At one of the international congresses on rheumatology, an aged private doctor of the Pope came up with a referat. He said that his duty is to determine a death of the Pope rather than maintaining him healthy. In that case, he has to produce from a recess a special silver small hammer and three times carefully hit the Pope to his forehead while answering every time, "Pope, are you sleeping or died?" If there is no answer, a Pope's death is being announced and the successive Pope elections should be enterprised. The doctor's referat caused a friendly horselaugh of maitres. The old man waited a minute and said: "You have been laughing now; but, some years over, you will be ashamed of all that nonsense you have been driveled here." Such thing has occurred, and soon all the scientific world was stunned with a discovery of Soviet scientists. They corroborated and found explanation of English scientists' discovery in blood pressure direct measuring made some centuries ago. The experiment was carried out by verger and doctor. A bound mare has been turned upside down, its leg's artery was cut and a glass small tube was inserted into the artery (pict. 72).

The blood height in the tube showed value of a blood pressure. The doctor has found that a pressure average meaning was varied with a period of 45 to 50 seconds. And above-mentioned Soviet doctors have explained that a liver is as if a second heart: while slowly expanding during 45 seconds, it soaks up blood from intestines, then shrinks during 5 seconds and pushes blood through lungs and heart to other organs, - in the first instance, to the brain. As in modern medical devices points are too big, the phenomenon stayed for years unnoticed. The liver is an alarm life-supporting system. For instance, when in accident, a man may exert a full astral exit (a so-called lost of consciousness), and his heart stops. Then it is a liver that takes its function, to prevent Ego from doing silliness in a hurry, and to begin a blood coagulation and tissue recovering.

D-r Raymond Moody's first book named "Life after life" has significantly tarnished traditional views as to a life-death transition. Some years later a new medical sensation occurred. Under a series of forced exhumations on an old English cemetery it was learned, on the cadavers' positions, that almost 30% of them have been buried living!

An example from our Center's practice. In enio correction, one of our she-patients showed the strongest stress connected with funerals. Her son had a motorcycle accident and doctors diagnosed the death being a result of multiple ruptures and greatest craniocephalic trauma: a piece of a motorcycle rudder has stuck out from a boy's head. On next night, a boy's mother saw her son in the dream, and he said her that he was buried living. In the morning, the mother gathered her son's friends, they went to cemetery, dug out a tomb and opened a coffin. Her son breathed and opened his eyes. He is now an adult man and father of family with many children, keeping his life with a Death Certification about him.

* * *

A fear of death gave birth to a magic rite of funeral. This rite was diametrically opposite in different times and different etnoses. In some Arabian and African countries, the deceased persons' bodies are simply being thrown out for desert or savanna predators: it is said, a spirit is eternal, while a flash do serve the Nature all of us are of.

Other rites use mummification and successive holding the bodies in crypts, to have spiritual conversations with their souls. Some tribes in Indonesia hold the bodies right in homes, and it is generally accepted there to have those bodies when being in somebody's house.

Unlike Eastern rite of cremation, in Europe is mainly accepted a orientated placement of the bodies that we have inherited from Neanderthal men which, besides of this, used to dye the skeletons with ocher after tissues were decomposed. In Ancient Russia, the military and nobility were been being cremated.

A jazz, in its base, has preserved elements of an African ritual music. On funerals, everybody were glad that God has taken their friend to Himself and his earthen sufferings were over.

The research of the recent years have indicated that an astral plane (a phantom) of a man's mild tissue, including a DNA molecule, is being surviving and is influencing upon juxtapositioned biological objects as long as 40 days. After this, devices stopped to react upon a phantom. These 9 and 40 days are being marked in all the etnoses. Depending on a local metacode, the terms may differ by 2 or 3 days.

As I have already said, a man is a multi-dimensional entity. his physical body is only part of that multi-dimensionality being as if an elementary cell of the Creation. A multi-dimensional essence of a man, that is usually called Soul, is eternal. A physical body is only a periodically changing instrument through the use of which the entity learns and changes the world.

In 1996, the American scientists have found that man thinks and keeps information through the use of some external field structure rather than a brain. In ancient esotericism, this external formation was called "a mental plane". Ninety-six percent of brain cells are designed to interaction with their own mental plane, and four percent are an Ego of a physical body, as if a autoprotection unit. The most part of humanity has lost its capability to interact with their own mental plane because of the System's goal-directed blockade in a mutual mental plane of civilization. Here are clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, and other "phenomenal" abilities.

