his native language, and to preach in a language understandable for listeners. A language, in the first instance, sets borders of a given egregor in informational fields. Usage of unknown and foreign words may cause a spontaneous exit into corresponding foreign egregors, and this may be dangerous for both a man's individual health and a successive evolutionary way of an etnos.

After an upheaval in Russia in October, 1917, the so-called "Holy" Church has got opportunity to work out its entire Karma of a Pisces Era. In parallel with devastation of church temples, a high language level has gone to nonexistence. A freed level found itself filled promptly with new style of oaths and slogans. And it is a wrong thinking that slogan style has emerged owing to a Communistic regime: as I have already written above, a political regime in Russia has never changed itself over the last thousand years; only its name has been changing.

As a result of a slogan level moved from usual language to a higher one, a magic language has moved upwardly and took place on a usual level. And on this fertile field, the System has raised a number of slangs - youth, military, criminal, and so on. The most important thing here is that people have no idea of the original sense of a word.

Serious linguistic proceedings were dedicated to Russian "mat"; Ph.D. and doctoral thesises have been defended, - for instance: "A role of a Russian mat in the World War 2". German interpreters could not understand in what way Russian aces using two or three words of an opened and clear radio text were able to inform each other about disposition of an air fight!.. And an average Russian man abusing his neighbor may spell such magic incantation that electrical bulbs in a whole doorway explode, and safety fuses are away! Any African sorcerer has to prepare himself over months to exert something similar to this.

A magician who spells an incantation comprehends somewhat the terms he uses. But even in that case, few of them know precisely the sense of ancient Cabbalistic terms. Even a single word may happen a key to a pre-compiled program; an example:

In magic, a larvae is an entity living in space parallel to ours. It possesses a powerful energy and relatively low "IQ", and because of this is usually used in magic to initiate poltergeist phenomena. I repeat here once more that a person we are talking of is obliged to emerge beside us, on an astral plane. So in our example the larvae may emerge if, for instance, a husband abuses his wife as "You larvae!". A magic personification is taking place - inculcation of this larvae's astra-mental characteristics into astra-mental plane of a wife and, then, combining this married couple's Multi-dimensionality Pyramids. So the wife may soon become very similar to a larvae...

Our surroundings is what we made. As a great esotericist Napoleon some time said, "Every nation possesses a government it is worthy of". In the History, a leading person is only a reflection of a mutual nation's image of a regime.

As well, it is important to know that there are terms sufficient and terms needed to be defined more precisely. In that second case, our ego and mental plane, after getting the term, begin at once searching for its address in informational fields. Above-mentioned additive determinants are defining the address more precisely, but during the process of looking-for, our ego may give a wrong command to the mental plane searchings. A result is a spontaneous personification of the wrong image onto a concrete physical object. Men and women do not know of such magic personification, so the System palmed off corresponding polysemantic terms into both average and literary languages.

Russia is a single leading country in contemporary transitive era, and because of this it is subjected to the most intensive negative influence from the System. At this, a whole potential of Russian magic is being used, because it is in Russian magic that personification is very strong. According to the System, a man has to talk without thinking on what he is spelling. For instance: "I am ready to give everything for (...)"; but, "I" means a soul, in this contract with the System!.. I want to say that the verbal magic is one of the strongest weapon in the world. Most of people are now accustomed to unconditionally believe to traditional medicine; and, when an incurable patient is suddenly getting healthy while another in the same ward is suddenly deteriorating and dies, one should to surmise here a goal-directed karmic transfer.

Attention to lovers and married couples: do not call each other "honey", or "catty", or alike, to avoid a possible personification: this is a hole for the System. The hole is now very wide because of not only a man's possession of a name, but also a surname and a Christian name, the last one thanking to the "Holy" Church --- additional determinants in informational fields. After His "christening", Jesus the Christ has stayed only Jesus; and John the Baptist did not cut His hairs and did not wrap them in a wax ball, as modern clergymen used to do. Your name, your surname, and your Christian name are, in a church magic, analogous to wax dolls that are used in a ritual magic. Many so-called healers are using such a personificator: "pour out" a defacement into water and/or make patient to go to cemetery and pour this water onto a grave of a man who possessed an analogous name. Or, they offer a patient to pour out such water onto a road-crossing.

It is not eniologically recommended, as well, to call a (wo)man upon her|his patronymic name: an astral plane of the deceased person is constantly pulling out at this. So a clairvoyant person may observe the deceased ones behind any adult man in a crowd.

