My practice in healing I have begun as usual "extrasensory person"; but soon I felt interest in causes of maladies. If you properly ask your mental plane, an answer will necessarily follow, in either form. Everything depends on a mutual mental plane's condition as well as on that of informational fields just in this given period of time. Of course, such things are unfavorable, and we have already discussed it above; everyone must have his own free exit into informational fields. The mishmash was caused by breaking up a civilization's mutual mental plane into a host of different egregors, but the situation is now getting improved.

If any event is repeating twice, you should pay attention to this; if three times or more, you should to sit down and think properly where your mental plane's hint has been missed. At one time, during one week only, we in our Center have patients with mainly stomach and duodenal ulcer; this allowed us to thoroughly search for causes usually leading to those maladies. And we found out that, in the first instance, this is a stress causing a 5th energy center's disruption. For men, such stress is usually a stint in Army, scuffles, and accidents; for women, these are mainly attacks and rape attempts. And, after a successive ulcer patient, I sat down and began to think. My reasoning was about follows:

Once a physical plane is a multi-dimensional entity's projection into a four-dimensional space, and if our body is, at the same time, both periodically changed instrument for investigation this four-dimensional space and energy plant for providing this multi-dimensional entity with energy and information, then let our mental plane to take over the task of a routine work execution. On a mental plane, you see, our entity knows everything about our Past, Present, and Future. I.e., on our mental plane, we are far more clever than our physical body's ego is. In such event, let this mental plane to control my hands under a diagnostic process and, simultaneously, let it to correct programs which are already brought to light and registered in informational fields. So I realized my hands to be weightless, came down to a patient and mentally turned to my mental plane: "Control my hands". And my hands began to study an astra-mental shell of the patient, as if for themselves; and removing of program has begun just after its identification.

Such method allows to significantly decrease a time per patient and, also, to substantively increase a depth and quality of works on a program. As well, a possibility emerges to make your ego free of its extra obligations. In turn, this allows talkings in correction, watching TV, and\or listening radio. You see, that a program the patient has brought was at least one time worked out and, correspondingly, was already reflected in informational fields by a mental plane of your own. So this plane is controlling your hands through the use of your ego and is neutralizing the program. It is a different matter when something new is emerging. Then, the ego is taking control until full identification of the program is done; and new work through a mental plane is reflecting itself in informational fields. The process is constantly increasing. Each new program when brought to light allows us as if go upward onto a next little step and increases our enio potential.

Such our method has practically excluded necessity of extrasensory perception in correction process. In this "mental hand method", the sensations are usually emerging when a program is present, and they are completely disappeared when the program is neutralized.

Also, before using this method, different techniques of a mental zombage have been thoroughly investigated by us. In details, this will be envisaged below, but now I'd only want to mark that, in such a zombage, a corresponding thought image is being taking root into a man's mental plane; and this image builds a remote control unit inside this zombi's astral plane. It was understanding of a zombage principle that allowed me find a free mental hand method. However, to exclude a possibility of outer link-up, you have to firmly enter a thought image into informational fields: "No one has a right to be settled down to my astra-mental plane without my own permission".

The mental hand method has not only allowed to significantly simplify the enio corrections, but also provided us with a new level, ? for instance: the tie-bewitchment programs are multi-layer like a cabbage. One layer is removed, then another, and so on; and the main program is usually masked with those secondary minor programs. If they are not brought to light, you cannot reach the main program.

The tie-bewitchment programs, excluding those of three-dimensional biological magic, are necessarily being launched verbally. At this, through the use of a spell, corresponding program units are inculcated into a man's astra-mental plane. Let's now envisage a typical example of such a spell as well as its projection onto a man's astra-mental plane (pict. 67).

"Let my beloved's feet lead him only to me (1st block on a 9th center; see picture); let it be no place for anyone other in my beloved's heart (2nd block on a 4th center); let my beloved's eyes can see nobody but only me (3rd block on a 2nd center); let my beloved (John...) feel attraction to only me (4th block on a 7th center), and, let all his thoughts and dreams will only be of myself (5th block on a 1st center)"..; and so on. If you remove such blocks chaotically, the program will soon restore itself. To avoid this, the program should be removed in the course of its setting. At this, usual extrasensory method implies knowing of a primordial spell; but it is unknown, as a rule. Nevertheless, your mental plane knows almost everything, including this program as well as entirety of all its causal-investigatory connections. If you fail to unseal it with this given patient, the Field of Events will provide you with a good ten of other tie-bewitchment victims. Besides, if your mental plane does not know, as yet, a way of removing of such a program, it may take the necessary information from that "firstprimary source", i.e., one who has thought it out. In higher dimensions, there is no difference of are they alive or are not; and taking into account the Law of Will Inviolability, a level of proficiency of those sorcerers and magicians is absolutely unimportant. This dare tied young man or that given silly young girl has also taken the System's bite, and will then repay. So your mental plane has every right to take the program from informational fields and, using your own hands, annihilate it in your first patient; and, then, in all the successive patients, render to your own ego an opportunity to fully understand a sense of the program. Remember example of a help from Future passed to the present time.

