The recent research carried out in USA have demonstrated that a human being thinks not with his brain but, through the usage of an external field - a mental plane. A brain and a central nervous system are only a commutative devices. Our physical plane, our physical body, is a four-dimensional volumetric resonator receiving information through the usage of not only general known five senses but, also, through the usage of every organism's cell, molecule, and elementary particle. At this, Time and Space play no role. Time is only a property of our 4-dimensional Space. However, beginning from an astral plane, the time torrent becomes a multi-dimensional field of events where everything goes on synchronously. This allows a possibility to read out information through the usage of astra-mental plane, through informational field, from the whole Field of Events.

In other words, the clairvoyant persons are able to accomplish a free astra-mental exit into the informational fields and, then, observe the Field of Events. This possibility is not a unique one. Everyone must possess ESP! There are no so-called extrasensory persons! The term itself is, at least, a silly one, like other terms of the realm given: " biological field", "healer", and so on.

Medicine workers are insisting that an average man is usually enacting about 4% of his brain cells. The rest 96% are, then, a sort of reserve designed for something unknown things. Surely, it may be possibly right for those persons who insists; however, in the Nature, there is nothing created in vain. There are no any rudiments! For instance, the appendix, on astral plane, is a driving generator of a whole immune system; its surgery removing in an incarnation given provokes possibility of getting AIDS in the next given person's incarnation.

Those 4% of the brain cells are as if a physical-plane unit of a human being's self-preservation; and, it is Ego of esoterical philosophy. The Ego accounts for a natality realization. Recall here that, astrological natal card is as if a technical matrix through which our multi-dimensional entity is able to realize itself on a physical plane of a 4-dimensional space.

The rest 96% of the brain cells connect Ego and an astra-mental plane. Most of people have this interconnection blocked by external alien Program of Inculcation. However, the newborn children are free of the blockage and, correspondingly, possess a free astra-mental vision. Many of parents are facing this. For instance, a child is afraid of sleeping alone in the room. He says that a fearful grandmother stands in the corner of the room, and, that he is afraid of her. However, he merely sees an astral plane of a person died (former owner of the home) and not released into its next incarnation. Or, a child is playing alone and talking to somebody; and his "astra-mentally blind" mother draws him to a psychiatrist who may prescribe him a box of pills… Analogously, an etherization makes astral plane to be almost completely torn off from a physical one, while the reverse process usually occurs impossible without a special enio correction.

This way, a so-called "third eye" is a normal condition for every person! As Jesus have said, "You say, 'We see'; so your sin remains" (John 10:41). The "masters" and "gurus" who insist that an opened "third eye" may only belong to persons spiritually advanced are merely silly. There is no any ruler to measure so-called an "advancement". The last one either is there or is not. Pitifully, most of people have their astra-mental plane blocked, - i. e., their Ego is not connected to their multi-dimensional entity. Such people are, really, a biological raw material for a Confiscation System. After a series of rotative abductions and experiments carried there upon them, most of them became biological robots executing the program(s) written down in micro chips implanted in them. In Bible, they are being called as "not found written in the Book of Life" (Rev 21:15), - i.e., in the Informational Fields. However, a possibility exists to help them (see below).

In East esoterics, there is a conditional gradation for third-eye vision. The lowerest level is a video camera: "I see, but, I do not know what I see; and, moreover, I do not understand what I see." Then, other levels succeed: "I see and I understand", and "I see and I know." And, after this, a sharp jump: "I don't see, but, I know!"

In order to understand in what way is this vision performing itself, let's recall a draft of MD-pyramid and see the picture 39.

Through the usage of informational fields, the astra-mental plane of a man receives the Field of Events' information. The last one is being projecting onto every level of a MD-pyramid's informational vehicles: inside such and such molecules, the nucleons turned over their spin; in turn, those molecules changed their form a little; the last one caused change of volumetric resonance; and, a cell has produced an electrical impulse. Through the central nervous system, the impulse has found itself in the brain, in the very 96%, which form the image of information perceived. This image is then perceived by our Ego - 4% of the brain cells. The perception of the image is a multi-plane one: a thought emerges, a voice is being heard, or, an image is being seen. A so-called clairvoyance is only insignificant part of an image perception. Let's envisage this in more details.

From a brain, an electrical impulse is being brought up to a retina. Through the activation of rod cells and cellula optica coniformis, virtual image is being formed, and is again received by rod cells and cellula optica coniformis. Through an optic nerve, the impulse is brought up to a brain optic center, and a recognition takes place. The beginners in visualization usually see having their eyes closed, while the experienced persons keep eyes opened. So, a clairvoyance is not an ability of seeing through walls or through a patient's body; it is a free interconnection between Ego of the physical plane and the astra-mental plane of the human's multi-dimensional entity. And, so-called "a third eye" is our physical body in its totality.

