From the author

Chapter 1
- Eniology as a most ancient science of modernity
- Why the Eden is closed for us, or, - Briefly about the principal things
- A world we are living in: the modern view
- Subjectivity and objectivity on a way of gnosis. Good and Evil, Creation and Destruction

Chapter 2
- A spin fields theory as an attempt to commit a breakthrough
- Multidimensional creation. "Pyramid of multidimensionality". The main carriers of information. The concept of "Cosmos" - "The Universe"- "Creation"
- Where is a Creation information stored? An idea of "info-fields"
- We are not alone in the Universe
- Who has created the evolutionary algorhytms?
- "A stupidity algorithm"?
- The "crosswinds data" effect
- Who has invented a DNA?
- The mobile dispersed genes
- Heliocentric coordinate system
- The Tunghus body - an enio-virus to penetrate the Earthen info-fields
- What civilizations are emerged for? Where an anti-matter is hidden? A spiral of multi-dimensionality. Who has turned us inside out?
- A multi-dimensional immune system of Creation, or, - Why our cosmic brothers do not love us. System of Confiscation of the Earth Civilization's Potential (SCP). A Program of Inculcation (PI).

Chapter 3
- The third eye, or, - In what way do the clairvoyants see?
- A human's enio-framework. Enio-torrent and its polarization. European and East types of human energy. Energy centers and chakrams in human.
- The East theme is a delicate one, or, - Why East practices are not fit to Europeans
- A Solaris as an egregorial model of the nous-sphere. Why are the USA condemned?
- A Russian inventiveness
- Why is Russia now in slavery? A shot from the Future, or, - Where has a two-headed eagle come from?

Chapter 4
- An idea of a "field of events". Reincarnational cycles
- Time as a subjective reality. Time and multi-dimensionality.

Chapter 5
- Esoterics and magic. Multi-dimensional gradients
- The ideas of Karma and Fate. A "free will inviolability" as a fundamental law of Creation
- Who has invented a fortune-telling? A spiritism and fortune-telling as a worldwide foolishness

Chapter 6
- A health and safety care in esoterics: the main principles
- Identification
- A thoughtform's exact address
- A Law of Conservation
- Necessity and sufficiency
- A "non-personification" principle
- Giving up our grabbing reflexes: A "free hand" rule
- Where should we throw the astral garbage out? Program annihilation and your potential

Chapter 7
- A language to intercommunicate. A verbal magic and neuro-linguistic programmation
- Hit the evolution with a magic, or, - The best way to dig a tomb for yourself. A ritual magic
- We will not all fall asleep in death, but we will all be changed
- Oh, those weddings!..

Chapter 8
- The "crusaders", religion, and destructive magic. The religion ceremonies from eniological point of view
- What the Lord has cursed Adam's kin for? Reading the Bible more attentively

Chapter 9
- A technogenouse magic
- A "Holy Hand" is greeting you. Water in enio-interchanging. "I charge water, creams, accumulators..."
- Energy-exposure through the mass-media
- The zombie programs
- Running from a heart attack to a stroke. Sport and our cosmic “brothers"
- Enio-approachments in architecture and building activity
- Poltergeist phenomena in Rostov-on-Don (and, not only there); their interconnection with UFO events
- A modern medicine's Karmic crimes. What lies behind a blood transfusion. Incarnational results of surgical intervention as well as of drug therapy. The way to survive after being in hospital

Chapter 10
- Causal-investigatory connections in maladies' emergence and other pathogenous health states. PI main stages

Chapter 11
- The "astral overlappings". The werewolves: a fiction or a truth?
- Man and woman: two thousand years of war without any special cause. "Whose names are not written in the Book of Life."
- Boy or girl? Pathological and sexual deviations
- Program Space donation. Why we do not have children? Correction of reproductive functions

Chapter 12
- If something exists, it a profit for someone The alcoholism and the drug addiction
- The corrections peculiarities

Chapter 13
- Individual correction of the Field of Events patient
- The remote corrections through a phantom,still photos, or telephone call. A time-inversed correction
- A human's influence upon physical and chemical processes
- Can somebody change the History?

Chapter 14
- Who can help us in becoming genuine men and women?
- Moral norms in enio-corrections



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