Also, the verbal magic is brightly presented in poetical and vocalistic personifications. The lightest way for such personification is being provided by a tipsy company singing, for instance: "Damn be the town that separated us from each other". No one of the singers will be able to understand later on why such destroying earthquakes took place in Turkey, India, and China after August 11, 1999 full solar eclipse, and why their own lives went later head over heels, with their addresses in informational fields!.. Analogously, who is able to guess that a blocked connection to the Earth that leads, later on, to varicosity and salts depots in joints, may be result of emotional reading of a poem "I have erected a monument to myself..." And they are dragging these monuments all over the place…

This property of a verbal magic underlies in neuro-linguistic programmation ("NLP"). Many people erroneously believe Canada to be a "fatherland" of the method, while the last one has been developed by Soviet CheKa special department already in '20s. Subsequently, departments of NKVD and KGB worked out on the method. The things returned to us later on from Canada are Russia's native elaborations. I repeat here once more that everything developed in our century is connected with Russian etnos.

At present, the NLP is being powerfully used by different sects and radical movements like (in Russia) dianetics, herbolive, herbalife, Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovahists, and so on. However, such method of recruitment has been being used by already Soviet CheKists. For instance, after allegedly insignificant, but splendidly worked out by CheKa (NKVD, NKGB, MVD, KGB...) questions put to a person while sitting with him on a bench at his house, the agent usually offered to taste sunflower seeds from a cone of paper; and, then, as if occasionally, dropped the cone. If his interlocutor bent to pick up the cone, it meant that his subconsciousness was already entirely subordinated. Then the questions may be put directly, and the interlocutor gave irrefragable answers and, moreover, could not remember later on who and what he has been asked about.

So you may compare "the seeds" with so-called Carnegie method now compulsory in Russian high schools. How lovely! "Spit upon a Law of Volition Inviolability! And in general, does this Law really exist? I need money, and that's all!"

NLP functionaries aspire teaching and ruling, and want teach how you have to rule; but they do not have the least doubt as to were they really asked to teach?

As to Russia, the System decided to outwit the Creation - to make Russian mentality Americanized. We in our Center insist that this is definitely doomed to fail. The matter is that to inculcate its programs the System should block a possibility of its own mistakes on both individual and social levels. (Those blockages were, in particular, erected on a mentally-verbal level, like "You cannot enter in the same river twice", and alike.) For this, a man should be firmly convinced that he is unable to correct his Field of Events without mediators like Church, or healers, or magicians... Otherwise, the System is doomed to autodestruction.

On the other hand, a mentally-verbal magic is not only a word, but also (and, in the first instance) a thought image. "I tried to keep my wool on..." This is, however, an artificial emotion, while on a mental plane it is being generated something like "Be you ... such and such ... and your children ..." To materialize a thought image, it is not necessarily to spell it aloud. Imagine an enio corrector speaking aloud our usual working phrases like "Everyone related to the program given! Come here for correction at once! Withdraw immediately your destructive programs, return this given patient's potential and potential of all men and women possessing the analogous programs. All who deceased, take our help to correct your own Field of Events and do go into your next incarnation..." When heard such a thing, a patient may regard a corrector as truly mentally impaired person.

It is, certainly, a stiff task to speak in eniologically proper way. The System has been being taught us opposedly and knocked into our heads a slang on a subconscious level. Many people are using parasitical words like "E-e-e", "M-m-m", and others. These are nothing but unauthorized keys to come into informational fields, and the System confiscates a potential through them.

Our speech should be laconical, containing a minimum of synonyms and antonyms, and should be free of unknown words of a foreign origin; any such term may possess several meanings and, correspondingly, several unauthorized ways into corresponding egregors' informational fields. In our country, we have to radically revise the entire structure of our language, as soon as possible, until we are critically extrasorcered. On a global scale, the civilization is merely obliged to reject any egregorial separation and, in the first instance, the linguistical one; it has to reject the Babylonian (the System's!..) mixture of modern languages.

A united planetary civilization... This's a thing of the future, and not so far, as I guess. A polar displacement which is now under way will make this union automatically. Whole countries and nations will cease their existence, and those who survive will be forced to unite.

If you want to speak eniologically properly, you may start from fixation a thought image as follows: "Whatever I am telling or thinking, my thoughtforms and thought images are unable to destruct someone or something. I am entitled to use slang expressions, but they will never be materialized."

You need not to learn this by heart at all; the important thing here is a mental sense of your own thoughtform - i.e., not someone another's.


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