An interconnection between cosmic processes and those going on the Earth has been guessed by humanity for thousands of years. As I have already mentioned, all great ancient years' scientists were not the scientists only. They possessed so called paranormal abilities — clairvoyancy, clairaudiency, and so on. Data concerning an atomic structure and that of the Universe, the Creation, and cosmic original of the humanity have been written yet down millenniums ago. Centuries are passing by, and, one has to recollect things our ancestors knew well.

Drawbacks of modern theories as to a world's construction led the humanity to new hypotheses. Many of them occurred time-wet and became forgotten, while others would came to view again, in press. A necessity of existence, in the Creation, the speed-of-light (or more) transferring the information led scientists to hypotheses of microleptonic, takhionic, and torsion(ic; or, spin) fields. Those hypotheses tried to find out some new far-effecting fields, because information on only electromagnetic state of the Universe believed insufficient and unable to explain many (if not all) of the observing phenomena.

In 1913, a French mathematician Elie Cartan showed a possibility of spin fields existence emerging around any rotating body. In 1993, the Russian physicist Gennadiy I. Shipoff, in his "Theory on a physical vacuum", has substantiated this theoretically. If those hypothetical gravitational fields are being born by mass, while electromagnetic ones by charge, then spin (or, spinory) fields form a classical spin, a quantum analogue of rotational moment (pict. 14). A constant of spin-torsion interactions serving as a factor of their power was being estimated as not more than 10-66, and has not been taken by scientists into special account because of their high feebleness; to compare, electromagnetic interactions' constant is equal to 10-2. Then, in progress of time, scientists came to a conclusion that, for a dynamic rotation, when waved torsion interaction emerges, limitation for a constant is being removed. While this, when a constant achieves its great values, the torsion effects become visible. This allowed to develop new torsion technologies, in energetics, transport, communications, and so on.

The torsion fields theory has a sequence of amazing features radically differing from a generally accepted scientific dogmas. Namely, the torsion fields' energy and impulse are equal to zero like a potential energy of spin-torsion interaction. The torsion field transfers information without any energy transfer, that was experimentally corroborated by Ukrainian scientists V.P.Mayboroda and I.I.Tarasyuk, where a torsion generator impacted upon a type of Cadmium-Mercury-Tellurium crystal. In this experiment, values of the changing parameters of magnetic field could need a million times more energy than those needed for a generator performance.

Unlike gravitational and electromagnetic fields which are characterized by a central symmetry, torsion fields of the spinning objects possess an axis symmetry. A law of inversed squares is not actual here, so a field intensity does not depend on its distance from a source/ Also, it possesses a huge penetrative ability in any of natural media. Law-energetical relict neutrinos are quantums of a torsion field — the "tordions". Torsion fields, being, in their nature, similar to the gravitational ones, are unscreenable. While gravitation, when being modeled, is being treated as a spinal longitudinal polarization, the torsion fields are being treated as a horizontal polarization of a physical vacuum.

The torsion waves' group velocity makes up not more than 109с (where с is a speed of light). Super-speed-of-light velocities are present themselves in Newton's theory of gravitation making, in this way, a base for a hypothetic super-speed-of-light "takhion" conception to explain superconductivity and superfluidity.

With regard to torsion waves, the physical vacuum behaves accordingly to holography laws. While taking photos of any objects, there are being registered, in parallel with electromagnetic torrent, a torsion radiation, changing emulsion atoms' spin orientation. This phenomenon allowed development a technology for mineral searching not only on the Earth, but, on any cosmic body, as well. Moreover, as far as the torsion fields are able to exist independently on spinning objects which have born them, a possibility comes forward of examination those objects in their own historical past.

The next unique feature is an inter-attraction of the same-named torsion charges and, then, an interpushing away of the hetero-named ones. The torsion field as possessing a memory contains 24 independent components and is able to decompose itself into three self-sufficient parts. These parts form a substance named a torsion field.

In accordance with their ability of acting at far distances, those spin-torsion interactions may be used for studying the Universe's structure and history. Heading by Russian academicians Michael M. Lavrentjeff and A.F.Pougatchoff, Kozireff's experiments on fixing a radiation from stars' present, past, and future position have been successfully carried out again, and that at a higher technical level. Similarly to the Kozireff's experiments, in those investigations, with a telescope fixed at the object, lens have been screened with a metal foil to avoid electromagnetic influence. The results corroborated a possibility of developing a torsion astronomy. Many times exceeding the speed of light, the torsion fields allow to watch Universe far beyond its electromagnetic border. Also, a possibility emerges of acquiring information concerning part of the Universe that is closer to us in time, comparing to traditional astrophysical methods. For instance, from a planet of Mars, the torsion field is reaching the Earth by 4 minutes faster than electromagnetic one. It was theorized that these are torsion fields thanking to whom a Universe matter presents itself in a structured celled form, while a hidden mass problem is connected to a fact that those torsion interactions were not being taken into account by scientists.

Torsion technology possibilities gave rise to a new stage of a technogenous evolution, including psychotronical subconscious mind control (so called "zombying"), and not in Russia alone, which outstripped other countries in the disciple. However, an ill-considered intrusion into the Nature laws would always led to unpredictable consequences, the payment for which might be exceedingly serious. In the beginning of 90th, the well-known Russian astrologist A.Podvodni supposed that, when particles are being colliding in accelerators, we are in a danger of effecting a devastating influence upon both micro-worlds and out-of-the-Earth's evolutions! From a torsion theory point of view, the phenomenon is quite possible. Think up, now: for the first time in the world, the torsion transmission has been actualized in Moscow, USSR, in April 1986, through a 22-kms in-town connection. The year of 1986 is, accordingly to "a stupidity algorithm" (see below), "a sixy one" and is famous not only by Chernobyl and "Admiral Nakhimoff" events, but, by many other known and covered-up catastrophes, as well. On the other hand, to initiate a Chernobyl and like catastrophes and, through them, to acquit its controlling intrusion into an earthen evolution, the alien reason planted to humanity a torsion generators' idea in parallel with a limitation of their possible area of usage! Scientists planned set a torsion transmitter inside a failed Mars probe unit, to study torsion radiation from Mars to Earth. A chain of occasional events or an ill-considered humanity's intrusion into forbidden, as to our evolutionary level, alien civilizations' communicational channels? A torsion fields theory supporters believe such a behavior as the most effective mode of Alien Reason's communication…

However, not only Russian projects failed; in 1999, celebrated American probes have also revealed a full Earthen residents' inefficiency in trying to invade into communications belonging to the alien reason.


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