In traditional science, experiment is one of a main criteria to corroborate a theory or hypothesis. If you managed to get a reproducible result, the theory in question was being considered as truthful. However, the scientists, since a long time ago, are of the opinion that any hypothesis only becomes a theory when its supporters are under gathering. It is of interest, as well, that, in modern days, prior to setting the key experiments to corroborate a hypothesis, many of experimenters would superstitionally try to take into account any potentially unfavorable factor — naturally, preferring do not broadcast about it.

"Miracles are not in opportunity to the Nature's laws; they only are in opportunity to our conceptions as to them", Saint Augustine would to say. A common sense, sooner or later, would comes into its own as to though comfortable for someones but nevertheless a fictitious picture of our world. In 70s, information emerged in press concerning long-time research of Russian scientist S.E.Schnoll. While watching a growth of micro-organisms, an amazing predictability has been revealed: the experiment's results were being repeating, with the cuvettes' location, in the laboratory, at the accuracy up to one meter, just at the same time and strictly a year later.

In their research, many experimenters would necessarily take into account a lunar calendar, astrological aspects, and prefer no strangers to be in laboratory while an experiment. An explanation lies in astrological factors, organisms' biological fields, meta-codes of a terrain given, general mode of earthen residents' mental plane, and so on. For instance, many of delicate experiments may fail while be carried out at other point of the planet, by other experimenter, or at inappropriate time, though with the same device. Such a technique was always used by Outer Reason, through many traditionally thinking scientists, when it has been decided to mess up a new and progressive scientific direction which could allow earthen residents to penetrate more deeply into a real structure of a Creation as well as into their own role in our world.

It is a hard task to remove subjectivity from our interpretations. In science, subjectivity is equal to the last’s death. This fact has been being fantastically used by an alien reason who managed, just through the human subjectivity, turn the evolutionary process by 180 degrees, — from homo intelligenticus to homo technocraticus, — with turning the most part of the Earth’s residents into user-friendly biological robots. However, we allowed this for ourselves, because we did not want to go upward, to evolve, to go higher — because of our proud-spiritedness and egotism.

In modern pseudo-esoteric literature, you can meet declarations that "a beauty will save the world." However, an idea of beauty is a subjective one. Things believed as beautiful, by someone and today, may occur ugly for other, in other days. For instance, you cannot combine a beauty of modern model-girls with a one of Rubens' 120- kilogram famines, as well as a gothic architecture with our "Krushtchoff"'s five-storeyed houses.

Thus, once the criteria fail, one should use the traditional ideas of Good and Evil, Black and White. Well, something do have to exist, anyway, to save the world (from an earthen point of view)? However, far not everyone knows what (and, from whom) things ought to be saved. Let's, then, envisage some "love triangle" — a man-sheep-wolf (see pict. 13). For a man, sheep is a good thing. Sheep is a "shashlik", a wool, and alike; and, a wolf is a bad person — eating our sheep, from time to time. For a wolf, sheep is a good thing, too, while a man is a very bad person: he does not allow to eat sheep, and he is hunting for wolves. However, a sheep is here in the most funny situation: for it, there is of no importance, who, really, will it do …

Problems are as to Black and White, too. Things believed as black on today will become white-believing tomorrow, and vice versa. Great commanders and chiefs turn suddenly into a nation's enemies; monuments are being erected, and, later, removed. In campfires, great masters' proceedings and books are burn down — and, Hitler's scribblings are coming in view, on the stalls… Usual and everyday situation, on the planet. And, it is absolutely incomprehensible, who is here, a creator, and who is destructor. In Russian towns of Volgograd, Salsk, and many others, the maternity hospitals were built up on the places of …former cemeteries (explanation follows); so, the children lethality made there up about 90%! Imagine, then, a situation: a father of a died child gets explosives and blows the hospital up; who, in the situation, is good, and who is bad? Who is a creator, and who is a destructor?

It is of their own stupidity, that men and women became consider the surrounding things just in these binary codes — yes and no, good and bad, — in a plain subjective way, and, with a profit for themselves. "For me, it's a beautiful, good, and useful thing; and, those who disagree…" Two-dimensional thinking and unwillingness to see deeply into the Creation's enio laws, hit back, as a karmic boomerang, the humanity itself. No one is guilty in the fact that we did not form an understanding of cause-and-followed connections, and, with our dirty hands, have meddled into delicate equalized Nature's processes. Laws of inviolation have performed again! Everything returns to its own circles, while we ourselves, at our crazy experiments over the Nature, did not notice the way we became the guinea pigs. If a humanity is able to treat out "junior brothers" in such a ruthless way, then one could always find anyone to execute the same upon us! Let's now envisage some examples.

A man, for a long time already, is unsuccessfully fighting against moth because its larvaes destroy woolen and fur articles. However, without moth, the Earth could be all covered with feathers, wool, and hair. The matter is that, practically, just only these insects can proceed and decompose such species of biological tissue. They are absolutely innocent in men and women's fur and woolen burial grounds in their homes; moth simply accomplish its predestination in the Nature.

Rodents are other unbegan enemies and destructors of a human. However, in equalized processes in the Nature, they accomplish their grandiose predestination, too. With accumulation seeds in their holes to use it in winter, they preserve a plants' genetic base against droughts and hard frosts, when a higher and fertile layer of a ground destroys. Not all bodies of accumulated seed are occurred used by rodents as food in winter, and, after providing it with "an energy of activation", the rodents, in a spring time, throw it out, along with waste of their vital activity. It is just those seeds that rehabilitate a destroyed florae.

Thus, with no destructors in our world, everything could already disappear, for a long time ago. The destructors close a process of enio interchange in the Nature. However, the Earth evolution has suffered a serious alien inculcation, and process of destruction became aggressive; too many species of predators now exist! This was accomplished single-mindedly, to put a foundation for a primarily destructive type of human civilization.


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