The level of perception is depending directly on so-called IQ of a person given. The more a man knows the more is his ability to understand. Here is an example. Many years ago, a she-healer came to our Center. With her very good clairvoyance she has had a wide practice, but, a mistake has been somewhere committed by her. So, entities of so-called lower astral plane became torment her constantly day and night, and she wanted us to close her "the third eye"., We chase, however, the other way: we started to look for a cause of her problem in the informational fields. The following images were then perceived by two of our she-colleagues: a huge panel of electrical bulbs, part of the last one being turned off; and (other colleague) the warming device with a spiral mounted ineffectively. On their questions to mental plane of what should be done to correct situations, they have got corresponding answers, and, the she-patient occurred helped. Being, in due times, the less experienced specialists, the colleagues asked me, with a share of dissatisfaction, what were those bulbs and spirals showed to them for, instead of a "real information"? I explained to them that they could see that, in a brain neuroglia, in some and some molecule, such a concrete nucleon has inversely changed its spin, breaking a synapses interconnection which caused a breakdown in the patient's perception. The matter is that, at that moment, the colleagues had no idea about such things as neuroglia, synapses, and nucleons; so their mental plane has adapted the information to their Ego's "IQ". Thus, the higher is a person's IQ and the wider is his practical experience, the more accurate is his level in perception of information.

In our Center, we almost daily are facing the fact that, after our enio correction, our patients' astra-mental vision used to start to perform flawlessly. Many of them have had such a vision through all their lives without any correction, but, they did not know that this was namely the third eye. Most of them merely cannot use it. A dare Hindu yogin is abstaining from everything for twenty years, is keeping meditations to see an aura… When we once said to one of our she-patients (a pasty seller) that she has had her third eye finely working, we heard: "I did not know it, really. I would stand and watch passers-by, and I see: this one is full; this one will not eat such a thing; but, this one will buy. And, I then cry: Hot pasties, hot pasties! Should you cry in vain!.."

The thing which is usually called "the third eye" is a complete set of an ability of perceiving the information: clairvoyance, telepathy, night and\or day dreams, intuition… Dowsing is relevant here, too. For instance, let's envisage, through the usage of a MD-pyramid, a process of a pendulum dowsing. If operator has no ability of visualizing the thought images, then his mental plane, answering to his Ego's request, would bring up, through the astral plane, a multi-dimensional information, in binary codes: "to the right - to the left". The operator himself is driving the codes' signs: rotation clockwise or counterclockwise means YES or NO. Two-dimensional information of a three-dimensional pendulum's rotation is being perceived visually by operator and is being converted into four-dimensional images. A chain "question-answer" happens closed.

When working with a pendulum or frames, some operators are usually saying "I was showed…", "I was informed…", "this is right information, and this is not", etc. Such a perspective not only absolves operator of the responsibility as to the information he saw and then passed to a patient, but, also, is opening a possibility of zombage on the part of another mental planes and\or egregorial programs.

Any information from Informational Fields must be only perceived and filtered by your own mental plane and, then, adapted to a level of perception of your own Ego. So one should better speak, "I see…", "I have received something like…", "I am sure that…"; by this, you are just blocking the possible misinformation.

Our work with groups of operators has also demonstrated that while solving a concrete given task you should not make one or another operator's information more (or, less) important comparing to others' information; recall the picture 1. Information is a multi-dimensional thing, and, to make our Ego to perceive it, our mental plane is adapting the information. At this, because of our four-dimensional perception, some part of information is being lost. So when you envisage serious and\or complex programs you should integrate the group efforts and sum individual information.

To understand foreign language, you need a dictionary; an analogous situation is there in an astra-mental perception of a multi-dimensional information. In order to perceive a clear image, a clairvoyant needs a dictionary, too. Here lies a fundamental complexity: not only to merely see, but, understand what are you seeing. Such "a dictionary" is already being created since thousands of years, but, there is not, till now, any consent as to how treat the information under perceiving. For instance, some authors insist that a human's astral double is placed over a man's head and is upside down, while others insist that - under a man's foot and with its head downward.

Let's envisage a clear example. A traditional science may conditionally consider ants as flat beings only able to perceive, mainly, two-dimensional information: forward-back, to the right-to the left. Let's admit that ants possess their own scientists studying a stump of a tree. Through the usage of their paces, the ants measured a height and diameter of the stump and counted its year rings. Later on, they will be able to identify one or another tree; however, these scientists' way of thinking will not allow them to comprehend what, really, was that living and reasonable tree that only left a stump here; and, moreover, to comprehend what was a forest, in general. These concepts are behind their ability of perceiving a world; and, in order to begin understand, they have to expand their consciousness…

Something like this is usually taking place in a process of studying multi-dimensional causal-consequent interconnections in the Creation's enio exchange. Our ego does not have usually an adequate dictionary to translate a multi-dimensional information into generally accepted terms. So facing a successive new program, a clairvoyant person (later on - "an eniocorrector") is usually perceiving information in its simplified form, at first: dark-light, good-bad, dangerous-safe, and so on. At this, members of a group may get a completely different impressions; but, under a multi-perspective approachment, the generalized mental plane of the group (something like an egregor) starts forming some conditional image, which leads to adequacy in perception, down to a full congruency.

It is not, however, a goal, to make everyone see the same things; at this, a danger may arise to miss some, even, secondary projections of information. Because of this, integration of the thought images permits mental plane to create such a thoughtform which is designed to execute a correction with the most achievable accuracy.

To sum the chapter: "the third eye" is a multi-plane perception of a multi-dimensional information by all projections of the entity given. What they are calling "a human being" is not more than a four-dimensional volumetric resonator which permits this "higher" entity to learn and change four-dimensional world.


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