When working with multi-layer programs, your mental plane leads your hands along program as it has been settled down originally. Your hand may sense a heat, or a pricking, or alike. This means that a program is present. Then your thought image should to follow: "Everyone who concerned with this program come here for correction immediately; withdraw your programs and return a potential you confiscated". Your thought image is transforming into a thoughtform, and your hands begin to sense how the program is being worked out and annihilated. After its entire annihilation, the sensations disappear; first step of correction is over. Your mental plane leads your hands to a next program unit, and a successive step follows.

In programs, a conjunction to a metacode of locality where those programs have been created and inculcated is always being brought to light. If this is a shore with a fishery dominating, then thoughtforms of hooks or nets bound around feet or hands will also dominate; in rural region, a harrow or a millstone will be hooked to a 7th energy center; in hunting regions, an arrow in a heart or a bullet could be seen, and so on, including astral grenades and mines.

When an ordinary healer sees or senses something like this in an astra-mental plane of a patient, he usually begins to forcefully push such a thoughtform out. It is, however, fraught with serious consequences. When, for instance, a healer has seized, on that astral plane, a thoughtform of an arrow, and is pushing it out, his patient may get a heart attack. Adding to this, such a perspective is always being taken into account by magic egregors when they are creating their sorcery programs to neutralize their competitors, -- for instance: a death-carrying unit might be installed into envoltative death program, for a healer wanting to remove the main death program; and not only patient, but also a healer should die. Nevertheless, if a healer did not commit serious mistakes in his past, he may happen transparent as to this sort of the programs. But alas, a well-qualified healer is nowadays a rara avis, and even the so-called experienced healer may happen inexperienced as to such programs. Modern schools, workshops, and seminars on bio-energy and healing say nothing of causal-investigatory multi-dimensional connections in Creation, and do this single-mindedly. Just for these goals the System has them created. Not knowing Laws, you are not nevertheless free of their consequences. Hospitals are designed to die there, and the System will always cover for medical workers. But if a patient will die in a healer's reception hall, the whole obscurant mechanism of the System will be up immediately. So enio corrector, like a combat engineer, has no right to mistake.

Thus way, if you are a healer, I have a recommendation to you: wean from our grabbing reflexes! In other words: when you are sensing or seeing any unknown program, do not hurry to extract it off. Try firstly to find a cause of why this very program occurred installed to namely this very patient. Once he has it, then he has necessarily allowed, in his life, a sufficient and necessary amount of mistakes to permit this program to be installed. In other words, the System has given to him an opportunity to commit sufficient and necessary amount of mistakes. An enio corrector has to bring these mistakes to light and explain their eniological sense to his patient; and the patient has, in turn, make a repentance: bring a forgiveness to everyone who was some time bad to him and, then, say sorry to every living or deceased person who could some time suffer of his mistakes. You must say sorry to men and women rather than to a pseudo-absolute, which a religion is calling God. And if your patient said sorry definitely, you have every right to call here the magic egregor that played a role in this show. Don't be afraid of any dreadful figures emerged: it is they who committed the errors primordially and then violated the Laws. So they will be now obliged to withdraw their programs and retrieve a potential. And, once more: it is not they or the egregors they are in who created all those things; that was the System, whose victims they are. If you are afraid of astra-mental image emerged, and, moreover, after personifying it, want to neutralize the patient's program --- do believe that this situation is successfully failed by yourself, though it has been created by your own mental plane and for your own ego!

The more you are interested in correction result, the less are chances to achieve any result in general. To correct properly, an operator must be a dispassionate and exterior observer acting professionally. Fear, empathy, or pity for patient are inadmissible. After correction, forget it entirely and release the whole situation to let your thoughtforms become materialized.

The System accustomed us to be sympathizing, compassionating, and sorrying; nevertheless, this is a magic as well. And this is not only words. In Stavropol, Russia, in scientific and research center headed by prof. Vladimir I. Krivokon and prof. Igor V.Bojev, the harm of a sympathy has been demonstrated instrumentally. The unique computer plant of "Phobos" allows fully diagnose and monitor both astral and mental planes of a patient under a real time scale.

A following experiment was carried out on that plant. Characteristics of a healthy probationer have been entered into a computer; then, other healthy man has been lead in the room, and his characteristics were also taken; and he was then secretly informed that the first man (a probationer) has an oncology. Of course, the second man felt a sympathy; and the device showed changes in both of them! The computer clearly demonstrated that astral plane of the second man has penetrated the one of probationer, and the probationer delivered an astral blow to the second man and destroyed his astral shell. In revenge, the second man has automatically threw over his karmic problems onto the probationer... Very well...

Sympathy is crime. With our sympathy, we do not help, but, deal the finishing blow, and unworked programs of those persons are being overwritten onto ourselves.

Thus far, in a way of correction, if you want survive and continue to study the world, -- protect yourself with the thought forms like "I don't remember and I don't sympathize"; i.e., do not personify general program of the System with this given patient. The same is also relevant for our everyday life.

The best variant will be when a patient comes to get the correction with a yashmak covering his head, and you have absolutely no idea how much money he has paid.


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