In the beginning of our century, the gene scientists have indicated that some external informational field is forming a physical body - a so-called morphogenous field. Later on it was demonstrated that to adequately describe a human not less than 1023 bit is necessary while DNA are only able to carry not more than 1013 bit. So the scientists became to conceive that a main part of information about a person's life and fate is written down and held in informational fields of the Creation, which were called earlier a Book of Fate. DNA is as if a scheme accordingly to which a physical body is being built. DNA is the same in the whole Creation. In February, 2001, the scientists have partially corroborated this conclusion: not less than a half part of all the genes are the same for both a human and the very primitive beings.

A reincarnation is not now a question and is corroborated instrumentally. A scientific analysis of maladies indicated that on-death deformation of a physical body will manifested itself without fail in next incarnation of the man. For instance, if in previous incarnation a man was hung or decapitated, then in his successive incarnation he will have problems with his throat (bronchitis and alike) and will be strongly irritated by tight collars and\or ties. Besides of this, any trauma influences negatively upon a human's descendants. And this is a main objective of wars the System prepares and unleashes: to inculcate defects in civilization's genetical structure, to make earthens mutate goal-directly.

A physical death is an overwriting of all the information the person gained during the incarnation; and this is a transition to next incarnation. The Earth is as if a purgatory, a prison for criminals of our Galaxy, and, the more incarnations here the better. The incarnations and so-called Karma, in those current form, is a violation of enio laws of our Creation. It is the earthens who are guilty, and the System is using their mistakes. Remember what the entire Adam's kin was cursed for by The God:

"And the Lord God said, now the man has become like one of us, having knowledge of good and evil; and now if he puts out his hand and takes of the fruit of the tree of life, he will go on living for ever." (Genesis, 3,22)

An Original Sin is a man's desire to conceive the world. The earthen incarnational cycles are caused by the System's artificial blockage of a human eternal substance. In a process of incarnational overwriting, the System may illegally confiscate the most part of a human potential. You may find in Genesis, that first men's life span was about 800 years.

After a man's physical death, a total overwriting is started, from every cell and every molecule of our body. The spiritual and mental experiences are being overwritten as long as 9 and 40 days correspondingly, and this is corroborated instrumentally. As there are no Time, Space, and Mass in higher dimensions of the Creation, then astral plane of a deceased person may synchronously find itself in different points of our space. So-called sightings of ghosts and apparitions are usually connected with this overwriting.

A type of a death is strongly influencing upon biophysical processes in cadaver. Kirlian photography has demonstrated that aura of persons who committed suicide has differed greatly from that of the persons who died normally or were instantly destroyed in catastrophe. Other important factors are psychological status of a man deceasing, a locality metacode, and degree of a physical body deformation prior to death and during next 9 days. And the most serious factor is his relatives' regrets and recollections.

A nostalgia

Soon after arriving to a new place of residence, many people begin feel them uncomfortable. Why? The matter is that every physical organism possesses its own point of connection with the Earth's astral plane, just like every hair on head has its own root. In a man, hairs are the antennas to synchronize brain and informational fields, through the mental plane. A man belongs to the organism of the Earth, so even at a new place a man stays still connected, with his astral roots, to the place where he born. Accordingly to this, an overwriting will be better where a man has born.

A new place of residence means a new locality metacode, and not everyone may manage it. However, positive results are known: patients with asthma may became healthy. And not everyone is tied toughly to a local metacode. In the first instance, these are "lieutenants" of the System, through which the System controls earthen civilization. The rest is a part which is "transparent" to the System - high-spiritual and intellectual part of civilization. They are in minority, for the time present, and the most part of the earthens is merely a biological mass.

The cosmic larceny?

The Outer Reason's intervention into earthen evolution is now, for many, an obvious thing. But term "outer" does not mean "positive for our civilization". The analysis of enio processes on Earth exposed the "channels" for extraction of living and creative potential from civilization. At this, a stupidity and egotism of the most part of modern humanity are being used, without violation of the Creation laws.

