Any physical thing is a volumetric resonator. This also has to do with architecture installations. Like a musical instrument, a form of a building intensifies the local energy conditions and makes them to vibrate harmonically. Such were architectural peculiarities of many former different buildings, in different metacodes on the Earth. You cannot, for example, entangle Chinese or Japanese houses with the European ones.

In bygone days, a place for a house has been being selected very carefully. For instance, pets were being watched — where do they like to sleep. And, this place was then being examined for a presence of underground water. Since already a long time people noticed that, if there is a water crossroads underground, the future lodgers of such a house will become ill. To prevent this, a clay pitcher was, for example, used to be put upside down on a place for building. This was usually being done in August, and, if drops of a dew were being found there on the walls of the pitcher in the morning, this was sign of a stream bed. A well might be dug here, but not a house to be built.

Upon ending of building a house, one more test was usually being settled: a cat was let to come into the house for a night, and it was being watched what a room it had chosen: this one was believed undesirable as a bedroom. The matter is that cats, unlike dogs, “adore” an energy harmful to humans. When you return home and your cat rubs itself up against your feet, it removes and processes a negative potential you have got during the day. If you have, also, an ache, the cat tries to get to the place and begins to rumble.

On the contrary, dogs are preferring a positive energy. So, not in any way take your dogs, for example, to a cemetery along with you: they will catch there low astral entities and then share them with you.

If you have pets in your home, let them choose places to sleep and to live by themselves; otherwise, they will may become ill. Before buying a great fish-tank, try first with a small one — where, in your home, a growth of the seaweed will be the best and, where a fishes’ coloration will be the brightest, as well.

We know today of such ideas as Chartmann’s net, pathogenous zones, and other negative factors which are usually detected by dowsing. A minimal cell of a Chartmann’s net is 2,0 meters, in a North-South direction, and 2,5 meters in a West-East direction; so, knots of the net in your room may happen in places where you are accustomed to rest. These knots impact usually very negatively upon a human’s state of health.

In the early 1990s, the Russian TV showed a film. A man had serious problems with his feet. Traditional medicine could not help him, and he was forced to turn to a healer. The last one has at once paid attention to a cats’ pack under the man’s house windows. As I have already said, cats adore pathogenous energy. The healer being an extrasensory person has learned that, on the “cats’ place”, there is a vertical way out of the most powerful pathogenous zone, part of which has also covered other flats of the house. The healer has made the round of the corresponding flats and learned that all men in those flats have serious problems with their feet. The traditional medicine could not reveal the pathology because one part of these men was registered on the books in their local polyclinic, another part was registered in their place of employment, and so on. And, if the house before its erection would be moved aside at least by one meter, those cases would not take place.

In the Fig.102, you may see a plane of a standard modern 3-room flat in a standard town house in Russia. (The most bright poltergeist phenomena I have met just in Moscow flats of this very type…) In the figure, there are showed a Chartmann’s net (1), its knots (2), and pathogenous zone (3). And, taking into account a multi-dimensionality of Creation, in order to diagnose and, then, correct pathogenous factors in such flats, you should not necessarily go there: you may merely use a freehand sketch of the flat.

You may try to sense signals from the Fig.102. To do this, keep for a while your right (and, then, your left) hand at the distance of 5 centimeters from the figure. If you are able to visualize, try to see corresponding zones in colors.

You may, also, easily find the knots in, for instance, your own garden — where small red pismires’ hills are placed. Only conifers and poplars may grow here, and vegetables will grow stunted. When you find such a hill, it will be better to not come closely to it.

In literature, you may now meet a great number of difficult indications as to neutralization of pathogenous zones. However, the improvement is usually brief, and, after a while, everything continues, with even more intensity. To neutralize the negative factors you have to thoroughly look into causal-investigatory links of the phenomenon. The pathogeneses zones have emerged because of a thoughtless activity of humans. I seem to have already given the example of maternity hospital built on a former cemetery. The Earth is taking part in enio exchange of the Creation and possesses zones of enio inhalation and exhalation. And, as the planet is now ill, its “exhalation” or “inhalation” may be heavy and unpleasant, for many of people.

