As I have already said, in classical physics, the ideas of energy, field, and so on are an abstraction only helping to perceive and study the immediate world. All the more it concerns a phenomenology. The ideas like "biological field", "extrasensory person", or "aura" are only an attempt to reduce a multi-dimensional information to the level of a generally accepted perception. At this, one should take into account the individual characteristics of a man perceiving the information in images; this is merely his (or, her) own way to perceive. So it is not, at least, recommended to take this or that interpretation without a share of a criticism. At the same time, there may be (and, are) some generally coinciding statements and conclusions. I think that a terminology is now one of the most complex problem in eniology. In the progress of time, it will be put in order by itself, while, as yet, we are forced to use the generally accepted terminology.

In our Center, we are of the opinion that modern humanity is comprised by two energy types - Western and Eastern. The first one (European) implies a route of energy from the top downward, i.e., from Absolute through the informational fields' layers into the corps of our planet. The Eastern torrent goes from Earth to the Absolute. A physical body of a man plays here a role of antennae, performing within a definite enio spectrum.

The planet takes part in the Creation's enio exchange, and bears both favorable zones through which it is breathing in, and, then, unfavorable ones, or pathogenous, through which it is breathing out (pict. 40). The enio exchange is being accomplishing through plants, insects, animals, and humans.

The idea of "above" and "below" is, of course, not more than abstraction. Enio channel from the Absolute goes through the totality of a multi-dimensionality pyramid down to a zero-transition. So, for instance, a channel going from the top downward through a separate human, is a conditional thoughtform's projection into a four-dimensional space. Nevertheless, such a perspective promotes, to some extent, to conceive what is going on here and now.

To keep laminarity, a water torrent (pict. 41, 42) starts to rotate itself counter- or clockwise, depending on a planet hemisphere. Any torrent in any alien media is forced to rotate itself. So does an enio channel passing through a human being. This was clearly demonstrated through the usage of a pendulum: Western-type humans had a counterclockwise rotation (pict. 43), while Eastern ones had vice versa (pict. 44). The torrents possess the planes of polarization. In Westerns, the pendulum passed a polarization plane 4 times within those planes and, then, did a fifth cycle around. For a practically healthy person, every cycle comprised 12 seconds accurately, - i.e., 12 seconds on a first polarization plane, 12 seconds on second…, and, then, 12 seconds around the circle. Five cycles multiplied by 12 seconds are 60 seconds - i.e., the time of full scanning and overwriting the information within a given human's informational fields, through his enio channel. Just in the same way, the beam inside an electron tube forms an image on the screen.

An octagonal star is being formed when polarization planes are being connected by an additional draft. Such diagram of a flow polarization (a Bethlehem star) was probably known to the ancient esotericists, and that was it that had been put as the basis of a sixtifold calculation system so uncomfortable to mathematicians and physicists.

Eastern enio channel polarization represents an image of a lotus - the energy symbol of the East. In this case, the pendulum was drawing the petals and moved clockwise, without any time regularities to reveal. In both cases, a presence of block or absence of some polarization plane demonstrated a presence of a disease or external remote control program (a zombage; see pict. 45).

While working with a pendulum, it was also found that not only a process of reading out information was under way, but, a concrete enio influence upon a diagnosing subject, as well! Dowsers did not usually take into account that, through the usage of frames, they may astrally hit the patient. So, in our Center, we are rejecting any device. And, even using a pendulum in our first-years practice, we have necessarily doubled our data on the level of astra-mental perception of information.

In the process of time, our concept of a human enio structure began to form itself, little by little. Let's envisage it using a Western energy scheme (pict. 46). I'd like to remember here once more that this will only be an abstract model - a projection of multi-dimensional information onto our Ego's four-dimensional perception. So, a channel in its rotation counterclockwise enters a crown - a 1st energy center. The channel passes throughout a body, activating others energy centers, and, then, enters the Earth.

The 1st center accounts for interconnection between this given person, the Absolute, and the Informational Fields.

