In parallel with many other things, we in our Center are running enio corrections and modelling situations directed to searching for lost persons, helping soldiers to escape from captivity, or, when a death is ascertained, creating situation of "accidental" finding the dead body. For instance, when a son of our colleague got lost, a handwriting of a powerful magic clan has been being felt in the situation, as well as influence of psychotronic generators. But we have won in this invisible war. We have collected in our Center the hundreds of audio and video evidence of children larcenies and substitution them in maternity hospitals, of internal organs larcenies in surgical operations, of magic rites directly in hospitals, and so on. All our casualties usually requested anonymity and did not use official law-and-order structures. So Rostov's official town structures are disliking us very much: Well, there is the System standing over every earthen system; but we do not personify the System with a concrete given (wo)man.

The general approachments of traditional medicine are and were three-dimensional, at best. Causes and consequences of the maladies have been being studied in statics, and, through the use of cadavers. Such methods exclude multi-dimensionality of processes, while on-going situation on the Earth is super-critical and concerns everyone's health condition.

As I have marked already above, ancient esoterics has covering a totality of knowledge. Any esotericist was a healer. Modern medicine only exists some 150-200 years, with its solidified traditional approachment. It has rejected the entire humanity pre-experience and tried to become very scientific: This was just the System was wanting when made the medicine a servant of itself, as well as a tool for experiments on earthens. No UFOs are needed to be sent when necessary hospitals might be created on the Earth, to let earthens to shred themselves: Who is guilty as they are so silly and swaggering?

Remember once more the God's words to Noah: "And for your blood, which is your life, will I take payment; from every beast I will take it, and from every man will I take payment for the blood of his brother-man; whoever takes a man's life, by man will his life be taken; because God made man in his image" [ Genesis 9:5,6 ]. These are very strange words. What was a cause for the God (i.e., the System) "to take payment" namely through blood and a soul through a blood?

The first successful blood transfusion (from dog to dog) has been done in England, in 1666 (an interesting co-incidence, isn't it? A "1" = first, and, three sixes following:); and now, it seems to be a single way to save human life in critical situations. But, after a first blood transfusion, a donor becomes forced to do this constantly (Fig. 105), otherwise his health deteriorates. In our Center, a transfused blood in patients has for a long time hindered us to reveal both causes of their maladies and share of medicine in their diseases.

Allow me give here a bright example. Parents literally bring to us their 15-year-old son whose complexion was green-blue. No one of traditional doctors could help him, and he was at death's door. In his informational fields, we saw blood transfusion, in his age of two (food poisoning with subsequent reanimation). Firstly, his father's blood was transfused to the boy, and, then, a donor's one. In donor's informational fields, we saw him died three months before, and, it was just the time when the boy began suddenly to feel problems. It was enough for us to correct a donor's astral plane and release him to next incarnation, in order to make this dying boy healthy - literally, in sight of all who presented.

Similar to any internal organ, blood has an astra-mental plane and bears, in informational fields, an address of the given man. So magic always preferred blood in envoltating a man for death, and, sorcerers tried to get victim's blood. In magic initiation into a clan, it has been generally accepted to incise arm vein and sprinkle with blood an idle, a ritual cup, or, something alike. Palms of initiator and initiated might be being incised, and, a blood handshake followed. Nowadays, when a critical mass of a humanity's global silliness is gained, it is enough to merely shake hands:

In process of a blood transfusion, informational addresses of donor and patient are being mixing up, producing their mutual address. With time, the recipient may show signs of maladies, behavior, and character of donor, and, even, his secondary sexual signs. Because of emerged informational connection through informational fields, if donor is ill, recipient got ill as well; and, if a donor has died, his living recipients, through his postmortal record, begin to be overwritten into informational fields (Fig. 106). And, vice versa.

The dying recipient pulls "there" his donor, and the last one, feeling his health deteriorating, goes to hospital to give his blood. At this, egregor is being formed, and consequences in next incarnations are leucosises, leucaemias, anaemias, and so on.

This holds true for internal organs transplantation. People which born with four kidneys, or, with two hearts; a pyelonephritis or other kinds of pathology: After such type of medical experiments carried out as back as in Ancient Egypt, many of our contemporaries are those incarnated persons whose maladies are just from there. This concerns both donors and recipients.

So, actions like kidnapping for getting fresh organs will inevitably entail a Karmic retaliation. "Specialists" in this diabolic province does not think about their deeds: most of them do not have tool to think:

It may, however, be objected: what if a man is rapidly perishing of large extravasation or of serious illness? Well, blood transfusion and organs transplantation are often, for the time present, a single way to save human life. Do not forget, however, that no one happens in accident by chance, be it a car, an aircraft, or an earthquake. Prior to get there, you had to commit a number of infringements of Higher Laws. Every extraordinary situation in life is nothing but Karmic retaliation! And any endeavor to escape it using, for instance, a medical intervention is only deferment and redoubling.

