Church is a place where gentlemen which have never been in the heavens are talking tall stories
to those who will never get there.

H. Menken

The reader has possibly paid attention to author's negative position concerning different religion dogmas. The basis for such position are thousands of patients who have suffered of magic religion rites; and their evidence are now on video. In 1996, Sir Arthur Clark predicted that, in first years of a new millenium, all world religions will be prosecuted because of their anti-humanism. So there is little time to wait for. And many people only mean their visible and so-called earthen crimes, while there is also a clandestine, esoteric side of a coin.

A history of modern world religions takes its origin in Ancient Egypt. Hermes Trismegist was of opinion that clandestine knowledge should belong to not only initiated persons but also to profanes. So the knowledge of enio laws has been adapted and assumed a form of parables and commandments. The disciples of Hermes, with their powerful magic abilities, disseminated this knowledge in whole world. With time, some of them were deified, while others were forgotten, at best. In this book, I try to analyze some causes, to better understand the modern times.

All the religions are absurd. Their moral only fits to children.
Their promissory statements are egoistic and monstrously silly


In 138 AD, possibly the most barbarous crusader has taken place - a march to Egypt to eradicate any historical symbol of Christian primogeniture. Temples, and libraries, and monuments of Serapice being a Christ's prototype, happened destroyed... And, the closer to our days, the greater. During Pisces Era, the whole Christianity is being sinking into making from nations not more than slaves. Crosses in tau-form for those who have professed the "wrong" faith, and, only after this, other crosses which, in magic, symbolized a phallus. And then campfires of a "saint inquisition", indulgences, a monkshood cultivating lesbian love and homosexuality, tortures in monastery basements... Those "saint brothers" did not, in the meantime, forget to take sound money for joining people to God: a very good business... Those joined persons took a phallus-cross onto their necks, to make everyone know that this given man has made a contribution to a Holy Church's treasury. If you have not a cross on your neck - well, go into a campfire!..

O heavens! In the fire that Prometheus has stolen from Gods, they have burned Jordano Bruno!


The ideas of this magic clan, Christianity, have appealed to high power authorities but were often alien to so-called average man. The matter is that, accordingly to Christianity's canons, the rulers were claimed to be the God's lieutenants on the Earth and, relatively, have usually every right to unpunishedly judge everyone - not less than from a God's own name. In Russia, thousand years ago, this was a cause of making it baptized. Correspondingly, the whole period from the term backwardly became quietly thrown out from the school history textbooks. A historical self-conscious of a Russian etnos was disadvantageous for those newly-made "lieutenants".

If there was no some Gog, one should to think Him out.


Such war without any visible causes has been continuing for two thousand years. The Christ's teachings about love and fraternity has been being instilled with fire and sword. But in intervals, to give rest to their horses and swords, the "holy brothers" afford entertainments. In a successive village, this homosexual monkery, with their black phallical crosses on robes, expelled all women - "the devil incarnates" - to a river, bound their hand to their leg and threw them into the river. If a woman is drowned, she's pure upon our Lord; if not, she is a witch: to a campfire! In some German villages, for example, only one or two women at best may be left. Brothers-guys did not even spare the infants.

One may continue to itemize karmic crimes of Christianity on the way of destroying the civilization's genetical spare. (In all rest religions, there were the same things.) However, a man is unavoidably being punished for inviolation of enio laws. The punishment is usually accomplished through either comprehension, or maladies, or blood, and, as the last mean, through death.

The hell might be only thought out by people, and for people, who are craving for hatred and revenge.

Paul Lafargue

The top persons in Orthodox Christianity did not understand esoteric sense of an October upheaval in Russia where regime has never changed after its christening. For thousand years we in Russia live in esoteric monarchy regime. It does not matter what is a status of a monarch - a tsar, a president, or a general secretary. I want to say that, in the beginning of our century and in process of a successive sharing a power between esoteric clans in Russia, the Russian Christianity, through a destroying of church temples, has got a real opportunity to work out Karma for two thousand years of its utter crimes. But no one, practically, has understood it. And seventy years after this, along with americanized Russian "perestroyka", everything has begun again.

I often remember the prophetical words of one elderly monk of Russia who died in the early 50's. He has passed through Stalin's concentration camps and, synchroneously, has been anathematized by Orthodoxical Christianity sitting then, by the way, "in underground". "Do not give money to restore the church temples, - the old man used to say. - When a last temple is restored, the End of World will come." And I remembered these words again when I saw the different companies' names carved on the wall in the temple for Our Lord the Savior, in Moscow. The last temple!..