The most suitable moment to extract a potential from both individual and whole civilization is a stress. At this, a man's protective shell becomes opened and the System may freely take what it wants. The best stresses are accidents and cataclysms, and they are being specially programmed by the System. For instance, in Turkey, in 1999 earthquake, the potential has been taken from not only the victims, but also from those who sympathized. Nevertheless, the first place has been always occupied with wars - a full set of stressogenous situations in Pisces Era, the Era of wars.

Our so-called "brothers in reason" are already for years exposed in not only extraction the potential, but also in removing the human organs in accidents and traumas, to make biological robots and UFOs operators. Many strange accidents and catastrophes accompanied by cadavers disappearence are explained namely by this.

In general, from the System's point of view, any war is an ideal mean to confiscate the whole enio complex of a man. In Afghanistan and Chechnya, a mass extraction of soldiers' complexes has been proceeded, and many people may constantly observe there the UFOs. Working on those men's problems, we in our Center have registered a clear interconnection between a zombage before sending the soldiers to so-called hot points, and their contact situations. For instance, soldiers with craniocephalic and spinal traumas had necessarily a UFO contact of not less than a 1st type - a sighting of UFO flying by. Also, in their cosmograms, typical astrological factors were observed. In other words, those boys have been non-occasionally occurred in a point of corresponding metacode.

Besides of this, some wars on the Earth have been organized by the System to specially and invisibly eliminate those who might expose its shady dealings.

Without a right to be born

A normal overwriting into next incarnaton is practically impossible if a man has died somewhere abroad. If even the higher entity manages to materialize its given part, the human will have a defective physical body or will be incapable to achieve self-realization. Two examples from our practice. The patient, a Korean man, many years ago have immigrated into Russia, settled near a town of Rostov and started to cultivate onion. When he came to us with his problems, the correction has showed in him a powerful "Christian" energy channel. Besides, his previous incarnation has showed that he was a cathedral verger in town of Vladimir, in Russia. He has perished while on a ship at Tzu-Shima, and, accordingly, his next incarnation will only be possible in that very region. His incarnational nostalgia lead him to the same geographic meridian, where he married Russian. Alas, onion grows poorly in Vladimir...

In other case, a boy had innate feet unsensibility and significant constitutional deformities. Hia previous incarnation was in World War II. There were five soldiers in a trench when a projectile hit there. Not only physical bodies of the men but also their astra-mental planes have been completely smashed to pieces. In result, five innate amputee persons have born subsequently in localities of different metacodes.

If a man, in his previous incarnation, has commited, through the magic rites, serious violations of the Nature's enio exchange, his next incarnation is forbidden to him by a general mental plane: a protection against global idiotism. Nevertheless, the "higher" entity may be allowed to partially materialize itself, in order to partially work out its Karma, through a death in abortion or at birth, through infant oncology, and alike. In the beginning of '90s, in Rostov, more than 60 infants were being died monthly because of eerie forms of oncology: tumors were literally tearing their bodies out. We have worked on many of them. They, naturally, neither smoked nor drank (most of their parents as well), while traditional medicine insists that tobacco and alcohol are among main causes of oncology. The oncology is, first of all, a punishment for a concrete karmic crime: usage the esoteric knowledge for doing bad to men and women. This includes sorcery, keeping power through the use of a magic, through psychotronic technologies, and alike. Certainly, our human Ego is perceiving a suffering child in its own and immanent way, and aspires to exert a maximum help... Watching those children's incarnations, we understood the cause of oncology: all theн were prominent Communist functioners, or ministers, clerks in a ministry, militia and KGB men, and so on; and this fatal list may be continued. Such patients are uncurable: a Karma of the high and mighty of this world is too great. It is they who, during the whole History, were "lieutenants" and executors of the System; it is they who during the whole History used to send to a scaffold and who started the wars... Modern top officials may argue, it is said, all this is not more than ravings. OK, let them "rule" still further. But some of them may, possibly, sit down and think. The matter is that, in Aquarius Era, all the processes are accelerated, and those people may start working their Karma out already in this given incarnation...

There is one interesting interconnection. We marked a peak of infant oncology in the end of the '80s, i.e., just in a period of mass UFO sightings. In a second UFO tide, in 1999-2000, this peak has been marked as well. However, the System has forseen this natural process of self-protection of the mental plane of our Earth against artificial karmic transfer of someone other's mistakes onto absolutely innocent people, - and, in the first instance, onto those who may harm the System even potentially. So every patient of ours is being thoroughly analysed whether it is his own Karma or this is an alien transfer.