If traditional doctors could knew that, except for a physical body, a human is also in possession of his immortal astral and mental ones, then, after a blood transfusion or organs transplantation, they could return those subtle planes onto their proper places; and, then could not exist this eerie mixing the System needs to take away a potential.

* * *

As I have already said, any trauma is being seen in a man's informational fields and is influencing on his health status in his next incarnations. I repeat: any trauma, including surgeon operations, abortions, and postmortal examination (autopsy). In autopsy, cadaver blood is being taken, as well as different organs and glands, to make different medical remedies. Special services of many countries (i.e., the System, through its "lieutenants" on Earth) were during decades being developing methods of psychotronic and psychotropic zombage; and, as I think, a type of zombage using a cadaver blood is truly great invention of the System. The New York morgue is processing now about 100 cadavers a day, and all the extracted organs are being packaging and sending for further processing:

* * *

A text from a "Red constructor" film showed on Russian TV in the mid-1990s:

"In August, 1914, in Eastern Prussia, a psychotronic agent has been used marking new stage of humanity devastation.

A town desolated; for many hundreds, there are no people living here. But now you come into these ruins, and sit down onto a stone. A tick invisibly creeps to your boot. It is now on a body of you - and, your blood happens inside it. Metacodes of this given locality are now presenting inside your blood. It's impossible to detect these metacodes out of the tick's body, and, this is a main condition.

To develop a mental weapon, it is necessary to know metacode of locality. : To control people in this locality, it is enough to know metacode and to set corresponding situation. For instance, a definite set of signals forces everybody in town to get up and shave their heads. Modulation of those metacodes is an influence at unconditioned reflexes' level. A man suddenly ceases to master his breath, his eyes stop blink, his heart rhythm is increasing, a self-control is weakening: Mechanism of the action is multi-staged. To make the influence wider, and, to unite people of different metacodes, amplifiers ("whistlers") are then necessary. :

: Siamese twins may do be separated surgically, but, their mutual psychic substance can not be separated: one of the twins becomes "empty" and may then become a "whistler" - the thing that has been formerly called "a Satanic instillation".

The blood circulation system is a special biomagnetic device preventing organism from outer vibrations. If a man's blood is cadaver-transfused, he is the same in his outward appearance, but happens unprotected against swinging frequencies which, after modulated, may turn him to biorobot."

The film describes many other experiments, but the one above mentioned is enough to understand the aim of a blood transfusion as well as an organs transplantation: to breed a human-robot! The System had tried, indeed. Almost everyone who had transplantation or transfusion, became donors of the System. So the System may eliminate such people at any moment, and\or make them working for itself.

* * *

Let's now envisage an eniology perspective of the most barbarous surgical operation - the abortion. As I have already said, it is not parents who are "making" children. The parents are only honored to pass subsequent entity to materialization. The entity chooses his parents, his time, and, his locality to be born then and there. Even a girl of 5 to 6 has a mark, in her informational fields, of quantity of her future children, and, a sign when they have to be born. Incidentally, if women do not be afraid of an untimely conception, entities would be born just those and then, when an expediency is the greatest.

The abortion is an ordinary murder. As I have said just now above, astra-mental matrix of an entity coming to be born "physically" chooses its future mother yet in her childhood. And if we deprive the entity of its materialization, it may work out its incarnational tasks on account of its parents' potential. It is a very sad sight to see family having two children born and dozen children being unborn, the last ones staying linked to their parents with an astral umbilical cord. With time, such situation causes myomas and fibromas in women. But, fathers bear a retribution as well - usually, by problems with their prostatas. And concerned medical workers are also paying for - by problems in families, defective children, their teenagers becoming dipsomaniacs or, drug addicts. One has to pay for a murder. If you did not manage work out your task in this given life, the Karmic retaliation will be in next incarnation. In many cases of our she-patients' sterility, we see a wise-woman in their informational fields, or, an accoucheur, or, a midwife: Murdering children in previous incarnation(s), you are unworthy of being a parent.

The System has also invented so-called "labor pre-planned". Injection in hospital accelerates the labor, and entity is being born with somebody else's natal card. To prevent a new-born child from future mutual understanding with his parents, he is fed, from the first his day, with milk taken from other women, and is also inoculated into head. These in maternity hospitals, while local polyclinic doctors get bonus money for every "saved" day of future mother's pregnancy.