* * *

However, let's now envisage a cult side of modern Christianity. As I have already written above, there are no things good or bad in Creation, and magic cannot be white or black. Everything depends on the concrete men.

In 1996, in London museum, an original of a Gospel from Mattew has been found, - one of the greatest findings of our century. As well, secret Vaticane archives have also been opened. The corresponding manuscripts have clearly established that Jesus was not born in Judea but came there from India. Besides, the American astrologists have compiled all possible natal cards for Jesus, and insist now that He could not been crucified. It is understandable that myths as to His crucification and our redemption were (and, are) beneficial to Christianity: the Christ has allegedly expiated all our sins in advance!.. So a mob of sheep may continue to sin... - i.e., continue to work out Karma of high and mighty of our world who have organized it through the use of Christianity. And what is now believed as the Bible, is at least greatly garbled translation from ancient Hebrew. And I hope that a world community will soon be acquainted with that Greek Gospel original, to compare it with existing variants. And let's now envisage some of these variants.

"Sheep ready for destruction" - this is the name of earthen residents in the Bible. When a magic has become understanding that, for conjuring up and ritualic usage of egregors, it will sooner or later bear a retribution by incapability of getting physical bodies and through eternal slavery in those egregors, - sales have started to prolong their lives, at least, in this given physical shell. But, to be living, you should give something to the egregors. So someone others' sacrifices has taken the start - infants, virgins, and so on. The younger was sacrifice, the greater was a potential extracted that went then to the Outer Reason which has goal-directionally built this situation on Earth. So we have to bear in mind that so-called Outer Reason may be destructive and is not necessarily higher.

People are not the angels woven exclusively of a light;
and they also are not sheep to be forcibly gathered in a herd.

Vladimir Korolenko

This souls-sale has been being masked by different "immortality elixirs" and\or "philosophers' stones", to somehow justify the Outer Reason representatives' longevity. Abel, Cain, and Noah were first to be sacrificed. Then, "when the sweet smell came up to the Lord, he said in his heart, I will not again put a curse on the earth because of man, for the thoughts of man's heart are evil from his earliest days; never again will I send destruction on all living things as I have done" (Gen 8,21; here and below - from King James Bible). Truly, what one should mask himself for? The people is dull. And, the action has been very well-timed because the evolutionating society does not already want to give his children for blood masses flowing from a magic altar. Something in substitution has been necessary. So clergymen took a personification principle: to sacrifice somebody or something, an astra-mental double of this sacrifice is being called and is then being transferred onto any thing or any animal. (In "village" magic, wax dolls are usually used to achieve such a goal.) Soon after the rite, the victim usually dies whenever it is. But clergymen may not accomplish such rites by themselves: a zombied people is taking a candle, personifies its health onto it (as well as a health of its immediate relatives) and carry out a self-immolation, on the altar: a candle burns out, and a potential burns out, too... In addition, the clergymen may carry out a funeral service, i.e., envoltation to death. Children are putting down personified flowers onto an altar, and no one notices an interconnection between this magic rite and juvenile mortality.

Come up to the God not by ceremonies or rites, but by your own internal feelings.
Heavens are not a place or a time.

(F. Nightingale)

The Easter is the holiest festival, as "holy fathers" are insisting. But they have forgotten that Jesus Christ forbade to call anyone as a "father". And the Easter is a pagan cult of Isis - a worship to phallus, to a male origin.

If Jesus might come today, no one wanted to crucifix Him. He would be invited to have a dinner,
he would be politely listened,
and then laughed on with all their hearts.

Th. Carlisle

An original idea of Isis cult was following: when cruel Atlants have murdered Osiris (the male half of Isis), when they cut his body into 14 pieces and threw them off to all parts of the world, Isis went to collect those pieces. She managed to collect everything excluding genitals swallowed by a crocodile - an evil spirit residing in Nile. So for such assembled and magically reanimated husband Isis ordered to make artificial golden lingam/phallus, and, subsequently, annual human sacrifices should give an invigorating power to this artificial organ. Accordingly, on every Easter, the successive and specially chosen hermit, at a culmination of this cult action, in sight of a crowd gone off its head, used to cut off his own genitals and throw them onto an Isis altar. With time, this rite became disgusting to people, and clergymen have transformed it into sacrificing of dough phalluses. The picture may be correspondingly added with eggs and albumen lubrication of its upper side. The female origin is being symbolizing by small pies. So the Easter pie is now a replica of an Egypt pyramid and points out locality where this pagan symbol was born and which has led now to a growth of impotency and abrupt decreasing of an amount of healthy earthen civilization's representatives.