As I have already said, physical body deformations find their negative reflections in next incarnation of the person. The entire history of a humanity is an utter violation and ceaseless wars. Few managed come in his next incarnation with his physical body unimpaired. Capital punishments, mass deaths in wars or cataclysms have lead to accumulated negative information in informational fields of the Earth. Besides of this, the System destroyed a "unit for correction of civilization's mistakes". So, for instance, in Africa, the cadavers were usually being disfigured, in order to prevent the deceased persons from being zombaged; or, in other countries, the deceased witches or sorcerers, after the death, usually got an aspen stake into their chests...

An autopsy, a blood transfusion, and intestinal organs transplantation have caused now a colossal damage to a civilization genetical stock. An accumulated "critical mass" of persons being surgically operated as well as those physically impaired is now negatively reflects itself in civilization genetical stock. The System wants us to disappear from Earth, along with our genetical stock; and, certainly, through the use of a silliness of the earthens themselves.

To accomplish this, it is enough to periodically head out a humanity silliness to a riverbed proper. All the rest peoples will do for themselves -- through the magic rites palmed to them off just by the System. Such is, for instance, the funeral rite, preventing a man from his normal transition into his successive incarnation.

Everyone is now somehow accustomed that death is result of a serious illness, accident, or cataclysm. People are almost incapable to realize how a man who has never been ill may merely come home, go to bed and to quietly die. Remember once more that death means that the "higher" entity whose instrument a man is has decided to change this concrete physical and worked-out manifestation. Namely: the entity, rather than Ego of a physical shell. So one has not right of committing suicide: in his next incarnation (if any) he will diligently work out this offence.

Approximately six months back before death a channel is being opened to read out and overwrite information accumulated by a man's Ego during its existence in a physical vehicle. Had the System not blocked foк humanity a free entry into informational fields, everyone knowing his moment of death might treat this process in proper way, and, instead of be scared, may help his entity to accomplish the necessary overwriting - like, in our Center's practice, a 90-years grandfather from Siberia has did. The evolutionary proper transition one has still to earn.

After heart stops, the astral plane became separated from physical body. Analogous thing takes place in surgery operation under the anesthetic, as well as with 75% of women in labour. Those people who came through a clinical death, used to remember practically same things, described in details by Dr. R. Moody. In real death, physical and astral planes of a person are being separated forever, and the astral plane of a deceased one stays for some time beside and sees and hears everything around. (On the astral plane, many doctors present a regrettable spectacle, and, in the first instance, pathology surgeons and gynecologists: the whole crowds of disemboweled cadavers and non-born infants are wandering behind them.)

So keep yourself quiet at the bed of a deceasing person. Wish his entity to have more reason, more health, and happiness in his next material manifestation (pict. 73).

If a man prepares himself for death in advance, the enio channel of overwriting is being switched on automatically. When a group is doing so (for instance, relatives of the patient), the process is being amplified, and the group is blocking for patient any possibility to recover. Not any malady has to end with a death, because illness is only a karmic return of person's mistakes to be corrected. Mistakes not corrected are being overwrited into person's successive incarnations, and just this global silliness is being called by a term "Karma".

Jesus called us have no regret as to deceased persons. When doing this, we only express needs of our own Ego and prevent "the person" from being overwritten. So, for instance, a someone hobo gets his new birth practically at once, while a former prominent person may wait approximately 300 or 500 years. And he who regrets will be obliged to work out all karmic mistakes for a person whom he regrets about. For instance, a son may regret about his father and subsequently manifestate all clinical signs of oncology, while a laboratory analyse is constantly revealing nothing.

Time is subjective for different individuals, and, it is a superposition of different time streams that forms a time stream of whole civilization. In our practice, many years ago, we started to find in our patients some artificial time narrowings. For a long time we could not conceive what was that in reality, until the phenomenon had been being revealed in general time stream of a whole civilization. In the end, we associated thу phenomenon with so-called End of the World... As it has been already said, a malady should not end with lethality. There are known a series of cases where patients even in last study of oncology used to suddenly got healthy. One of the explanation is that a person possibly repent (even, nonvoluntarily and subconsciously), and, in result, the malady abated. Let's take to pict. 74.