In bygone days, the church temples were necessarily being built in pure energy entrance zone, and settlement was being placed around the temple. The designers of temples possessed a good clairvoyance, they were seeing the entrance zones, and saw what form has to be a volumetric resonator of the house. At first, a drawing was usually being made, and, after this, a building project. So the temples necessarily differed from each other, and, metacode of a given locality determined a form for the resonator.

In subsequent centuries, population on Earth is increasing and is concentrating locally on the planet. At this “adrift”, the industrial works and other technogenous installations became to be built in positive entrance zones, while dwelling houses and social centers became being built in the negative ones; and, people began to pay for their silliness.

The Chartmann’s net should be more accurately named as a Chartmann’s cell structure. Its cells’ minimal size is 2,0 x 2,5 meters, although there are also cells of tens, hundreds, and even thousands meters. The more are cells, the more is negative power of knots. Besides, examination of houses revealed not only horizontal, but also vertical (on floors) allocation of the structure.

This structure is an invention of the System. Certainly, our “brothers in reason” were related to this as well, but, who of them namely, is now of no importance. The main thing is the purpose, and, the purpose of creation of Chartmann’s cell structure was to monitor and control any biological object on the Earth.

Nevertheless, if you know causes of phenomenon, you may influence it. As you already know, there is nothing accidental in our world. Not accidentally the lodgers of that “pathogenous” house got their apartments in this very house. If a man does not have any negative karmic causal-investigatory links, he will be “transparent” for pathogenous zones. For instance, a man, in his childhood, has one day kicked a pregnant cat; or, another man was taking part in a scuffle and was beating then a lying man, with his feet; as you know, it is of no importance when an event has taken place: the requital will follow without fail.

Then, if lodgers of that “pathogenous” house should turn to an enio corrector, he will have to reveal them causes which led them to their given problems. To start normalization, they should aware their mistakes, bring a repentance, ask pardon from everyone who might suffer from their deeds, and, then, bring a pardon to everyone by themselves, in their own mind. And, to neutralize a Chartmann’s structure, they have to firmly declare both their volition inviolability and inviolability of their informational fields. Only after this, the enio corrector may make demand of the System to immediately abrogate the Chartmann’s structure. Otherwise, the enio corrector has every right to annihilate the structure and seize its whole potential. To neutralize pathogenous zones, it is usually sufficient for him to appeal to a mental plane of the planet and ask to transport a zone into place where it might be called for. At this, it is necessary to ask pardon both from planet and the whole Creation for errors committing by the silly humanity and, then, declare a necessity of being aware of this by a mutual mental plane of civilization. And, if your patients did not understand their mistakes, while you have already forcefully liquidated a pathogenous zone and a cell structure, you are taking chances of overwriting a patients’ Karma onto yourself…

So, a recommended thoughtform may be the following: “The correction is only being conducted at a necessary and sufficient level, to only these given patients and inside this given apartment”.

Let’s now take to Fig. 103.

In Russia, in the block of flats, an old wise-woman is usually living, whose task is a karmic repayment to house’s lodgers. A pathogenous zone (2) is usually her favorite place of a rest. If you fully annihilate the zone, the wise-woman should come to die because of lack of a negative potential, and, her karmic predestination will not be fulfilled. As a result, many of lodgers will not be able to work out their Karma, and, you happen responsible for this. So, Chartmann’s structure and pathogenous zone should be fully annihilated in only the flat from which it has been appealed to you (1). In the rest flats, the neutralization is being conducted potentially, — for instance:

Lodgers from a 5th floor’s flat have turned to you, and you successfully made a correction; as a result, both their state of health and flat’s microclimate have improved. One day, neighbors from an on-top flat (3) have come to the lodgers, and, were astonished of light breathing and magnificent flowers in the flat. They were explained the cause and said that, to normalize such situations, it is necessary to release deceased persons, remove their photos from walls and tables, bring forgiveness to everybody, and ask pardon from everyone. The neighbors came home and did this without assistance. At this, your previously potential work occurred carried out upon whole house, and, in those neighbors’ flat, both pathogenous zone and controlling structure occurred annihilated. And, if all lodgers might be aware of a principle of the process, the pathogenous zone might be removed totally.

Thus far, at present time, in many countries, both places for building and civil-engineering designs are necessarily enio-examined and corrected, for, both metacode of the place and enio features of a house will, to a considerable degree, contribute to the lodgers’ karmic manifestations. In one case, it may pass through awareness, in another — through maladies or, even, deaths.


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