Why should we not arise our voice against villains of those past times, against famous fathers
of fanaticism and superstition, against those who were first to take knife at altar to make ready for destruction
both headstrongs and those who did not want to take their views?


Along with pagan cult of an Easter, one more pagan rite of a fasting has come into the modern Christianity. Medical research in different countries have now clearly established a harm of this rite. Few knows that, during a fasting, bodies of rare metals in organism are decreasing that significantly facilitates a possibility to be zombaged and to have NLP programs to be inculcated into your subconsciousness. In other words, the fasting, in religion, is designed to turn homo sapiens into sheep to be put to death. While, in the Bible (Mk 2,18), it is said: "And John's disciples and the Pharisees were taking no food: and they came and said to him, Why do John's disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees go without food, but your disciples do not?" And, further, in 7:18-23: "And he said to them, Have even you so little wisdom? Do you not see that whatever goes into a man from outside is not able to make him unclean, Because it goes not into the heart but into the stomach, and goes out with the waste? He said this, making all food clean. And he said, That which comes out of the man, that makes the man unclean. Because from inside, from the heart of men, come evil thoughts and unclean pleasures, The taking of goods and of life, broken faith between husband and wife, the desire of wealth, wrongdoing, deceit, sins of the flesh, an evil eye, angry words, pride, foolish acts: All these evil things come from inside, and make the man unclean." (If you remember, under a process of crystallization and digestion, a system's entropy is being decreasing while the energy increases.) The "holy fathers" do not want to discuss the issue, probably because the parishioners may ask: "Aren't you Pharisees yourself?"

"The religious convictions are fine pretext for doing to people the nasty things."

(R. Aldingtone)

In Russia, during the last decade, different Satanic sects became wide-spreaded and also became tightly connected to a number of religion structures. In many localities, Easter religious procession is usually accompanied by an election of "witch of the year". In a History, "the most superstitious eras have always been eras of the most horrible crimes" (Voltaire). The cross is, in Christianity, one of the main magic symbols: there is a Christ's dead body on the cross. By the way, in those times, crosses were not used for executions. Christ might be only crucified on a tau-cross, which has not a higher part. We meet here again a goal-directed historical distortion of events.

Then, kissing the cross is a pagan worship to a cult of death. As I have already said, the canonized persons' relics are now widely being transported to different temples in our country, where parishioners should kiss them and thereby block the next incarnation of those spiritually advanced persons. For instance, in a town of Taganrog, one of the local parishes began recently produce the small packets containing a ground taken from cemetery (pict. 77).

The cult of a death is going through the whole modern Christianity. "Pray and fast, and you will get a pledged Paradise. Christ has expiated our sins", as it is written in one of the Moscow Patriarchy's magazines. I wonder, whose sins, really? Wasn't it the cause of that during the whole Pisces Era the evil things were so light to do, and blood has flown like a river?

"I'd like to become Virgin Mary and make an abortion to thereby prevent such religion like Christianity" (Marylyn Manson). By so-called Christ crucification, a Karma from all the destructors was removed and transferred onto everyone praying and fasting... It has become generally accepted from that times that genies have to be born in poverty and wretchedness. "The talent should be hungry." To whom is he owed? To those fat dogs who are "not written in a Book of Life" and who, after his death, will, in unpunished way and for the time being, make on his name the gigantic capitals? A genie, you see, is somehow ahead of a time... The idea of a Christ pure conception?..

Prayer before taking food is a blashemy: it's good-for-nothing deed to exalt praise with a mouth full of a saliva.

Ch. Lamm

The death image is also being seen in some prayers, - well, for instance: "Let the God be resuscitated..." I.e., the God is dead, and the godless Christianity calls him to resuscitate? Jesus called us to use as few words as possible in a prayer while there are now the large heaps of different prayer books that successfully work both in church and with a rustic wise-woman envoltating for death her successive victim. Three times a day by forty times they are repeating the "Paternoster..." with their servile bows. And there are already Eastern rosary beads in a general usage.

The most absurd of all despotisms, the most disparaging to a human nature,
the most incongruous and most maleficent - this is a clergymen's despotism.


