There are fairly enough suppositions concerning to what has happened near Podkamennaya Tunguska river, more than 90 years ago. The enio-traces of the event you can see in many programs of alien inculcation into the earthen civilization's evolution. In our Center, we were opening these programs and were working on them. Such of them, which was called as A, was a part of the Program of Inculcation (PI) and was designed to change humans' DNA in order to change a physical appearance of earthen residents, what had earlier been said about in the "Address of a Higher Reason". The program A has primarily emerged in Britain in a form of crop circles (pict. 30a,b), which subsequently gained a size of about some kilometers.

The peak of those "cosmic drafts" has begun in 1968, and they subsequently began to emerge in Europe, USA, Australia, USSR, and Russia In the last days of June, 1968, the Australian pilot T. Smith found on the Earth surface a 4-kilometers picture of a man keeping a cudgel in his hand (200 km from Port Augusta, a village of Marry; pict. 30c). The aborigines considered the picture as a trouble sign. Nevertheless, the discovery has again demonstrated to the whole world the analogous nature of the cereals pictograms and the Nasca's ones in Peru.

It is of interest, by the way, that, excluding Europe, the names of the continents have an "A" letter in their beginning. Europe seems to become "Asia", as we seeЕ From a psycho-linguistic and verbal-magic point of view, every letter and sign contains an address belonging to a person or a thing entering the Creation's info-fields. In every language, terms and names are not accidental things.

What, then, are those pictograms were (and, are) being created for? Let's go deeply into this uneasy problem. In due time, the British government has issued a secret decree: every farmer who has noticed a pictogram on his field is obliged to instantly mow it out, otherwise he might be deprived of a state economical order - the thing equal to impoverishment, for farmers. One of the MPs when interviewing what this covering-up is being done for has said that, if pictogram information happened be known to general public, the people would learn that there are external forces unsubordinated to any government, and, that political power is nothing more than an instrument of a System, to distract people's attention from alien inculcation.

We should not forget that Britain was strong with its Masonic traditions, and, that a Russian two-headed eagle has spread its wings not accidentally over the largest country in the world: Peter the First while being in England was initiated into a Scotch department of a Masonic lodge. However, are the Freemasons the only ones who are so frightened of losing their power? Or, are they executing a someone other's will? The leading officials in a masonry do not keep silence concerning the theme.

Let's, now, envisage a so-called Program A, in its connection with a gangrene-like streptococcus A, for the first time found just in England, and, subsequently, spread worldwidely. Field crop circles have also emerged before. There are evidences of the facts in 15th and 16th centuries manuscripts. A getting into the habit was being conductedЕ The peak was there in the end of XXth century, i.e., nowadays. Instrumental investigations carried out have showed genetic and chemical changes in cereals taken from pictograms. However, devices of those decades were not able to "energetically" register the programs hidden. Cereals and straw were being eaten by cattle, or bread was being made out of seed, and, so-called streptococcus A has pretty soon emerged. Within some twenty four hours, a human's tissue was striping away of bones, even after an insignificant trauma.

After this, British cows have followed. Some million people all over the world happened to become infected with a bovine spondiform encephalopathy. Children occurred to catch illness for first! However, the process has belonged to exclusively a physical plane. Other things were hidden from the profanes' view.

In a hot summer of 2000, cereals fields of almost every country in the world were covered with different types of pictograms. On July 26, 2000, our investigating group, along with local TV news team, moved to a place in a Stavropol area to visit local large pictogram and UFO landing sites. The pictogram occurred to be ground-excavated, like some previous ones here happened in 1989. It may be of interest, as well, that this area is, practically, a place where president Gorbatchoff was born.

The pictogram investigation has indicated that this year's December was expected to be under a great strain, and, that new millenium celebration would be very blurry. Other predictions have been said out as well; and now, when these lines are being written, in March 2001, we became convinced of our correctness again.

The enio-investigated crop circles wheat showed a powerful negative charge, subsequently corroborated by researchers of Stavropol Medical Academy. By the way, the devices designed by Alexander Svijash, "KIT-3" and "KIT-4", also examined by Academy insiders showed analogous powerful zombying effect.

Our planet is a living and intelligent entity. Like in humans, its surface bears acupuncture points, through which one can impact on the whole planet regions placed even on other continents. This impact may be directed onto present, past, and future events of our History, and, this was intensively executed by our "cosmic brothers", in summer 2000.

A question may arise, what the "Tunghus meteorite" has to do with all the above-mentioned things? The matter is that we live in a multi-dimensionality, and the 4-dimension space is only a part of it, perceiving by our senses and devices. It is also known, that some people are able to held effect on devices. Such effects used to do the so-called UFOs causing the very unbelievable readings on scales. In multi-dimensionality, our usual causal-consequent interrelations lose their sense. For instance, the event that caused a corresponding effect, may occur after that very effect. The generally accepted logic happens of having no sense here. In our 4-dimensional time, events are, to some extent, subordinated to the Hauss distribution, with their synchronous effect on our Present, Past, and Future (pict. 31). Such an effect was once more corroborated in a process of research of the Stavropol pictograms.

It is not the accidental thing that, in 60s, pictograms became to be found near dolmens and megaliths - the "contact" sites. At this, no one, really, knew what these strange constructions were been being erected for far ago, and, what is their principal function. Something like this was used in wars - toys filled with explosive materials. A child sees only external form - a toy Analogously, many researchers are only able to see the external things, while the behind-standing internal ones stay completely hidden to them.

And, analogously, the "Tunghus explosion" was, in fact, an inculcation of enio virus to degenerate the earthen residents' evolution. The virus brought its fruits, indeed: Dmitry Mendelejev, with his endictated Periodical system for natural and synthetic elements; and, Einstein with his "en-enlightened" theory of relativity, they have led our civilization to nuclear weapon and Philadelphia Experiment. The last one held its effect for some hundreds of years time-forward and time-back - through Bermuda triangles, pictograms, UFOs, poltergeists, and other evil spirit. And, how many similar "experiments" are, till now, being held in secrecy! In general, the cause that gave rise to the consequence given, may exist, in a time scale, after this very consequence; we shall envisage the effect later.

A stupidity and silliness of modern humanity, its egotism, its striving for annihilation other persons, have caused in our Creation the necessity of destroying of our civilization. It is of unimportance to know who, in fact, has really organized the within-named Tunghus injection; of the more importance is to understand what has it been done for. If we do not understand this, the predictions will ensue written by John, Nostradamus, Nemchin, and others As well as predicted by other prophets survived the Apocalypses and received telepathically from ancient prophets!..


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