The abortions are not merely murder. Many magicians are using them to prolong both their own and their masters' lives. Heads-of-state are sending to death billions of people; so, let these last ones pay for. After inculcation, into a mother, a program of fear of her undesirable pregnancy, artificial entities are also being inculcated into the mother's subtle body, these entities bearing an address of an actual head-of-state: he happens as if already going into his next incarnation. And the parents are forced to abortion, accordingly to their pre-programmed Field of Events.

After a murder, a victim's kin Karma is being overwritten onto a murderer's kin. So, in abortion, families of both unborn "pseudo-regent" and helping him doctors are automatically overwriting onto themselves a Karma of an actually ruling clan; so the clan may, again, send new billions to death while staying safe and sound. This holds true for death sentences as well: everyone takes part in elections of ruling figures and judges.

However, sooner or later, one has to compensate his deeds, and, the later, the harder will the consequences be. Traditional medicine did not notice that its entire activity is directed to extermination of a civilization's genetical spare. Through the hands of medical workers, the System could inculcate its programs. Deprived of a free exit into the informational fields ("a clairvoyance") and having no idea as to multi-dimensionality of the Creation, doctors blindly inculcated the alien programs into their patients.

As I have already said above, any trauma and any surgical intervention are reflected in informational fields. This mark is also being transported into a person's next incarnation. For instance, if, in this given incarnation, a person has his foot amputated, so, in his next incarnation, a fracture is almost fully guaranteed, and just in this very place. Surgical removing of any organ becomes underdevelopment of this organ in next incarnation; and so on.

However, one of the most important achievements of the System is blockading a possibility of correction of person's mistakes and\or deformities. The corresponding correction unit should perform in automatic mode like this is being performing in any auto-evolutive system. But, the blockading in question allows deformations to be accumulated; and do not also forget about possible inculcation into informational fields of Past, Present, and Future Time, as well as about critical mass in process of enio exchange. If one man of hundred is traumatized and sick, the other 99 men will as if pull him out: a "critical mass effect" works. If vice versa, 99 sick persons will unavoidably do the hundredth ill.

The entire history of a humanity is a period of unceasing wars. The potential of perished is being taken away at once, but, a war creates cripples, and their traumas are reflected in DNA genetical code of their descendants. If there are no wars, the System provides corresponding traumas through the use of surgical interventions: And year in year, a quantity of such operations increases.

Genetical engineering is also here. No one can control it in its multi-dimensional totality, and, no extrasensory person is able of watching corresponding processes: the System had care of this. And if such gifted person would want to see and\or research, the medical education system will block his gift. Thinking persons are usually leave such a medicine, or become to drink, or are ending under strange circumstances.

A critical mass of traumatized and operated is increasing year in year, and their negative influence is being reflecting not only in Time Present, but also in persons who already lived on the Earth, with alterations in their (and, their descendants') genetic nature. We in our Center see: the genetic experiments from today have already reflected in our ancestors' DNA and chromosomes!

Ultrasonic diagnostics is also here, his harm being demonstrated in many countries; so the method is forbidden there. One has to know that any device contains diamond-like semi-conductive parts. While performing, electromagnetic vibrations emerge unavoidably, influencing on patients. And, for instance, who of medical workers knows that, under computer tomography procedure, a programmation of patient's consciousness is being conducted, and long-term programs are being inculcated into his psychosphere?

Acupuncture, phytotherapy, extrasensory healing, and massage are all phenomena of the same sort.

Our corrections of medical intervention are the same as enio corrections described above. After helping patient to be aware of mistakes he committed, we restore his astra-mental plane, and, only after this, his physical body might be "repaired". For instance, in spite of removing stones from gall-bladder, it is more simply to give pardon to who has offended you some day. But, alas, our practice demonstrates that simple actions are the hardest for patients - to simply give pardon, and, to simply believe that there might be no (the System's!) surgical intervention.

Nowadays, critical volume of different deformities is colossal and could not be removed momentarily. This mass will also pull those who wants to get rid of these Satanic clutches. And, the more people will think and reflect on, the less chances will the System has.

A practical advise to medical workers:

Ask mentally pardon from entire the Creation as well as from each and every (wo)man for a medicine's Karmic crimes. Wish your colleagues reason and awareness. Declare to System your volition inviolability.

Explain to your patients the causes of their diseases. Explain them necessity of being aware of mistakes they committed, as well as necessity to bring a repentance. There are now too many cases where time is almost over for a patient.

In surgical operations, blood transfusion, and alike, try the following thoughtform: "A full reparation of this patient's astra-mental plane is now under way. Every alien inculcation goes into its Space and Time. Patient's blood and lymph are being structured accordingly to their norm. Full regeneration of damaged tissues and organs is also under way."


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