I remember: when, in my childhood, I has been one day in a church temple along with my grandmother, the verger was saying to the parishioners: "Do not watch a TV set: this is a Satanic invention..." This took place many years ago, in the end of '50s. But nowadays the Pope, the Russian patriarch Alexis the Second, as well as many other "holy fathers" in our country became stars of that Satanic screen. I only cannot understand what are they afraid of surrounded with so many bodyguards. The Pope uses an armored car, but no one can avoid penance of God...

Wanting to see the living God, seek Him not in a hollow firmament of your reason, but in a human love.


"We are living only once!" - this is what is being heard constantly from so-called "holy fathers", while, in the Bible, it is said: "We will not all fall asleep [in death], but we will all be changed" (1 Cor 16,51). And, from John 3:4-8, we may also understand that for those "not born of the Spirit" (ibid.) it is absolutely unprofitable thing the make people known of reincarnations.

Also, Jesus was baptized in His conscious age while the modern rite of a christening is described not in the Bible but in different books on a magic where this procedure is called "envoltation". Besides, as this rite of connection to a Christian egregor is carried out without an infant's conscious will, it may be considered as a zombage. (It concerns every modern confession.) There is no, in the Bible, a rite of connection for godfathers or godmothers, and such ingenious magic trick allows easy karmic transfers and proliferation of pseudo-karmic programs. In this rite, after genealogical trees of godfather and godmother are plugged in, it is almost impossible to eliminate the karmic connections of this given man, and this fact misleads those healers who do not know about a magic underlying reason of the rite. The baptizing boys are then being lead up to altar (the infants are being put on it) thereby preparing the future cannon fodder, as it is said in the Bible: "The virgins shall mourn, having no bridegrooms; the women shall mourn, having no husbands; their daughters shall mourn, having no helpers. In the wars shall their bridegrooms be destroyed, and their husbands shall perish of famine." (3 Esdras 16:33,34) And, to achieve 100% of productivity, the "holy church" is now setting the temples right in the military units and blesses soldiers for murder and death!

A circle, a cross, and a pentagram are the unchangeable attributes of all magic rites during thousands years. So a five-pointed star is a corresponding symbol in every army of our world. In a magic, with its point upwardly (like on Kremlin's towers in Russia), the pentagram is being used for zombage, to subordinate somebody's will; and with the point downwardly, the pentagram is being used for calling the demonical forces. And we may see, in these latter days, a process of approachment of cross and pentagram.

From the Isis cult "point of view", the better way to initiate a boy into Eastern religion and magic egregors is a rite of circunicising. Under stress, a man is an opened structure, and his potential may be easily taken, and he may also be easily zombied. For a child, such operation is a great trauma which is subsequently taking its toll on his entire life, both on psychological and eniological level. And it is not an accidental thing that, for instance, now in Kazakhstan, we can watch a blow-like spreading of AIDS.

The more complex programs of karmic transfer take place in a rite of church wedding. As I have already said, in this rite, a forced merging of male and female halves of different entities is being carried out. In esoterics, on astral plane, the crown symbolizes a metastatic form of oncology - a karmic return for a misuse of esoteric knowledge. The high power authorities are usually bearing a retribution just with oncology, so they are being attributed with crown as a corresponding symbol. The magic has always served to the power, or, to be more accurate, magic and power were always sides of the one and the same coin. So most of the Christian rites include corresponding magic actions. In some Eastern countries, the church wedding includes a female initiation into religion egregors. Instead of personificated "phallus" like in Christianity, the bride should eat wedding pie containing a boys' dried and milled foreskin left after a rite of circunicising.

The wisdom begins where a fear of God is ending.

A. Gyde

"If you committed an evil deed, this evil will return to you tenfold"… Nothing of the sort. This is only a successive and voluntarily provided loophole to accomplish karmic transfers from earthen residents onto each other and from different outer civilizations onto our earthen one. At this, the whole nation says "Amen" and does not understand why everything around is still going to an abyss.

In due time, Jesus drove out sellers from a church temple - not from a concrete cult house, but from a spiritual temple. The matter is that, as a social institution, the church has always aspired to have its own economical basis. And, for instance, now in Russia, those who committed suicide are not only refused to be served for money but are also (and, were always) being buried outside of a church or a civil cemetery: let their lower astral plane wanders eternally among the livings and proliferates a suicide program!

In any religion, the money for redemption are unable to provide retaliation.
The most delusion of many religions is their believing in that a sin may be prayed
off without a suffering and without repentance.


