Was there a case in your life when your wife thinking of something outside made a dish oversalted, and when you point her out the dish happened OK? Everyone should necessarily be under the tests of such a kind, in their different variants. The mental plane is examining through this whether you can, for example, teleportate the excessive salt into its original deposit and, then, to reflect upon this in order to understand a way it happened.

There is no necessity of repeating here the words already said by famous men. The following is a brief summery from "Illusions", by Richard Bach:

* * *

- Every man and event in your life, all those things have happened to you because you have drown them by yourself. What you do to them afterwards, that will be a choice of your own.

He was eating in silence. So was doing myself thinking about the answer.

- Richard, we are all magnets. We can draw to us everything we want.

- And what is the way I am doing this, Don?

- Do nothing. A thing draws a similar thing. Be merely quiet and pure. When you ask yourself whether you have to do a thing, and when the answer is "Yes", those who are unable to take a knowledge from us are being rejected, while those who are not are being drawn by us, and we can learn from them, too.

- One has to have strong belief in the things; meanwhile, the one becomes awfully alone...

- No. An imagination is a single necessary thing. If so, there is nothing impossible to you. Two or five thousands years ago, the Messiahs had no term for "imagination", so they thought out a "belief". This world is nothing than our imagination. You are where your thoughts are. Things I am afraid of, I am attracting by this very fear. Your imagination cannot change the Existence or effect the Reality, but we are talking of cinema life, of the Lumiere Bros. times, of a life of the mysteries whose every second is nothing but illusion and imagination. To understand your night dreams, try to understand your everyday life. For instance, those airplanes in your night dreams, what could it mean?

- I think, a desire of escaping, or becoming freed from myself...

- You have not understand the main thing: you are already free, and you have always been free. With imagination as big as these little seeds on this table, you may be a Higher Master of your life as a Wizard.

- Nothing but the imagination? What are you talking about? ArenТt you feeling alone, Don?

- If only I want to. I have got friends in other dimension, and they visit me from time to time. You have got friends there as well.

- I mean this very dimension, this very fictitious world. Show me now what do you mean. Show me your little miracle. I want to learn this.

- It will be yourself who shows, - he answered.

- To bring something here, imagine the thing to be already here. For example, a blue feather. Imagine it thoroughly, and release it then. Gather goldish light around it, if you want. OK, OK. Now, you may open your eyes.

I did. Well, where is my little blue feather?

- You have got it, Richard. In a figurative sense, however.

During all this remaining day, I was waiting my blue feather to emerge, but in vain. Nevertheless, I saw it in the evening - a picture on a milk packet. The inscription was - "Packed by Blue Feather Co., Brian, OH".

- This is my feather, isnТt it, Don?

- Not entirely. Wanting to get a thing from there, you must be yourself inside a picture imagined.

- OK, - I said. A feather today, and a whole world tomorrow!

- Be careful, Richard.

* * *

So, to make your thoughtform materialized, it is necessary to figure everything out as better as possible and then forget everything imagined - i.e., to release the corresponding thoughtform.

I have left a traditional physics because of understanding that a human, his mental and astral planes, is effecting physical and chemical reactions. In turn, any physical and mental processes are effecting a human. It is a very sorrowful thing to watch, for instance, the TV news and learn that, for example, in Japan, after watching a computer animated cartoon film, hundreds of children have fallen into epileptic condition... Any human is able to effect any thing: spoil a film, effect velocity and quality of chemical and physical reactions and processes, change isotope structure or radio-active properties of a matter, and so on. In one of such experiments, I have been asked to liquidate a negative subsequences of UFO landing. A grass like that on crop circles was put there in spiral manner. My correction took not more than five minutes and was registered by TV and press representatives.

If you are wanting to learn a sense of what is under way around us, the Creation will always provide you with corresponding opportunity. DonТt afraid anything during such experiments, but strictly observe Laws of an enio exchange. The experiment should be strictly expedient and, no one and\or nothing should possibly suffer from that one.

The experiment may be of any type, from cooking to direct materialization. Everything depends on your own consciousness which should be free from traditional dogmatas. Certainly, your general educational background is the important thing as well.

For instance, above-mentioned Alexander Solodiloff was proceeding water through the use of psychotronic technologies to repair a car engine details, the water being poured into a car radiator. In a similar way, car accumulators may be recharged, then semi-conductor devices, as well as other sources and things. But this is a limited and technocratic perspective, to only convince a humanТs Ego. The fewer evidence your Ego will need the better it will be for all your multi-dimensional entity and for all your surroundings. Some people are wasting all their lives to only prove things to themselves, not knowing the System waiting just for this...

Levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, and alike are properties of civilization of significantly higher level comparing with the earthen one; and, you should not try to adjust these abilities to a level of the modern mental plane. All the more, it is an inadmissible thing to use these abilities with a commercial view Ч search for treasures or stolen things, levitate in circus, solve lottery-tickets, and so on. There is a more useful application for these multi-dimensional abilities which are now more and more spread in the middle of a people mass, Ч namely, a normalization of enio exchange. At first, on the Earth only. We are in a irredeemable debt as to Nature, because of thousands of years of our thoughtless technocratic barbarism. So there is now, for example, a possibility to teleportate waste products (their elements) from megalopolisesТ dumps to those products original deposits, as well as radio-active wastes, factories becoming rusty, and so on. To do this, an amalgamation of many specialistsТ astra-mental possibilities will be necessary. Certainly, this a future thing; but, this is not a very remote future.


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