Position 1: a man has committed an enio infringement. Position 3: it is a time for him to understand a mistake and thereby correct it, by himself. Position 2: a mistake perpetrated near a time narrowing. A self-correction is practically impossible, and his malady ends with a death. His unworked-out Karma is being overwritten into his next incarnation or is being transferred into time streams of a person regretting about him. But, if you regret - please, work out. So our planet is now overpopulated with astral planes of those deceased who could not enter their next incarnation. A man may live more than only 80 years; and those regretting, on the one hand, allow the System to narrow time streams and extract an unclaimed potential of the deceased who allegedly have their Karma worked out; and, on the other hand, they become involuntary killers, -- namely: the entity may soon release its new materialization, and there is already a woman in pregnancy; alas, the relatives of a deceased person set a picnic on his grave: "We'll never forget you!" The result is a broken pregnancy, i.e., the real murder!..

Funeral as a black-magic action

In esoterics, a gift of cut flowers means nothing but sacrificing. In some Satanic sects, sacrifices are men and women, in others those are animals, and, in still others, those are flowers - through a principle of personification. In church temples, the chancel is altar, and, for instance, in Christianity, the baptised infants are usually being lain down onto the chancel thereby as if blessing a military (sacrificing) 5th magic Arcane. Flowers are being lain onto an altar as well, implying the humans to be sacrificed; and it is a stiff task to average man to see interconnection between those flowers and successive victims of accidents and catastrophes...

* * *

Some brief and different rules. After washing around a deceased person, water and the pieces of soap should be poured or thrown out correspondingly, because someone may take them away and use for envoltation to a death, or to put a defacement, and alike. At this, your own address will be written down in informational fields. Then, while dressing the deceased person, do not speak phrases like "John's suit" or "Mary's shoes" (if, certainly, a deceased person's name is not John or Mary); otherwise, owners of a suit or a shoeses may happen to be overwritten. Do not also expose a coffin with a deceased person in it upon a general observation: someone may take astral plane of a deceased and block him thereby an entry into his successive incarnation. Do not put flowers into a coffin where a deceased person's body is lain: those flowers are then being thrown onto a road a funeral cortage is being going: this is a special magic rite to transfer illnesses from a deceased person to a still living and healthy ones... Don't step over such flowers, do not permit children to pick them up and, moreover, to bring them to home.

Do not allow unknown persons to come up to a coffin, because many sorcerers are specially searching for some populous funeral to put down into a coffin a still photo or some other thing belonging to their successive victim(s). Do not also kiss the deceased person -- his unworked-out pathological programs may be overwritten onto yourself or onto anyone possessing corresponding energetics. Also, the younger is still living body, the more preferrable it is for entity to put a so-called defacement. So don't allow children or women in pregnancy to be present at a funeral.

As well, if a deceased person was a sorcerer, then the entity instillated in him cannot go away freely and wants to instillate into someone other. If there is no one around to take such a burden, then a roof over a deceased person is being usually dismantled; and at the moment of his real death, light or sound phenomena may be observed.

Besides, to incarnate goal-directly into specially chosen new body, a sorcerer may provoke his own murder, and we in our Center know a whole series of such cases. At this, physical shells of a killer's children are usually being used; and subsequently such a child will necessarily avenge on his father...

In sorcery, ribbons or pieces of rope from a deceased person's hands and feet are being used very widely. On a magic level, those ribbons are connecting the astral planes of a deceased and a living person, and the deceased one cannot enter into next incarnation and draws a living person with him. With time, those using the ribbons feel aches in joints, get varicosis, quarrels in family, husbands' drinking bouts, and so on. On a funeral, watch necessarily the ribbons to be left in a coffin. Lie them down under a deceased person's feet. Analogously with handkerchieves. Better don't have them at all.

In accordance with old magic canons, the ground should be read out by verger when a deceased person is still in home. The ground was usually been taken from a yard or a kitchen garden and was three times poured out crosswise onto a deceased person's shroud. Thereby a rite was being accomplished -- so-called "sealing into the ground", -- and the entry into next incarnation became blocked. Additionally, a spell was being spoken: "To him, Kingdom in heavens and ground as down". In other words, a deceased person's mental plane potential was being given to the System, while the astral plane of the person was being personificated with a ground!

Ground from cemetery is usually being taken to enact envoltation to a death. This ground may be poured out onto a threshold, or into a victim's pocket... You should not in any way take this ground into your home or leave it in your driveway, or take it to a church temple: all residents and all congregation will then get "a defacement". In general, please remember: nothing could be taken from cemetery.