The 2nd center makes a brain functioned and, first of all, provides a visualization of thought images, a telepathy, and so on. On the astral plane, in occipital area, there are zones accounting for hormones and enzymes production. As it will be shown below, zombying programs are being inculcated just into this very area. In other words, this center accounts for inviolability of a person's will. In esoterics, it is usually believed that "the third eye" is being projecting itself onto central part of a forehead, closely to a bridge of the nose, the place where Hindu usually put a red point.

The 3rd center is a neck part. This is a verbal level of informational exchange and, also, an interconnection between a brain and a spinal cord.

The 4th center is a heart one. Including accounts for a gas exchange.

The 5th one is a solar plexus, an assembly center, a center of main meridians' equilibrium: right hand-left foot, and left hand-right foot. Accounts for stomach, pancrea, gall bladder, and kidneys.

The 6th center is umbilical area; the energy providing center. On the physical plane, it accounts for intestines.

The 7th center states psychology balance. Its secondary role is to account for sexual functions. Under an external zombage, the remote control unit is being projected onto a coccyx. In the East energetical scheme, this is a first chakram.

As you can see, the first seven centers are placed analogously to the East chakrams, reversibly as to the East scheme and directly as to the West one. There is a radical difference between West and East schemes: the West one possesses two more centers projecting themselves onto a physical plane.

These are:

- the 8th (doubled) center - the knees;

- the 9th (doubled) center - the soles.

Both of these centers account for interconnection between a whole human's enio carcass and the Earth, - a sort of resonance synchronizators. Then, there are three more centers projecting themselves onto astral plane only - 10th, 11th, and 12th. They are conditionally named as Belief, Hope, and Love, and their role is to hold the intelligence and spirituality of our ego.

The channel our multi-dimensional entity perceives is being transformed by a physical plane and is being passed to the living and cogitative organism - the Earth. This is a destination of each human being. A human is providing the Earth with a definite part of an enio spectrum.

A certain part of this enio channel, after leaving the 9th center, returns to the 1st one. At this, a many-layer volumetric structure resembling an apple is being forming itself. We may conditionally call its 1st and internal layer following directly after physical plane as "an astral plane". Then, mental, spiritual, and other planes follow; and, after the n-layer, the Absolute follows. The Russian matrioshka is the best model for such an enio carcass. (A deeper layer differentiation may also be accepted, like it takes place in the East esoteric schools.)

Such a multi-dimensional apple (an enio carcass) is an elementary multi-dimensional cell of the Creation. Just like this, our physical organism consists of separate cells each containing a DNA which bears information about whole organism. So, using a cloning, it is now possible to get a clear copy of a new organism, from two similar primary cells (pict. 47). A mother cell starts its proliferation, and, a fetus begins its growth.

Everything around is a part of Creation, and, each of Its parts bears information about the Whole. As in Bible: "Because he is God's image" (1 Cor 11:7; ea.). A spark of a Lord is there inside every human being. And, an energy carcass is there inside every biological object.

Taking a usual earthen apple: its surface being not damaged, no one pest could penetrate. So do a human: he cannot go ill providing all his centers are functioning properly and his multi-layer and multi-dimensional carcass is not damaged. The layers are an immune protection. Recall that the whole our spirituality is being projecting itself, into mental plane, through the usage of our full reason, which, in turn, defines the wholeness of astral plane; and so on. No one of astra-mental destroyers will be able to penetrate such a human. (These phenomena are usually named as damage, pixilation, and instillation.) Sorcery, magic rites, and zombying programs will not exert influence upon such a man. No one is able to destroy the carcass, excluding a man himself, through his own mistakes and silliness - spiritism, fortune-telling, abortions, and alike.

An extrasensory person or a verger would say to a patient or a parishioner, "O, brother, you have an Angel the Guardian! O, you have two of Them! You are being protected by Lord." Alas, nothing like this. Those "angels" are merely additional astra-mental energy centers, which protect not a man against negative surroundings, but, on the contrary, his own surroundings against this very person.

Everything returns to its former circles; and, through his own silliness, a man is tearing open from inside the immune shells of his own enio carcass; and, through those gaps, astra-mental negative entities are hurry to penetrate. Without a man's own comprehension of his own mistakes and silliness, no one is able to restore a damaged carcass of such a patient.


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