Excerpt from a scientific referat:

* * *

"The human consciousness is able to influence upon a human behavior and weather; i.e., the consciousness is an active agent in process of formation of physical reality. At this, the peculiarity of a collective consciousness will be significantly amplified abilities of any sorcerer or a psychist. Ever more scientists are being agreed that consciousness is a physical agent able to effect natural processes. This is also being put in connection with an increase in seismic activity and natural cataclysms. Russian physicists Anatol Y. Akimoff and Vladimir N. Binga believe that individual consciousness is able to change a spatio-temporal structure, i.e., exist as a torsion phantom."

* * *

Long before the above publication, I used to give the following examples when lecturing in schools for practical eniology: "In bygone days, in a drought periods, men and women used to gather in church, prayed there, and perform then religious procession across fields. A rain usually ensued. But was it a miracle, in fact?

In any human or animal flock, the answer to an external stimulus is 3 to 4 times more than that from a separate individual. This is a property of enio exchange. So you can bring together, inside a church temple as a volumetric resonator, a whole mob of sheep ready for destruction and make them to synchronize their thoughtforms to provoke rain; so the rain ensues, "unable to resist" their amalgamated and powerful thoughtform.

On October 2, 1998 Russian State Duma session it was announced that Kremlin ESP-specialists managed to split a Time Constant. This allows, through the use of common video recorder and computer, to watch all past events of "a subject under investigation" and control its future. But, in the book given, we have already envisaged some possibilities of controlling both Time and other processes in multi-dimensional Field of Events without any device; so the above-mentioned "splitting" experiment we in our Center consider as a subsequent unthinkable and dangerous one able to significantly harm our Future.

However, what does our Future look like?

First of all, it possesses many variants. It is important to know that prognoses and\or predictions may program this very Future where the worst variant may, for instance, be a dead-end streamer. What happens if Kremlin "specialists", with their "Time Constant splitted ", have already rebuilt our country's Future according to their scenery, to their mental wishes and abilities? We now know that their former experiments have already led our long-suffering country to its present poor condition. I repeat here once more that any global enio correction should necessarily imply an operator's disavowal of his own Ego and any his lock-on to "material" part of our world. In other words, it's an inadmissible thing to try to change our mutual world for somebody's own sake or for that of ruling esoteric clans. We in our Center can predict different events with a high likelihood only because we dislike to cry afterwards that it were we who predicted the event(s) ahead of somebody other.

I'd want to remember here once more one of the main enio-correctors' ethical principles: "It's an inadmissible thing to watch through informational fields without any significant reason". This principle is constantly being violated by magic clans and various meditating persons who are afterwards paying off by their mental and physical health. But if enio corrector has revealed a negative phenomenon in informational fields, he ought to correct this. For instance, in the event of earthquake, the corresponding warning may transform a quake of a magnitude of 8 into that of two quakes of 4. Alas, the condition is, first of all, that residents of a town given should have awareness that there is Karma as a sum of their mutual accumulated mistakes and, that it is not an accidental thing that they are living just there...

In summer, 1998, the Rostov-on-Don, Russia, journalists asked us to compile a prognosis for the last months of 1998. We did this, and the prognosis was published in December, 1998; but, the events we have predicted did not occur in 1998th. Nevertheless, they took place in 1999th. The explanation is rather simple: in order to have a negative event not occurred, some certain conditions are necessary, namely: (1) a society's request for general correction; (2) the enio-corrector has to know (2.1.) all causal-investigatory connections that led to such a record in informational fields, and (2.2) a structure interesting in this negative event. But the main important thing is the comprehension, by a separate man and a whole society, of their mistakes which allowed the System to make the corresponding record.

Nevertheless, if there is not a society's comprehension, an intermediate correction is all the same taking place, resulting in moving the event "ahead" within Time and as if providing the people with opportunity to comprehend and repent. So the coming negative event happens fully annihilated both in Past, Present, and Future Time, in the Field of Events.

But the System has anticipated the situation and is constantly palming off a diversion just at the moments of a correction - something like re-elections, decrease in exchange-value of the dollar, and alike; and the society reacts inversely: "What a comprehension may be when dollar drops?"

The event can be displaced within Time once, twice, or three times at a stretch, but, all the same, the one must occur, with each of displacement aggravating a load of retribution. So our Center does not co-operate with any official government institution. With their consumerism as to esoteric knowledge, they are unable to comprehend a sense of what is under way around. For instance, some of their representatives were wanting us to zombie them to draw up documents for our new premise in our town; or, they inquired us why we being such the great specialists could not stop the war in Chechnya... They do not understand that, for example, concerning Chechnya, the volume of accumulated negative thoughtforms as to this region is now too big to stop the war, let alone both sides' corresponding financial interests.

Those wielded power are the integral part of the System; the last one provides them with stable existence and, in parallel, prevents everyone and everything from spoiling its own (the System's) plans - by wars, cataclysms, epidemics, technogenous catastrophes and alike. And the saddest thing is that men and women who perish in those cataclysms do not want to reflect on a sense of things which are under way around them. So enio-corrector seeing a future negative event finds himself in equivocal situation: on the one hand, he oughts to take corresponding steps to neutralize the impending event (it is, by the way, the main destination of the Reason: to balance and normalize enio exchange in Creation), but, on the other hand, he was not asked to do this, the intervention being infringement of Independent Will Law. Imagine his feelings after the event took place: "As a result of unexpected earthquake, more than a thousand of people has perished..." He knows well a furtive monstrous sense of the event: a magic clan has again threw down onto a mob a subsequent volume of Karmic crimes of those wielded power, and the earthquake is only a corresponding physical manifestation... So a thoughtform is recommended for a general correction:

"Everyone who programmed this negative situation as well as who is directly concerning it, annul at once every your program. Everyone who may possibly suffer from the hypothetical way of events, try to comprehend the mistakes you perpetrated.

Everybody who may happen at random in the cataclysm as well as those whom the System single-mindedly wants to be destroyed in, take our help to escape the situation."

This is only an approximation of possible thoughtforms for general corrections. And to escape an alleged simplicity of the process dangerous for inexperienced enio-corrector, a following thoughtform for general corrections is necessary and compulsory:

"Nobody could suffer undeservedly from the correction given".

I am now addressing to all magicians and sorcerers, to all magic clans, lodges, and alike: isn't it now a time for you to ponder over your responsibility for everything you have done against a humanity and the whole Creation? Isn't it time for you to understand that catastrophic subsequences may ensue, and, first of all, just for yourself? The System has single-mindedly turned your instinct off of self-preservation and used your stupidity to inculcate its programs. Be aware of this and bring the repentance as long as the Creation gives you ultimate chance!


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