As well, don't leave flowers on a grave. They may be collected and sold, with corresponding envoltative spell on them. Within some hours, a man feels weakness, his temperature arises, a vomit begins... In general, one should not give anybody flowers as a present at all: being cut they became "the vampires" and live for account of your own energy.

Funeral music and war salutes smash astral plane of a deceased person to pieces. Fence on the tomb should be only set in a year after the person's death when overwriting is mainly over. In general, fences and monuments are volumetric resonators and prevent the deceased persons from entering into next incarnation. So if a woman cries at a monument and spells a name of her loved person, she involuntarily personifies this person's astral plane with this concrete monument. And the more expensive is a monument, and the more people are regretting, the more difficult is a person's task to go to his next incarnation. His astral plane is forced to stay inside that monument and, on an enio level, is usualy fixing itself to kidney channels of the regretting persons. Their energy goes into a lower astral plane, and sand or stones become materialize in their kidneys, in return. Regretting persons start see the deceased ones in dreams, and they often call them, from there, to go somewhere along with them... If we are regretting, we take a Karma to be worked out, while a traditional medicine calls it hereditary diseases. There are no hereditary diseases, but, only, a karmic overwriting.

Another type of volumetric resonators, so-called communal graves, proliferate a death program onto everyone living. On these graves, an "eternal light" is usually being made, in a form of a pentagram -- a 5th Arcane's symbol in Taro. And a spell is usually being set on the grave: "We will never forget you!". I.e., "You will never give a birth again!"

Those having their photos taken on a cemetery near a monument are additionally fixing a deceased person's astral plane and proliferate negative results on the livings.

As well: "Honey, I have seen in a dream yesterday our loved late grandfather. Have this little pie, to remember him..." In other words, let the grandfather go to the "honey" dreamings as well... If it is impossible to reject such a gift, build a thought image that the gift is only food; so the "funeral" program will be neutralized.

Regret about a deceased person may be a cause of sexual problems. "After my grandmother has gone, he doesn't even want to come to see me; and of a sexual life, there is nothing at all..." The situation is typical in our practice. She continui keeping an astral plane of her grandmother, so he does not want share a bed with a deceased person...

Keep children far from a funeral, because of their impressionability; and, once more, do not kiss the deceased persons: you may get a celibacy wreath!

In conclusion of the chapter, take some advices:

- ask all deceased persons and all those who has not got birth (in result of abortion or of miscarriage) to give you forgiveness for your regrets.

- wish deceased persons and those who has not got birth to be getting reason, happiness, and health, in their next incarnation.

- ask all people to give you forgiveness for your taking part in a funeral rites.

- never name children in honor of anyone: you will accomplish a karmic transfer. This also concerns "the Holy Church" that (a) gives second name -- the additive address in informational fields, to accomplish a possible karmic transfer, (b) seals all the deceased persons into astral plane of the Earth, (c) does not allow those with suicide to be at rest on the cemeteries -- to proliferate the suicides; and so on. I'll below say more about this Satanic clan masking itself by the Christ's image. If all your deceased persons go to their next incarnations, a criminality will decrease, and normal healthy children will take their birth.


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В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео
В.Ю. Рогожкин: НЛО в сентябре 2017 г. Видео Друзья!  Вы наверное уже знаете о массовом появлении НЛО в конце сентября. Определённые...
Понедельник, 02 октября 2017
Новый адрес Представительства НИЦ ЭНИО г. Москва
Новый адрес НИЦ «ЭНИО» в г. Москва Дорогие друзья! С 1 октября 2017 года Представительство НИЦ «ЭНИО» г. Москва...
Суббота, 30 сентября 2017
Мы обновили дизайн Официального сайта НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
У сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" новый дизайн! Друзья! Мы обновили дизайн нашего сайта - официального сайта НИЦ "ЭНИО" г....
Понедельник, 25 сентября 2017
25-летний Юбилей НИЦ ЭНИО г. Ростов-на-Дону
Центру "ЭНИО" - 25 лет! Дорогие друзья! 23 сентября у Центра "ЭНИО" - Юбилей! Центру исполнилось 25 лет. Смотрите и...
Суббота, 23 сентября 2017
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