No one can escape a life, and no one can hide himself behind someone other's karmic back. In a person's next incarnation, the Fate pendulum throws to opposite side (pict. 78). "God loves repented rather than sinless". Previous incarnations of monks and nuns are gigolos and prostitutes. As it is said on the East, "There is not any God which was not early a man". Or, as Jesus has said, "You are Gods". In our world, someone likes to be in a herd, and someone likes to be a herdsman; but, everyone becomes a judge for himself when passing to a next incarnation - if he "was born of a Spirit".

Does all above-outlined things mean (though it is only a light touch to the subject) that you should now instantly organize a crusader against a Christianity? No, and once again, no! Evil cannot be extirpated by evil; such is construction of our world. In his struggle against Satan, a man becomes Satanic himself. Evil is not outside a man, it is inside him. In our civilization, all earthen religions have forgotten their primordial role and became a mean of enslavement on the part of an Outer Reason; and this is their karmic crime as to civilization's genetical spare.

It is interesting to mark, by the way, that church is anathematizing those who are against its traditional views, - and healers are among those persons. The church says of "divine healing facts" occurred to somebody and somewhere, but, in parallel, does not want notice analogous cases taking place right here and now. I'd want to see at least one person who became healthy when in a church. Have a look to modern parishioners' faces: the thoughtless zombi.

Or, when in a church temple, try to come up to any verger and ask him to heal you. In answer, you will hear whatever you like. You will be being narrated by tales about Christ, Saints, and other famous figures. You will be being called to pray, to fast, to oblate still more money.., but real help will not be provided.

Or, you may ask any verger, what is, really, under way when this given church magic rite is in process… Ask him, why during a certain part of a service should they wear these given clothes and why they are changing them later? Why this given rite is being accompanied with these given attributes? Why the parishioners have to pray before icons, - before the idles? - and so on. These two or three questions will be enough. As soon as the verger's arguments are exhausted, you will be claimed "the devil incarnate" and, at once, anathematized!

But we have to understand them. It can't be helped. The God has deprived them of reason and abilities. Only greed and self-interest. It is really funny to watch a "God servant" coming to church temple in a car, producing a chasuble and cross from a case, and putting the vestment over Adidas sport suit…

* * *

One day, the Father of Jesus has come down to see how the facts stand on the Earth. Jesus Christ was along with Him. And they are going, and see a poor peasant with his clothes patched, plowing the field. The Father claims:

- O, Jesus, what is this?

- Well, Daddy, you have told yourself: "Hard will be getting your everyday bread"!

- But this was merely joke! I bore in mind quite another thing!

They go further, and see a maternity hospital. Come in there, pass by an obstetrician ward, and hear from there cries, wails, and moans. Father of God asks in a horror:

- What is this, what is this?

- Don't you know? You have told yourself: "In torments will you give birth to your children"!

- Could I? Could I tell such a thing? And these poor women are agonizing! What a hell!

They go further, and Father is wailing:

"No one guessed that I merely joked then! I have toiled for a whole week, then drank a little, so I... Haven't anyone guess?"

Here they happened at Vatican and see dolled up and well-fed priesthood - the Pope, the bishops, and other ministry. The Father of God says:

- O, I like this! Everything is beautiful and clean, people are well-groomed... Who are they, Jesus?

- O, Daddy, they are those who guessed that you have joked that time.

* * *

Is it now a time to hide our swords into scabbards and put out inquisition's campfires forever? Is it now a time to separate grains from a dry grass and to reflect on a sense of what is under way now? Until our civilization is separated by religions, nationalities, or political establishments, it will only be sheep ready to be put to death, in a herd of the System and other alien civilizations.


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Новый адрес НИЦ «ЭНИО» в г. Москва Дорогие друзья! С 1 октября 2017 года Представительство НИЦ «ЭНИО» г. Москва...
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Мы обновили дизайн Официального сайта НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
У сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" новый дизайн! Друзья! Мы обновили дизайн нашего сайта - официального сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" г....
Понедельник, 25 сентября 2017
25-летний Юбилей НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
Центру "ЭНИО" - 25 лет! Дорогие друзья! 23 сентября у Центра "ЭНИО" - Юбилей! Центру исполнилось 25 лет. Смотрите и...
Суббота, 23 сентября 2017
Эниология Рогожкин. Официальный сайт НИЦ ЭНИО

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Эниология Рогожкин. Официальный сайт НИЦ ЭНИО